Hot or Not : Moaning!

Hey guys!

Me and my friend were having this conversation recently about ‘sex noises’ and moaning.

We were talking about strange things we’ve heard and some of the porn behavior some of our hookups have had.

Sometimes, I have to say that some guys are pushing the envelope a bit too far with their  “ah yeahhhhhhhh, fuck yeaaahhhhhh”!

For me,  it’s a big turnoff when it’s not natural. When a guy tries to imitate a porn star is just sad and boring!

The contrary turns me off as well. A guy that is not making any sound while he is pounding my throat or ass sucks too!

But, I loooove when a man gets a bit verbal and naturally dirty in bed. And I adooooore the orgasm moaning! This has the power to make me cum even more!

So let me know your thoughts on the subject, I’m curious!

Moaning: Hot or Not ?


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  1. Jim

    I always start laughing when they moan like in a porn. I get them to stop by saying “shhhh, my walls are kinda thin” lol… Quiet talking and moaning are a huge turn-on though.

  2. Stevin

    I am pretty loud, but not porn star unnatural loud. If you don’t make noise, how does the guy know he is doing it right, or that you are enjoying the pounding? Had one once, didn’t even make noise when he came. I wasn’t even sure he was done until he pulled out. LOL

  3. John

    I don’t moan too much but I tend to drop the f-bomb frequently when things get hot. However, I just looooooove it when they do both, especially the verbal part. It’s like a amp button on the orgasm. While its a big turn on for me, it’s got be within reason. It has to sound real and not Drama 101. I don’t want to be apologizing to my neighbours 3 floor above the next day either. But until then, keep those f’s coming boys :p

  4. J

    Yeah, it’s hot when it’s natural. I’m a top so it really get me going when I know I’m hitting the right places. But sometimes, they make really off-the-wall noices where I just get concerned for them and have to ask if they’re okay. If they say their fine but I still can’t help but feel they’re in true agony, it’s a distraction. but I have this one fuck buddy who kinda often says “oh fuck” into my ear it it gets me so hot and sometimes even makes me cum faster if the moaning is hot enough.

  5. Romoni Reed

    Moaning isn’t a big deal for me. If he moans or not won’t stop me from getting my nut. Although, I don’t moan myself due to starting way young & training myself to be quiet.

  6. Chris

    Hearing a guy moan and whimper and cry out in pleasure as I suck or rim him is a BIG turn on for me and inspires me to work more intensely to please him. Those guys who are so quiet that I have to check their pulse to see if they are still breathing does NOTHING for me.

  7. Greg M

    I shoved a guy’s face into the pillow once because he was making way too much noise! It freaked my roommate out so bad that she had to call a friend and meet him at Denny’s! A moaning man can make you feel like a champ when you’re balls deep in him, and he wants the world to know, but when I know it’s disturbing a third party, it’s as embarrassing as it is exciting.

  8. Scott

    If I dont hear moaning from a guy I stop to check for a pulse.But I get loud myself when I am getting really close and then I just cant control myself.

  9. ajbbincubus

    HOT!!!… Moaning is HOT!!!… When I get topped I moan, but don’t get carried away. But I love talking submissive to my top(s). If the cock is big, I love it when they put their hand over my mouth and drill me, all they while they’re trying to keep me quite, LOL!!..

  10. Todd

    I like to make some noise in bed, and like my partner to as well. The porn star stuff is not hot though. Someone should give the porn producers a clue, and while they’re at it, find guys that get into each other instead of staging everything!

  11. Caring4ual

    Moaning is a HUGE turn ON for me. The more moaning the better, especially when you cum. Makes me cum harder. I think intimacy/sex, phonesex, or porn should have some moaning. Its pretty boring to me if there is silence.

  12. steve

    i’m a total bottom and do tend to moan a lot when being pounded real hard. Not the porn comments type of stuff, just love the feeling so much when being used hard by a top man. Love when the top is verbal too – love dirty talk when being used.

  13. Charles

    fake noise sucks, but a true moan or sigh from a man I am with is very sensual…..this lets your parnter know you are giving him pleasure…….just the right balance of noise and sex is best……ever give a guy head and you never know if he’s enjoying it becuase he’s silent…thats weird too….

  14. Ace

    Hot, when it’s real and not like how chicks are in porn when they’re so fake and over the top. It shows that whoever is moaning likes what’s going on. Plus, I can’t stand watching porn where they guys don’t talk or having sex with someone that doesn’t make noise. I don’t want to feel like I’m fucking a mute or something.

