Hot or Not : Cum Swallowing

When it comes to cum swallowing, I’m very picky ! (lol) I mean for me, sex is not only physical, but also mental. I need to be fully aroused to swallow cum and this means that I need to be not only physically attracted to the guy but the sex needs to be like I want it to be. If the guy has a gorgeous body and face but acts too feminine, I will not want to even touch his cum, funny eh? The same guy with very manly manners and with whom the sexual connection is perfect, could splash his load on my face, mouth or anywhere he wants and have me swallow it to the last drop.

But there is always a danger in cum swallowing though. One of my friends got infected with HIV doing oral sex. He doesn’t practice anal sex, so that’s why he knows he got infected by sucking cocks. I guess he went too hard or too deep and got small sores …. so you need to be careful dudes! Some do BJs with condom to be safe.

So you had my opinion on cum swallowing, now I want yours. Tell me if for you cum swallowing is HOT or NOT. Do you like to swallow or have someone to swallow you, or both? Also tell me if you are top, vers or bottom. That way we will know who likes what….






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  1. Craig

    Total bottom here, but don’t like cum in my mouth or on my face. Anywhere else is good for me, but I really prefer to have the guy shoot his load(s)as deep in my ass as he can get them. I live to get my tight ass fucked, and

  2. Chris

    Absolutely, little to no evidence that oral sex is an effective way to transmit the HIV virus. You can transmit other STIs, but posting that type of information is rather misleading and inaccurate.

  3. blackslut4whitecock

    very very very hot! I have swallowed three guys all of whom I loved and that’s why I did it. Also to feed my cum to someone is a huge turn on.

  4. Rob

    Like the man says, I have to be really into the guy to take and swallow. Won’t for most but when I find one that fits the bill then I want it all!

  5. warrior92509

    yea i love a hott guy with a hott cock and a nice juicy load to shoot in my mouth , i love to swallow cum from any kind of cock, nothing like gettting a creamy pie in your mouth

  6. Mike

    As for me sucking a cock with a codum on it just don’t get it!You mine as well be sucking on a dildo.I have to be ereally into it though to swallow a hot load.If I do I have loose a drop of “man protien”

  7. Alex

    Nothing is better than when a dude swallows my load. When it comes to the reverse (no pun intended haha), it definitely depends on the guy. Have to be very turned on.

  8. Ivan

    I have swallowed but not my favorite thing to do. I gag at the taste of it and dislike a thick load. But watery loads creep me out. Even my own. I always prefer to have my top cum inside me. Condom preferred

  9. Mark

    Oh yeah, love to swallow a hot juicy load from a nice hot cock, will swallow loads from most cocks as long as the guy is clean and a turn on from the start. Also love to have a dude swallow my load. Total bottom now and never can get enough. LOL Love to rim a hot ass.

  10. mark

    I swallow very rarley, there has to be a real connection and I have to be exremley turned on by the guy.I have swallowed less than 10 times. I love cum shot all over my chest etc…

  11. James

    im a ORAL TOP here who loves to swallow as well as get swallowed, and like a lots of the others it depends on the guy as to wheather ill swallow or not dependingon the physical attraction

  12. Docs. . .

    Those docs will also tell u that if you have ever had man on man sex thay your blood is tainted and undonatable.

    Cuts and sores in the mouth can lead to hiv, but if u rinse with mouth wash and notice a cut back off that cock.

  13. Tim

    Chris….it is possible to get the HIV virus through oral sex however, it is only when you have cuts in your mouth where the virus is able to get into the system. Thats why they say don’t brush your teeth before oral sex because the bristles can cause even small cuts that you may not even feel where the virus can get through…

  14. dale

    I will NEVER understand….. if you’re going to eat a guy’s ass, OR suck his dic, OR swallow his load, then why or why do you balk at taking his dic raw ????? exposure is exposure, period, pure and simple. either you practice safe all the way or none at all.

  15. gw

    i know it’s probably not a smart thing to do and i didn’t used to to it till lately. now if i’m really into the guy i love to feel his cock throb as he pumps my mouth full of hot cum . i love the taset of it. however if i’m not into the guy then i don’t want his load and it won’t taste good at all. i don’t really care if a guy sucks me or not or takes my cum.

  16. Hans

    IF I let a guy into my mouth, I’ve already made the decision. Sex is all encommpasing, physical, spiritual, mental. It means I want the dude. I can’t stand the idea of taking him part way and blocking him off at some point. It actually makes me kinda sick to my stomach to think of saying one thing but doing another.

  17. shawn

    I’m a total bottom, and if I am with the guy or trust him then I would love to swallow his load, if its just a hook up then I will not swallow the load, but wouldn’t mind it on me πŸ˜‰

  18. David

    Since HIV is blood to blood for thoses men with poor oral care and trust me you can generally smell them or taste them, that’s blood in the mouth. When your teeth are bleeding, it’s the easiest way to get HiV so for Chris maybe you just don’t like reality or you don’t have any friends who got Aids this way. It happens all the time. I love a to give and receive oral and I swallow. I also take good care of my teeth and gums to make sure I have no cuts.

  19. Chad

    Im with the blog 100%. If the guy is slightly fem, I just can’t do it. Also, the person’s skin has to be in great condition all over their body. If I don’t like the wrapper, I’m not gonna like the center. The first indication of how someone treats their body is their skin. As far as HIV goes, anytime you fail to know the status of your partner, you’re taking a risk. To test the theory and see how real it is, swallow a load from a guy that has a cold or flu.