  15. Leo

    I have to say i love to hear a man moan but it as to be natural. I like to know a guy is enjoying himself when he is fucking me or when I’m fucking him. I hate it when guys just lay there no sound or anything its a huge turn off.

  16. TrulyMasculine

    Yeah I have noticed it seems to be mostly older guys who do this(I’m not hating). It is super lame when they moan and you can tell it’s fake. I’m like you’re trying way to hard.

  17. 8inches_SouthernTop

    damn it !!! I’ve had a couple of buddies like that….it definitely kills the moment when it sounds fake…on the other hand…when im fucking a guy and he’s naturally moaning, it just makes me cum faster !

  18. nathaniel

    i agree, when its not natural its a HUGE turnoff, but when its genuine and i know its coming from deep inside of them from a good fuck, then its a huge turn on, sometimes to the point where i don’t care if the walls are thin 😉

  19. Casey

    definitly extremely hot if were both enjoying it and it starts to get loud.. buut on the contrary, if the sex is bad and hes moaning like hes a pornstar then its time to push him off and out the door. too awkward…

  20. Trunzo

    I agree — moaning’s hot if it’s sincere and in direct proportion to what’s happening. Fake moaning (“foaning”?) makes me think of those female tennis players who moan and grunt every time they hit the ball. Totally stupid.

  21. David

    I think this article is interesting. I like it when a guy is verbal when pounding my ass or mouth, I find it a turn off when he draggs out the ohs and yeahs and so on and so fourth

  22. gw

    i think it’s hot to hear a guy moning and groaning as he gets off especialy if i have his cock down my throat. i know not to stop till i feel that big thing start throbbing and tast that man juice.

  23. Chris

    I’m a huge fan of it, so long as its genuine. If they try to overdo it I’d just advise them of the neighbors upstairs. Don’t go all silent on me either! I know I might get a little loud sometimes, but its a natural and deeply erotic response when getting pounded. Loosen up and play along I say!

  24. spencer

    ehh, to hear a guy moan. i just recently had sex with a guy who wanted me to constantly tug on his nuts and make him hurt ( kinda weird ) under the circumstances u’d think it would be hot but no even still i felt a lil turned off hearing him moan while i was doing it. however i find it really hot when a man moans during climax it makes me so hot…….

  25. X factor

    I once had a guy literally say “yay!” at some point during sex. At which point I burst out laughing, he got offended and it turned my boner into a semi. But nevertheless, I like moaning. I’m also gonna be creepy a little and say that I like whimpering as well. No sound at all is a turn off and too much sound makes me wana yell “shut the f**k up i’m trying to cum!”. I agree there has got to be a good balance where it sounds like natural, involuntary, manly moans from pleasure. And when you mix it in with body quivering and sweat… I could go on and on..

  26. Nathan

    I say definitely hot, but like you say, not too much and not that fake porn star shittttt. You always know a real genuine moan.

  27. Mike

    I think its hot when a guy is fucking me to tell me how he likes it and what Im doing for him… No porn star stuff… When I moan I find most guys get closer to cumming or cum faster…. Talk dirty to me baby…

  28. Tom

    It’s a big turn off to me also. But I do love a verbal guy.The natural, “yeah, suck my dick” and “pound me harder” are big turn on to me. If everything is going to be quiet I might just as well be stroking myself with a dildo up my butt

  29. CB

    Tis all situational I suppose:

    If in your own house, get loud and get into it.
    If at a hotel, maybe a bit more discretion.
    Then again, the moan needs to sound like they are coming from a guy – not a high pitched female wimper or whine.

    But either way, so long as masculine, gutteral moaning orgasm FTW!

  30. jared

    If it sounds like a kid opening and closing the door of a Fisher-Price barn (admit it, you’ve all played with one of those!), then it’s a total turn-off. Moaning that’s natural- in sync with movement and reaching orgasm is really hot- It’s a nice singal that your partner is really enjoying it.

  31. cockhunt

    I have to say natural moaning when someone is being pleased is a big turn on. And once in a while when being pounded and they are really excited its nice to hear them say deeper deeper, harder harder, fuck me fuck me.