  20. Ted

    If the chemistry is right between both parties, cum swallowing, cum swapping and cum fetching are absolutely acceptable and hot. Otherwise, it’s a waste of perfectly good cum. Gut always worry about getting it on their furniture or good sheets; not while I’m around.

  21. inez

    I love “watching” a cock shoot a load. Mine or his. But taking a load in my mouth can be hot too. Though usually I don’t feel like swallowing. I find my own orgasms to be more intense if they are not “sucked out” of me. I wonder if it lessens the muscle contractions, and therefore the pleasure. It just feels stronger when I shoot if I’m being stroked off. I can cum with more volume and violence!! Any thoughts on that theory???

  22. mdana

    I swallow loads of all the guys I suck off this is my thing. I love taste of cum if my partner wants to use a condom I would allow him to if cums in the condom and they usually do I usually drink the cum out of the comdom. There is nothing quite like having a cock pulse out cum in your mouth and swallow it all down I love it.

  23. SubCockSlut

    It depends on the guy, like the article said…if the guy is super straight acting/looking, masculine, rough, aggressive, dominant and really works me over…he can shoot his nut wherever he wants and I will gladly take it! But, if the guy is a feminine little Queeny faggot…no way!

  24. Matt

    I love to swallow a hot load if I’m into the guy. Some guys I will suck but not let them cum in my mouth at all. It is strange, but either the connection is there or it isn’t. I’m more of a bottom, but have been known to top if the guy is really hot and wants it.

  25. Mike

    Cum, Hot, Creamy, thin, large, small…As of yet..CAN’T get enough !!! and Vers… cum in mouth and ass, I like it on my body but cant waste any, i swallow it all

  26. Jack

    Top here!! May occasionally bottom, if the mood is rite. Ill let any guy swallow me but I have yet to have swallowed a hot load. Waiting for the guy I share the rest of my life with. There is nothing that I love more than to have a guy shoot his hot creamy load on the back of my throat. mmmmmmmm

  27. Randy

    Pretty much a cum whore here. Love it on my face, in my ass, in my mouth. The only thing I will not do is lick it off the floor or eat it out of someones ass. Ewwww!

  28. randyb694

    Very fussy guy here who i get with. If I will suck their dick, I want to eat the load. I eat my B F load all the time. Then again, he’s a 25 y o cutie. Also, sucking dick with a condom is like taking a shower with a rain coat on, so no way. bottom here. condoms are a must for anal.

  29. Subwhtbotm

    I’m a bottom and theirs nothing like having a man explode in my mouth and swallow it all. Something about watching his back arch and moan til he tenses up and toes curl and legs stiffen as he chums in my mouth and I milk it all down.

  30. ilikebutt

    the idea of swallowing a dudes sperm is a total turn on, have only had one buddy/fb/bf that i did this with, totally into his body,mind and the fact he was clean, when i ate his sperm it was enough for him to cum again and once or twice as i swallowed? was enough to make me cum at the same time.

  31. nlgjax

    Very irresponsible to post that some one was infected by swallowing cum. There have no reported cases of receiving the HIV infection from swallowing cum. You friend must have caught in another fashion. This type of posts spreads stories about HIV that are false. I always use condoms for anal but swallow all the time. I must say you can obtain other infections from swallowing cum.

  32. Tunnelstroker

    I swallow cum. It is hot, it is personal, it is as sexy as kissing, expect perhaps kissing with cum in your mouth. Sometimes it makes my stomach upset but I still love eating spunk.

  33. TrulyMasculine

    I am a top and love to get swallowed… Would not swallow though unless I knew the guy well.Reality is YOU CAN GET HIV from a guy cumming in your mouth. It’s not always about bad dental care, brushing your teeth can cause sores which can lead to he spread of HIV (Learned that in High school health class come on guys) Neg and want to stay that way. It may be a smaller risk but if you’re the 1 in a 100 who contracted it that way would you care what the odds are? No you’d just be stung….. So will I swallow HELL NO

  34. petey boy

    Now when you say that oral sex can be unsafe, do you mean it even when a guy doesent cum in your mouth? How about if there are small cuts and the guy doesent cum in your mouth, Is it still unsafe?

  35. Southern_guy_8inches

    The most Hottest thing ever ! I love to get the load deep down my throat, and shoot mine deep down the other guy’s throat… DAMN ! Thank you God for having made me a Gay Guy… πŸ™‚

  36. WRguy21

    It’s very true that someone can get infected with HIV through oral sex,just as you would anal sex. You may very could have obtained a cut in your mouth to have been transmitted the virus. Thus making chris’ information inaccurate or misleading.

  37. Chance

    Total bottom and if the guy is hot and manly I will take the entire load! Also like it when guys swallow but if they are fem I don’t want to do anything with them

  38. cody

    Cum is uber nasty to me. I have tried like four different times and the only time I can ever even stomach the idea of taking someones load is if I am damn determined to get someone off and kinda go into a cock sucking frenzy. Then and ONLY then will I swallow.

  39. Jockn2cbt

    I used to fantasize as a teen of sucking off every hot guy in school, but then after I came out, I had to play it all so safe when hiv popped its ugly head. But to find a saner safer guy and to milk his load is the hottest act I can think of. I only suck off very cute guys and never the parTiers. I cum hands-free whenever I suck off gods. I can even cum hands-free throwing my legs over my head and having my cock hover mere inches over my mouth. The anticipation of a good feeding is all it takes. I’m always in pursuit of those rare guys that can spurt precum. Barebacking (ass) eludes me, what’s the reward for all that risk?

  40. william t

    hi im a bi male and yes i do love to swallow a good load as long as its clean the guy shoukld tell you if he is clean or not no sores in the mouth and i must say a smokers cum does taste bitter and i do love when a guy takes my load as well and yes im a bottom.

  41. Paco

    Love the taste of cum– enjoy swallowing it every opportunity I have–but the guy must be clean and well taken are of or will not trust it. I need to be with the guy for a while so I have built some trust into the relationship. But that being said — it is awesome when I swallow and they swallow mine–it makes for hot sex and then continue sucking the head is so sensitive and makes you go crazy during the end process

  42. butterfield8

    lol, i am lucky if i get any kind of cock, in corpus christi texas , your lucky to see your own cock cum..much less taste any ..

  43. Yungobruh

    Naa. Like cum shot in my face and on my body but don’t want to swallow it. Don’t even want it in my mouth. Taste nasty. Done it before and been grossed out ever since. Caused me indigestion and constipation. Had mine swallowed before. it’s upto my partner if he wants to swallow mine but i aint swallowing his. Plus I fuck safe and I think swallowing is unsafe. I’m a top but love foreplay too!

  44. Chaz

    Hot or not? the answer is HOT! There’s nothing I love more than being fed the load by guy I’m sucking off. But if I can get the load down without having to come up for air, even better. As a young white man, I find it very difficult though to swallow the load of another white guy….weird I know….I only swallow loads from guys of ethnicity. Black and Latino guys send me over the edge and back!

  45. Mike

    Top guy…love my cock drained by an eager btm…then deep kiss so I can taste my own cum….makes me hard again..i like the taste of my own cum in a hot guys mouth….

  46. bttmdestructionator

    i love the taste of cum from just about any guy. can’t get enough of it. when sucking a guy off, I always swallow. hard to find the massive cummers out there—either volume or distance/jet-shooters. would love to find a guy that cummms volumes; would swallow for days to milk him dry….i go insane when a guys starts cummming in my mouth. once did have a guy who shot a pretty big wad; was not too runny nor too thick; was all I could do to hold myself back from gargling it down….had to gulp twice to inhale it all. why does it seem so hard to find big cummers out there? doesn’t matter the dude being str8 or gay; feminine or not….i love the myriad properties & tastes of cummmmmmmm!

  47. jim

    I find it interesting that so many guys on here are saying that if they are into the guy they will swallow. I don’t understand even getting naked with a guy if you’re not into him. For me it’s about feeling the pump, not the cum. The pump is crazy erotic and a huge turn-on. And I don’t see sucking as being submissive. If you’re good at it you’re in control of the guy’s dick enough to make him cum, that’s not being submissive. But anyway, if I’m not willing to swallow for the guy, I’m not willing to put it in my mouth.

  48. tentpole30

    As a nurse, I was taught that HIV can be transmitted via ANY bodily fluids. It carried primarily in the blood and in the semen, and can even be found in urine and saliva to some extent. I hate to frighten anyone, but caution is the word.

  49. David

    I’m a vers top, but very oral. I suck and love to be sucked, and I do swallow. I love it when a guy swallows my load and licks my cock clean afterward.

  50. YorkJogger

    I agree that you can get HIV from oral sex. I am a volunteer with a national study of gay and bi men. They tell us that anytime there is a possibility of the virus entering the blood stream, there is the possibility of infection. If you have a mouth sore or cut, there is a possibility. If you have a throat infection from a cold, for instance, or if acid reflux has caused irritation of the esophagus, there is a possibility. If you have stomach sores as a result of ulcers or infection, you have the possibility of infection. There is also the belief that digestive juices in the stomach will kill the virus. So, it’s all a question of risk and how much risk you are willing to take.

  51. sylvester evans(kalel74)

    I’m fully versatile my dick is too big to be a strait bottom and i love dick too much to be a strait top. so i’m versatile and i love it when a guy cums in me , the pulse of his dick jumping as he unloads is addicting… and i’ll rarely swallow ,i don’t even eat my own cum that much. xcept when i’m really hot and i fuck my self really goodor if the guy i’m with is really hot…

  52. Steven

    I’m kinda confused to why guys here are saying they won’t swallow the cum of guys they’re not into. If I’m not into them, then I’m not going to be having sex with them either. That much said, I only bottom with a condom, but I’m more lax about oral. And if I’m already taking a hot guy’s dick in my mouth, and getting his precum, well I’m not gonna be surprised or disappointed if he cums in my mouth. Its hot to know, feel, taste and hear a guy shooting his load in my mouth.

    • blog

      Steven: it never happened to you that you sleep with guys that are not 100% what you are looking for ? But you are so horny that you do it anyways ?
      it happened to me…

  53. jeff

    i love to swallow the load, met a hottest poz bear. want to swallow but not sure its safe. hes healthy and hot! i am vers/top and neg.

  54. JCee

    Swallowing is something I have NEVER done in my 33 years of living. I despise the smell and thought of cum any where close to my face. Im Vers, and hqve had a guy “tried” to cum in my mouth, needless to say, that didnt happen. Even if CUM is on my after sex, I can’t just sit/lay in that…got toget it off me. Some of you may think I’m crazy, but i can’t do it, well not yet…

    Not saying that I will NEVER do it, but if i do, it will be with a guy I am in a LONG term Relationship with..Yes I’ve had guys swallow ny cum, but haven’t worked my self up to doing that yet…

  55. JC

    Bottom/vers here love to taste and swallow hot loads. love to have my partner suck me off and feed me my own cum in a hot wet sticky kiss totally hot.