  32. Hunter

    When a guy moans in a way that lets you know you’re making him feel good, taking him someplace he’s enjoying, that’s good. Moaning that moves from quiet to louder and back is good. Had one guy (once) who giggled, giggled STUPIDLY. And another one (no do again with him either!) that kept howling “oh Hutner. ooohhh Hunnnnnter! oh ooooh oooooh HUNNNNNNTER!” while I was working on him. TOTAL turnoff. I couldn’t wait to get either of them done and gone.

  33. bithug9.5

    I’m a silent fucker…I need to concentrate on getting my nut! Too me, our heavy breathing is enough noise to make it intense.

    I hate when the bottom is constantly talking or moaning. “I want u too cum all over me, r u ready to cum yet, ur owning this ass”

    I usually end up covering their mouth and drilling them harder and maybe tell em “shut the fuck up…I’m working here”

  34. fasteddy

    My f/b & I talk all the time during sex but his moaning when he is ready to cum is a real turn on to me as he is uninhibited volume wise and of course he is very complimentary then – lol!

  35. dennis keding

    i totally agree with cockhunt,,, so i,m gonna have to say HOT,,,i had a guy that layed there like a dead fuck,,,did,nt say a word no moan nothing,,big turn off my cock went from rock hard to tinny,,,now i have a hot young twink that i top and he moans quitely when i rim him and when he pushes my face down in his ass i know he,s loving it,,,when he,s moaning when i,m pounding him and he,s telling me harder harder,deeper deeper give that big cock to me gets me totally rock hard he shoots a big load and moans,,,makes me also moan and cum hard when he tells me shoot that load for me baby so yeah i,m gonna have to say( hot )

  36. bigbilltn

    It has to be natural. You can hear it in there voice when they are doing a bad poro moan, but then again they are usually the bottoms that feel like a hotdog in a hallway…. Those primal moans that are in time with rhythm are great. It lets me know I am hitting the right spots, and when I get pounded right the neighbors know it.

  37. BiBeaufortguy

    Love to hear the guy moan and if it is feeling good for me, will do some moaning. Nothing is more fake on the videos are the ones were you hear moaning and everyone’s mouth is shut. who is making that noise?

  38. jstbrsn

    I like it when a guy moans softly when I am in him pounding his ass that makes me hard. Not into overly loud moaning that to me is a turn off.

  39. Rob

    I love sex sounds. Its a total turn on. When I’m getting my ass fucked, it just flows naturally. But I agree, the over done porn star sounds, sound fake.

  40. Lorenzo

    Whenever a guy eats my hot tight latino ass, I moan like crazy and loud. When he decides to fuck me I moan again and as he start to cum, I tighten up my ass and say yes baby yes baby give me all you got. Guys like it when I moan and when guys suck my 8″ cut cock, I like them to hold the back of my head, talk dirty to me and feed me all they got…can’t moan when my mouth has a cock in it.

  41. Chris

    When it comes to moaning it is real hot when a guy moans. Not when the say oh yeah fuck yeah. I mean the kind of moaning that you know where they get pleasure and it’s subtle or when you’re kissing a guy on his body and he breathes heavy and lightly moans its a great turn on. I’m a loud motherfucker and if a guy knows what he’s doing I will moan and I’m not afraid to be loud. I just haven’t been given the chance to because no one tells me if I can be loud or not. LOL

  42. Jesse

    Well said….I dont mind if its natural or the guy is trying to gold back and a moan just comes out, but if its loud and over dramatic…deff a turn off. I just stop what Im doing and am like “seriously?” Lol.

  43. JohnL

    when i am getting fucked well, i do moan – it is just such a turnon. and i love hearing a guy grunt and moan when he is getting close or when i squeeze on his cock

  44. pourhoneyonmyass

    I think that it’s HOT and turns me on even more. Yes sometimes I do laugh inside but I know that I’m doing it right. Most can tell the real from fake.

  45. slightlydomtop

    I would say that I like groaning more than moaning. One signifies pain, the other signifies bliss. But,of all things taht have occured, the hottest was when a young fem boy cried when I took his virginity. I though it was because it hurt but he said he was so happy to finally know what it felt like that he was crying from happiness. Now THAT was hot.

  46. Steve

    Moaning is definitely hot. But the “fake moaning” guys are, er, bemoaning here I would refer to as “verbal” which I actually find to be a major turn-off as it invariably comes off as false. Worse, I think guys who are dependent on it are kinda sad; it’s a dumb a crutch as porn or leather or whatever … if you require something “external” in order to get off, there’s something wrong.