  56. bttminocala

    I swallowed every cock that I have sucked. I mean if im gonna suck it….its to get him off….and im not like a chick and will stop before he get off or spit it out…. Im a bottom and if the cum aint in my ass its in my mouth.

  57. seth

    Its actually safer for the guy to shoot while deepthroating you. Stomach acid kills the hiv virus. Spitting is more dangerous than swallowing because all it takes is a small cut or sore in your mouth (ever bite your tongue? paper cut your tongue licking an envelope? had a canker sore?). These are open invitations to the virus. Swallow is the safer way

  58. Paul

    If I am attracted to a guy I will swallow. And if a guy swallows my nut then regardless of attraction, I will swallow his. It’s only fair. As is the case in many sex acts HIV is always a concern. When you have a tooth pulled don’t swallow cum. It’s logical. I respect all the guys who don’t swallow or only suck a condomed dick. I lose respect when they will let a guy swallow their load. It’s hypocrisy, unfair, and as much as can be said of gay sex, fairly unethical. If you let a guy swallow your load, man up and swallow his.

  59. jomish

    Top here. I don’t require my load be swallowed. I always ask if they want a warning first and ket them decide when it happens. Most say they don’t care but i warn out of habit anyway. As hot as it is to have someone suck you off and swallow, i had a dude who was like 23 ask me to borrow money for books and in return he would blow me or pay me back. I took the bj. We met at my store after business hours, whipped iut our dicks, he dropped to his knees and sucked me off. I gave the warning and was prepare to pull out and shoot on the floor or whatever. Instead, after hearing the warning, he deep throated my cock so the cum went etraight down into his gullet. Hot, but it kinda creeped me out. We literally just met. If he was that casual with my load, who else is he casually swallowing.

    Btw, i have only swallowed my own. I’ve taken cum in the mouth but always snowballed or spit it out.

  60. Darryl

    For me there is no better feeling then a Man who knows how to suck cock take control of your rod and give you a fantastic bj. It’s pretty exciting when you first begin to feel something stiring in your nut sac, then the slight tingle begins to highten. The mind and body starts to work in sinc to the point where you can’t control the outcome any longer. The eruption is only part of the expirence, it’s that feeling that fuck this dude just took me to my happy place. Who doesn’t want that. If i didn’t hate the taste of cum so much i’d do it alot more. I’ll suck on a Man’s cock, just not enough to have him shoot. I do enjoy it sprayed on my chest as well as shooting mine from the head to the crotch. Are there many John Davenport’s anywhere?

  61. CTBill

    Bottom guy here, l love sucking a cock and taking his creamy load in my mouth and swallowing it all as long as the guy is clean and fresh! Love to be cum on too!!!

  62. jboro4fun

    I’m sub so I kinda leave it up to the top. If he wants me to swallow I will, but I do love the feeling of having it shout on me, and really love watching it spew out of a big cock. But most guys seem to prefer to cum in my ass to anything else, and that I only do safe

  63. Mike

    hey gang! for me, a bottom, swallowing is a big part of the joyous occasion! to feel that hot sweet load exploding into my mouth or throat and taste the creamy goodness, oh my!!

  64. meximann

    bi vers, have been getting into being more of a bottom lately. I totally enjoy when the cock I’m sucking pulsates and explodes in my mouth. I mostly swallow, but occasionally if a guys cum is bitter tasting, I’l spit it out. I know, it’s a waste of good cum, but I’m not into bitter tasting cum. Clean cocks are a must and I do like the variety of tastes and textures cum has from different guys.

  65. italia87

    I usually play safe and yes it soooo hot to swallow or take a load! Usually, I don’t BB unless we are both tested and sure we completely negative across the board, but I don’t restrict cock sucking. However, ever since I’ve had my bout of Chlamydia after sucking my then bf’s cock, I will probably never swallow again πŸ™

  66. John

    I am not a bottom. I luv to take a load down my throat…caution is always wise…But, lets get real….if the guy is hot, and has a nice cock…I have no doubt that I would be on my knees takin care of business….and do luv to drop a load down throats…mainly an oral/top…

  67. Paul

    If you look at the latest studies for example one that San Fransico State did it is VerY rare to get HIV through oral sex. That includes if even if you have small cuts in your mouth. One conclusion was to swallow or spite to make sure.

  68. blackslut4whitecock

    The first guy I swallowed because I didn’t stop sucking in time (i kinda get carried away). He told me literally a slit second before so I just swallowed it. It was God aweful but I was in love. The second guy was MUCH better. This light buttery taste. Also loved him which just made me wish we could have been together even more. The third guy I loved but wasn’t in-love, I swallowed anyway and his tasted fruity. We had been drinking a bit and he said mine tasted like vodka…how odd and hilarious. It is risky, I know but Love truly is insanity and goes against all logic.

  69. Salvatore

    I’m a vers/top guy that LOVES to have my load swallowed. I like to swallow a hot load myself, but as many have stated here, it depends on the man, the cock and the load. Though I don’t do them often, poppers make me want the load SO BAD. I’m a gulper more often than not i guess… πŸ™‚

  70. Salvatore

    Do you bit your lips, or the inside of your cheeks? Have you had your teeth cleaned recently at the dentist? Did you bleed when you flossed? All these factors and more make HIV transmission possible during oral sex w/ or w/out cum… pre-cum is no different.

  71. ja

    Yes its very ture there is a slight chance of contracting HIV, but as far as swallowing goes, its a no for me! Cum on my face not, in my mouth. Herpes is REAL and there’ s still no cure. Hot or not, bottom or top u need to cum elsewhere. Be safe yall! Love u fags so much, good topic.;-) im a gay vers fyi.

  72. ja

    The next topic should be… Does porn influnce your sexaul performance or actions? Because of these stories and the HOT pics, most guy would start with a porn, of a guy getting a hot load in his mouth, then he may try it. It would be interseting to see how many guys will try swallowing now that they have read about it!!!!!????

  73. Tim Ohio

    I’m mostly a bottom here. If I’m into a guy enough to suck him, I’m committed to swallowing too. I’ve yet to encounter an objectionable tasting load. If a guy chooses to suck me too, I expect him to take my load as well. After having protected anal sex I sometimes remove the condom and clean the cum from my playmate’s dick. What greater gift can one guy give to another than an incredible orgasm!

  74. Pfenix

    If I do the work I want the gooey reward in my tummy … I can suck for hours and just keep the loads coming without stopping or using my hands … I’ve probably tried nearly a hundred different varieties … it’s HOT! Sometimes I just crave the taste of cum. Dunno why lol. Just do.

    I’m a bottom. πŸ™‚

  75. frsnobear

    Yes HIV can rarely be transmitted through oral sex, though there are several factors involved, #1 Open cut, herpes sore, or dental work that causes bleeding can allow the virus to enter the body, #2 Even though someone is undetectable there is still a small amount of the virus that is active in the cum. A lot of guys don’t even know they are infected and if they are not on meds and are just converting the virus is in the heaviest concentration in the cum. If your curious go to and read up on HIV and You.

  76. Dave

    I’m a total bottom and it is such a turn on when a guy puts his load in me. I will swallow anytime a guy wants to finish in my mouth. My preferred method is to take a big load in my ass and then immediately suck the cum off his cock after he pulls out of my ass.

  77. ocm1945

    yes, i swallow cum… to give a blowjob cum must be swallowed…. that is just me… however, i look at the cock first and it must be clean and i will only suck cocks that are cut….I have turned down some guys because their cocks were not cut… as i said i will only suck cut cocks… and i only see a few guys that i suck on a regular basis and i take their loads in my mouth and swallow… I dont like them to tell me when they are gonna cum… just let it happen and coat my mouth and let me swallow

  78. Headhunna

    For some odd reason, I love swallowing when guys cum. There is however a comfort level that must be sated before I take a shot of protein.

  79. Abby

    Total top here, LOVE getting swallowed, but of course it’s not a requirement….as for the slightly scientific/medical aspect of the thread, in theory I would have to agree (as a PhD in Biochemistry) that if you have cuts or sores inside your mouth, your chances of getting infected with HIV or other STD’s do go up….I have not heard of anyone getting infected by doing oral sex, but I am prepared to take the word of the thread creator.

  80. luv2eatcum

    Well, this is my Id on Adam4Adam “luv2eatcum” I love watching it being done and also doing it. But like you, I really need to be attracted to a guy. I haven’t done random glory hole-type things. Although it sounds hot. And good hygiene is a must.

  81. fasteddy

    Versatile here. For me there is nothing hotter than feeling a guys cock head swell up just before he cums and then feel the cum tunnel on the bottom of his cock pulse on top of my tongue as he shoots his load in my mouth. Even better is he is holding on to the back of my head with both hands.

  82. Josh aka jman142

    I am a top and nothing but… i think that cum swallowing is hot but i don’t swallow i love to have my bottoms swallow my cum heck one of my ex-bfs sucked me til i came and he swallowed every last drop while he was still sucking me than i fucked the shit outta him and it was fantastic

  83. dikksukkah

    total bottom, love suckin cock, love swallowin a hot load of cum. isn’t that the point of suckin cock? i mean, if ur gonna suck a guys cock to get him off but ur not gonna swallow his cum–or even allow him to cum in ur mouth–then what’s the point of it all? i luv how a guy’s cock throbs as it’s shootin in my mouth and down my throat. and i’ve tasted some cum that’s a bit bitter, some is very sweet, some tastes real salty…it all depends on the guy’s habits (eating, smoking, drug use, etc). the best i’ve ever tasted was from a guy who was a total health nut, non smoking, no drugs or alcohol, ate lots of fruit and veggies. i sucked him daily til he moved away!!

  84. alanjay

    Total top here i love to suck a guys cock and swallow his load but i am real picky on who i am with so if you are with me i will definitely swallow.. i have a pretty big cock and i love to fuck and shoot right in his ass total turn on

  85. Steve G

    If I’m willing to put someone’s dick in my mouth then I’ve already made the “trust” decision. That being said, I love the feel of a hot load shooting across my tongue, but generally “go deep” when he comes and have his shoot straight down my throat.

  86. David

    I think this article is interesting. I’m vers and love to swallow or have a nice load shot on me. I also like to have mine swallowed

  87. bill brownsville

    I swallow every time. I totally enjoy when a man is ready to cum and you can feel him swell and explode. The taste and texture of cum has always been wonderful to me.