    And I agree that guys who make no sound are a bit odd, too. I like feedback boys! And guys that can cum silently are a total mystery to me; I’m into growling and howling!

  47. Darryl

    There is nothing better then hearing a man’s moan that’s not trying to be a porn star. When a strange sound comes out of his mouth when you give his cock a good stroking, or a wet blow job. Doesn’t it make you smile when you’re sliding inside him nice and slow and his eyes widen with lust and you say to him, ” You like that shit baby” The best feeling in the world is when you’re ramming his guts like a crazed beast, and he forgot he isn’t a porn star, just a guy getting his hole frigged till his eyes roll back in his head. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  48. jboro4fun

    I moan. I cant help it. I am really tight and these guys i mess with are usually pretty big and it just happens. Never had one yet that didnt love it!!!!

  49. Shane

    Nothing hotter than moaning when I’m getting the salami slamming my open hole. Like to snort the poppers to get full effect of a man’s rod….I tend to take no less than 9″ cock,and I like to be worked hard, even when it’s intimate. I’ll buck back at each thrust of his cock. I really like the dark meat jackhammering my ass. Like the taste of the semen from black/latin cock, and like it swimming up my fuckhole all the same. Very seldom had a top who hasn’t moaned when we’re in bed

  50. Jackster

    I agree that it approaches the point of ridiculous. I can’t stand str8 porn for the same reason….the women in them are over the top. I am very open in telling a partner up front that I appreciate some verbal exchange, but not incoherent moaning. Unfortunately some people think the moaning makes them a more desirable sex partner.

  51. vigggo

    Yeah, moaning is hot. I like to know if I’m hitting all the right places. But when my lover says in a growl or a gasp “Oh baby, I love you!”…THAT put’s me into orbit! Fucking with friends is fun, but not like fucking someone you love.

  52. Adam

    Im a bottom and i love when a guy is rimming and fingering my ass just right….really effin turns me on, and i can’t help but moan and wanna give in to everything else he has to bring to the table. Im not much of a moaner but when you hit the spot just right!!!! Damn! it feels good and i can’t help but get LOUD! I also start to drop the “f” bombs here and there but only because its getting really hott! I love when tops are loud and say things like “Mmmmm….” thats really hott even just that,Huge turn-on…

  53. Photographer

    I hate it when my partner says things like “you want that fat cock?” or “I’m gonna fuck that ass…”. Just really turns me off. HOWEVER. I like sounds. I like some low-key moaning and gasping. To show appreciation. I especially like it when someone lets me know they’re cumming. Doesn’t have to be “I’m gonna fill your ass now.” or something. But just let me know…it turns me on more.

  54. William

    hey I love it when a guy can get me to moan wile he bangs my ass and if he starts screaming when I’m banging his but when it’s totaly fake I can’t take it and it makes me go limp. and your right a real moan does go far.

  55. PAUL

    Porn moans no… hot sex moans, groans, and grunts? There’s nothing hotter! I tend to give a low moan, and guttural groans when I’m being topped. I love it hard, so it’s hard to hold much in. I have a buddy I fuck around with. I love rimming, and his hole begs for it. I’m really aggressive when I do it. I know I’m good at it by the moans and whimpers he lets out while I suck his hole. A whimper. That’s fucking awesome!

  56. Vafratboy

    I’m quiet myself, but love it if the guy I’m with is a moaner. Hottest fuck I’ve ever had was with guy who was kinda so-so in bed, but it was so hot because EVERYTHING I did made him moan in exstacy to the point that it almost certainly was fake, or at least embellished, but if so, he was a phenomenal actor because it sounded totally authentic.

  57. scott

    i thinking moaning tells the other person you are enjoying what they are doing. i moan when getting sucked. it gets a little louder when i cum.

  58. hung8

    Porn moaning is lame. I do love to hear serious moaning though. When I’m really drilling a guy deep, I want to know he’s lovin’ it and a real deep guttural moan says a lot. It always makes me want to pound him harder and satisfy him more and more.

  59. wammo

    These comments don’t match the sound clip, which was mainly female moans. I like moaning and talking and told how good I am orally, “Man you know how to suck a cock,” or “Nobody sucks like you do,” or “Want my load?” Damn right I do!

  60. toppinhard

    I thinks it hot when my fat cock goes deep and a guy really yelps from it. Its more of a turn off when they just lay there and it seems like they feel nothing. My fat 8 inch cock means its too small for their ass.