  88. Shane

    I’m a total bottom, and love swallowing a stud’s jizz…I make sure he’s hot, manly before he even gets past the front door. Also, like to take the guys’ nutsack in my mouth…but only if he’s well-trimmed. He’ll groan so hot with his balls being swallowed. Jizz from black and latin men taste Grrrrrr……………EAT!!! Don’t waste that JIZZ!!!

  89. Paco

    I always say if it’s worth sucking it’s worth swallowing, As a Poz guy I had all my teeth removed and on antivirals to avoid any possible transmission, once I sucked a friend of a friend, but didn’t swallow, later found out I took a date rape drug called G that he provided.

  90. chris adam

    hi, my nanes chris , i’m bi, 51, i’ve been suxking cock an SWALLOWING CUM since i was 11 yrs old my first cum load was when i was held down bi my cousinns an they took turns jacking off their cumloads in my mouth, i had never done it b4 but i guess it turned me in to a cu loveing cocksuxer , i still sux as many cocks as i can an i always swallow, i love the feel of that warm juice squirting into my mouth an swallowing every drop ,i’ve suxed off as many as 8 guys a day i have got in a booth at lollipops an suxed for hours , i love it, i get tested regular at aids, I ALWAYS TEST NEGATIVE.CHRIS A DEDICATED COCKSUXER AN CUM SWALLOWER…ITS THE BEST

  91. bayedge

    hi, bi male here and for sure i love swallowing a hot load of cum. also agree with others who want the guy for sure to be clean, & masculine. the thought of a working a guys hard cock with my mouth & pumping his cum in my mouth is a major turn on for me. But i’m not into anything anal.

  92. doing it

    Having your dick sucked to completion is the best blow job ever. It feels so good to not pull out, to not disrupt the flow or the orgasim. You don’t have to swallow, but sucking one out is so much better than jerking it out in the mouth or face. I like to suck the cum out, love to take it in my mouth. I swallow my partner everytime.

  93. matt

    There are NO documented cases of people GETTING a blow job and being infected. There are VERY RARE cases of people GIVING a blow job and being infected. The virus is very weak and breaks down with saliva. If you give a blow job when you are bleeding in your mouth then you are unhealthy to start with, or you’re into some weird fetish.

    If you want a blow job, then relax and enjoy, there is absolutely no risk. There are been enough studies to prove it, and doctors will always be cautious, so they will never tell you that it’s 100% risk free but ask them to show you a study that proves of an infection by GETTING a blow job. There is none.

    • blog

      Matt: Like I said I dont give a shit if there is no study. One of my best friend caught it that way. So for me it tells me that yes it’s very rare, but there are exceptions….Now keep on doing what you want, but it is what it is !!!

  94. bjmark4u

    I love to suck a guy and swallow his cum. And it is totally hot if he returns the favor. The feeling of a hard cock swelling and shooting his load is my favorite. I guess I am a top but I almost never fuck. Just an oral top or bottom here.

  95. lvmaverick

    Came to swallowing late..but love it now….I really enjoy the feel of cum flowing down the guys dick (when your hand is holding it) and the spasms that follow…and then using you thumb to coax every drop from the shaft….it’s great to see how much your partner truly enjoys it…and really get off when the first burst hits the back of my throat….(just make sure that haven’t eaten asparagus or taken iron pills before!) Yikes!

  96. Xmarinex8

    Hi I’m a vers type of guy like it both ways. Well I really haven’t had the chance to swallow. But I would love to try it with a nice hot guy…

  97. kevin

    I’m a bottom I always practice safe sex. I always make my partner wear a condom even with oral sex. Men we need to take a stand and protect ourself . Stand up against hiv . We as humans are smarter than a virus.

  98. Octavius

    Not taking the climax is just incomplete, not finihing the race that you trained so hard for. Obviously I do, and treasure the payoff. Nothing like feeling that hot pulse pushing into my throat as my partner lets out a load groan with an extra shove!

    I’m pos and healthy so not as concerned as some might be, and a healthy life style makes all the difference in taste, but if he doing it right his cum is bypassing the taste buds anyway! Oh give it to me!

  99. BCox

    Swallowing is a hot thing to me, unless I get a facial which is so hot to me. I just love to feel that hot load in or on me. I worked HARD sucking that cock and I want the sweet reward that is given……AGAIN, I love CUM….

  100. Daddybear

    Swallowing a man’s seed is something that I have to be comfortable with. I will eat a few of my buddies spooge, but not all of them.

  101. Larry

    I love to swallow I swallowed the load from the first cock that I sucked loved the taste and and the varity of the tastes of a mans cum the texture and everything else about cum. I did stop swallowing after AIDS started (I’m giving away my age) untill it was fairly well accepted that transmission is unlikely though possible with oral sex. I do like it when a partner lets me shoot in his mouth and swallows my load. I miss the days of bareback fucking but something I have not done in many years and will not now do.

  102. iswallowursperm

    My screename is iswallowursperm from a4a and I love sucking dick and swallow loads of cum. It turns me the f*** on. What’s the point of sucking dick without swallowing?? Guys hit me up if u want your load swallowed!! Screename: iswallowursperm

  103. lkdkdu

    Swallowing is a must for me. Hate to see the stuff wasted. If he don’t want mine, then I’ll take it. Hate to see a guy wipe sperm up with a towel. Now the flavor aspect… some just ain’t too tasty, but most is!


    Hot topic. I love servicing a guy orally and if I am really into him and his cock I would almost always swallow a load. You know those 2 or 3 seconds prior to when a guy has his cock in your mouth, and he gets rock hard and then that first spurt of cum hits the back of your throat…followed by more and more spurts of hot thick cum. I would say I swallow 75% of the guys that I service. Married guys are really hot to service and swallow. As for me I only connect with guys who will swallow my cum…which means…usually guys who are HIV+. I am still HIV- and believe me I have swallowed hundreds of loads of cum in my lifetime.

  105. jaymes

    – I think taking cum in my mouth is nasty!!!… I gag at the taste and smell of it.. I’ve only swallowed cum twice n my life and both times I bout threw up in the guys lap!!.. lol.. if I really like the guy and he’s really hot, and the sex was incredible (bottom boy here) then I might make an exception.. however cumming on my chest or my joint, or even my nice bubble butt is hot enough for me..

  106. DJRinFTL

    There is nothing more erotic than feeling a hot man’s dick pulsate in my mouth while shooting gobbles of cum into my mouth and throat. I love to keep sucking it to get every last drop and sometimes I get a big surprise – a second load of man nectar and when god is really good, a third to make me smile for a week! I love feeding hungry cock suckers my load too. Swapping each others’ juices in a hot kiss is also very hot. Cum exchange is the epitome of masculine communion.

  107. Shane

    It’s hot when I suck off 2 guys, they fight for my mouth, then I get the ultimate prize shot down my throat by both. I feel their balls as the semen spurts in my mouth, and I never miss a drop. Began sucking cock at 15, and gotten better with age.

  108. matt

    It happened to you, and now you changed the story to this happening your best friend. I never said there was no risk of GIVING, I said there was no risk of GETTING. There have been reports of people telling their doctors that they had absolutely no idea how they got HIV since they never had sex, they only “kissed”. Not a SINGLE person with those claims agreed to participate in a study. Now if you or your best friend got HIV+ by getting a blow job, I would suggest that you actually participate to a reputable scientific study so they can find out how this happened. Telling this kind of stuff is one thing, helping the scientific community understand what can be done to stop the virus from propagating is a better thing. The easiest way to do this is to talk to your doctor, or call the CDC at 800-232-4636.

    • blog

      matt: ok mister the specialist! I’m telling you that my friend got it like this, that’s it that’s all…If you dont believe me, I dont give a fuck πŸ™‚

  109. cksuckr

    I’m totally with Dave and most guys here… the guy has to meet my def of hot and we have to have a connection for me to eat his load. I’m into str8’r, macho, hairy, aggressive men… men who know what to use me for… but I prefer they don’t know up front that I swallow… that way when their cock is fucking and throbbing in my mouth and throat and they are about blow their nut, it’s really hot when they start alerting me that they’re gonna cum and try to pull out of my mouth and I force my head down on them and suck furiously until they can’t hold back and pump their thick, hot loads in my mouth while I suck them cumpletely dry and throat their cumcovered cock…. that keeps em cumming back for more!

    However, if a dudes breath is so bad that I can smell it while I’m down on his dick, there ain’t nothin that can save him from even letting his load in my mouth… and he will never see me again.

  110. Michael

    I love to earn a man’s seed for a deep feed down my throat. Nothing finer than a man’s increased breathing as his cockhead swells with hands grasped firmly around my head. I don’t waste a drop. I’d also like to be the target for a great bukkake party.

  111. fantasyfactory

    I admit I love the feeling of my little swimmers pulsing straight into a guys stomach. The oral safety issue has been debated for decades – did you know Canada Health even had a poster that said “be safe, do oral”? The US right wing pressured them to pull the poster because they object to oral sex, period. The fact is cum in your mouth has a incredibly slight risk of passing HIV. Swallowed cum has none-stomach acids quickly consume it. Several studies have confirmed how little risk there is, but HAVE found cases(4 last I looked)where it was likely HIV passed orally. All cases were bathhouse gloryhole guys with loads of loads in their mouth for hours. There have also been a considerable number of conversions where the guy “forgot” to reveal he also did needle drugs and/or lied about bottoming. Based on the science, the US is on the verge of removing blood donation restrictions for gay men (most countries removed it years ago). Note too that there are many cases where anal TOPS became infected, but still less risky than bottoming.

  112. Tom

    My married neighbor says my bjs are better than pussy cuz I know just when to suck hard and get everylast drop of cum out of his nuts. As soon as his shooter vein begins to throb I deep throat till he shoots.

  113. david

    Love Love love to swallow. I think the most fantastic ways to feel hot is to know that you were able to pleasse someone so well and the PRIZE you get at the end of all that fun work is a nice hot load of cum. Makes my mouth water just talking about it now.

  114. Jason

    Amazed at how much misinformation on HIV transmission via oral sex is being spewed around on here. Not sure I’ve ever met a guy who “only gave oral sex.. he never had anal.” It’s pretty far-fetched, and in the literature, the one or two case studies where the guy was “oral only”, there were also strong indicators that IV drug use or other factors were involved. That said, the enzymatic properties of saliva are radically effective at deactivating the HIV retro-virus. Plenty of current and ongoing studies documenting this. IF you’re doc isn’t a specialist in HIV who also attends the major medical conferences, it’s quite likely that his information is 5 (or more) years old at BEST. Even infectious disease specialists struggle to stay current on risk factors, treatment, safe sex, and prophylactic recommendations. Your best bet? If you are worried about it, don’t swallow, don’t have sex, and don’t go around preaching about how “safe” you always are. It’s hypocritical at best, and usually completely idiotic.