  61. jay

    I love to hear that a guy is really feeling it and having a good time. And I will really make noise when getting fucked and his dick is hitting the right spot hard and often. No noise is a turn off (as is totally fake moaning) but the real stuff makes me rock hard and super horny for more.

  62. Dick Servis

    I had a neighbor below me who was a moaner and screamer, her boyfriend visited friday and saturday nites. It would turn us on so much that we would get horny and start fucking after listening to them. I met her boyfriend at the pool one saturday and he told me he could hear us fucking thru their ceiling and it would usually end up with them getting turned on and having sex a second time. Moaning is totally hot, and in our case very neighborly!

  63. Rolando

    I don’t mind moaning. it’s the whole talking int he bedroom that annoys me. I’m just like “Shut the F*ck up already!”.

  64. Billy Chase

    I love moaning and dirty talk during sex lets you kno hes into it ya know? Although theres a few guys Ive seen that when they cum… haha… they do that like loud like grunt almost like they got kicked in the junk like “OH! UH! AWW UH! UHHH!!!!” and then the jerk and kinda freak out. Its like dude! What the hell???? Did I hurt you? Do you have a charlie horse? What the fuck!?!?!???

  65. stuart

    moaning …i am a total bottom so its just part of me if the guy has the right cock then its going to be darn hot in the sheets thats why i prefer to be on my stomach when in sex as they can pound away while i burry my face in the pillow to get rid of most sounds

  66. Sky

    Ok.. Well my favorite that made me laugh soo hard was in a porn… This chick was getting fucked in the ass.. She yelled ouch take it out it hurts…then you hear her say put it back in it stinks….LOL….

  67. ryno

    why not just find guy that actually knows how to use his cock and make any man moan! not a size queen here, but ia man that can make me moan is probably damn good! none of that fake shit!

  68. jay

    I love moaning and it usually comes from me. I moan because I love the feel of a cock in my mouth or ass. I also scream dirty as I am a total slut pleasing my man or men.

  69. Patrick

    I don’t like too much moaning, especially if it sounds fake. But I love to hear the words “hell yeah, suck that cock” when I’m going down on a man and he’s really getting into it. Also love to hear “dude, I’m gonna shoot” just before he gives me his load.

  70. Willie

    I tell you what I love in a guy … I love stright acting guys.. hard boys , and u sucking that dik or hitting that ass, and they still try to remain hard.. and then there voice get just a little high, cause they cant no longer handle that nutt.. then they blow and I still work then .. i call that the “Afterburn” .. that is hot they wimper… lol got to love it

  71. Chris

    If the audio is hot and intense, I can cum just listening to sounds of a dude loving the dick. No sounds equals dead fuck, in my opinion!

  72. Devin

    That phony Oh, yes! fuck yea and the rest of the bad porn sounds are a complete turn off, Picked up a deaf mute in a bar once now his groaning was almost other worldly but certainly no turn off like the phony; Oh harder, fuck me fuck me and lets not forget those over the top dickhead expressions of ecstasy when the guy comes, almost sounds like he has a medical condition which makes it excruciatingly painful to cum. Soft moans and grunts are hot.

  73. Mike Blakemore

    I’m a vers… so every now and then I get fucked so I know the differece of someone doing something or just playin around… I am turned off if I’m fucking and he starts making hella noise like I’m in the jungle or something,,or he starts sounding like a female..I LIKE MEN!

  74. Rob

    I moan some and I love it when the one I’m with moans so that I know I’m doing him right. Don’t want a lot of screaming or unnatural stuff.

  75. Bill

    It depends if the guy that’s getting pounded is faking it or really enjoying it, its tricky cause some times you can tell but other times you cant a lot of guys are faking it ! On the other hand i my self as a bottom do make noise as i enjoy getting pounded only once i had to fake it when a guy was nervous and he did not do it right ! LOL

  76. Thom

    I agree. If someone hits the spot and you gasp, super plus. If you’re moaning because the porns you watched told you that it’s not sex if you’re not screaming… please put on the ball-gag and stfu. Also, volume…. I want to hear you moan, my neighbors DON’T!

  77. Brandon

    It’s gotta be real. Once at college I hooked up with a girl and she started moaning before I even put it in. It was a big turn off.

    I have an older friend that I fuck around it and I absolutely love his reaction when he cums. When I blow him he wriggles, and sits up as he cums. But the moaning is my favorite part.

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