    • blog

      Jason, first, If you read my post, I say that I swallow sometimes. I am not saying i’m always safe…
      second: yes, my friend only has oral sex… what’s wrong with that? U never heard of that ?
      Third, my friend’s doctor is also my doctor and it’s a famous HIV specialised doctor in Montreal who attends all the conference worldwide concerning HIV
      So your ‘idiotic’ comments, keep them for yourself !

  115. matt

    Blog, Jason is absolutely right. The virus is very weak and the saliva breaks it. It’s been proven, documented, etc.. That you are uneducated and believe “stories” is fine. Hopefully Jason’s post and mine will have educated few people or at least will get them to look at the evidence and judge for themselves.

    • blog

      Matt: you, should call your doctor….oh I guess u dont have any, as u seem to think what ur little friend Jason says. And keep on swallowing all the cocks u want dude, like I said I dont really care what happens to you actually….but if something happens, dont cry!
      Second before calling someone uneducated, you should probably verify the info!
      Oh and by the way, my uncle died of aids few years ago, and my best friend has HIV, so I read all the info available. I know that the risk is very low, but very low also means that there is a small risk too…
      Finally, the next bitching comment that you leave on this blog will get your ass blocked on here for ever, as well as on a4a !
      I dont tolerate this kind of bitching πŸ™‚

  116. Ron

    For me it’s not so much the act of swallowing that’s hot, but getting a cum shot on my chest or in my face is what really turns me on. I’m a versatile bottom.

  117. Chris

    NOT. It tastes Disgusting, it smells, stinks, evrything about it skeeves me out..except seeing a guy shoot. Hey I ONLY top, I love cock , but don’t want to swallow the shit…NAD that Jason guy is an IDIOT!

  118. lostargonaut

    I used to swallow my ex’s cum a few times. I wouldn’t do that to a one time hookup partner though. What I really would like to see is him to shoot his load on my abs, then picks it up with his lips and kisses me.. A fantasy born when watching the “Men of Israel”.. But that desire to swallow his cum is only valid when the sex is extremely awesome and the guy is sweaty hot, like the one in the 2nd pic (is he a member here btw??) and until I cum.. After that it just disappears and it’s not pleasant even to smell cum..

  119. Scott

    Ok Dave. Who is the tan Alpha in the pic above? Need see the video of wherever that came from πŸ˜‰

    Total Alpha myself, but will gladly accept juice from a guy like that and pay my respects.

  120. Jesse

    I personally cant do it. I tried with an ex of mine, managed to swallow it but for the next hour I spent trying to get the taste out of my mouth. I gagged the moment it happened. Same thing happened when I tried with a different ex, I ended up spitting it back out on his stomach (thankfully we were in love and he knew I was only trying it agaian 4 him). It grosses me out. So, for me….not hott. I’m fine if someone wants to swallow mine, but its not a requirement.

  121. Zee

    I am a ver guy here, and honestly I only swallow if I know they are clean, and I only let them swallow if they know that I am clean. I mean, with everything that is out there, I don’t wanna shorten my chances at a great long life ya know. But is it hot, yes, as long as it is safe for all parties involved.

  122. tom

    love a hot young straight stud, go down on him, have if fuck my throat, feel that cock getting rock hard, have him start moaning, just when he is close to no return, i slip ice in my mouth, go all the way down sucking hard, the cold ice blows his mind everytime and he erupts down my throat.

  123. roger

    ves. top here but I love to take it deep within my throat. I had a few guys at a friends house where we all started to mess around and I said I would take all there loads, man the best nite of my life. u bet I love cum face, chest, back, and mostly down my throat

  124. blackdicklover

    Bottom… I love the feel of an hot load shooting down my throat, its a good source of protein as long as I know the guy is safe

  125. Rich

    I’m Versatile. I must really be turned on to swallow a guy’s load but I have mostly my BF of 9 years. I am a HIV/AIDS counsler and have been for about 10 years. So I can tell you that there has never been a -reported- (reported being the key word here) case of HIV from oral sex as of about 1 year ago with the CDC that I am aware of. Now there is no doubt that you can contract HIV when having oral sex all it would take is a small cut in your mouth or under the right circumstances. Dave, I have do no doubt your friend may have contracted HIV while having oral sex sense there is a chance.

  126. greg

    Many people here have not kept up with the science of HIV transmission. There have been not one but NUMEROUS studies showing the extremely low risk of oral sex HIV transmission.
    Anecdotal evidence doesn’t count. (e.g., my friend said he got it from oral and I believe him because he also told me he never bottoms).
    The word “NEVER” is not in the vocabulary of scientists, hence they will use words such as extremely low risk to cover their asses for the one-in-10,000,000 transmission that might happen that way. People should be clear that HIV transmission is extremely COMMON in unprotected anal sex and extremely RARE in unprotected oral sex and judge their behaviors accordingly. Also, people who are undetectable for 6 months or more are very unlikely to transmit virus to anyone whether unprotected or not according to many studies and to the Swiss medical association. (I’m not advocating bareback, but I’d rather have unprotected sex with someone who could show me that he is Poz but undetectable, than with someone I met online who SAYS he is negative.) The negotiating question online should not be “are you poz?”, but “if you’re poz, are you undetectable”?

  127. Scott

    No problem Dave. Just that guy is fucking smoking.

    If the guy is a bigger, more muscular Alpha, drop to your knees and suck him down!

    Can’t handle it straight out the pipe, edge him, peak him, shoot his juice straight into a protein shake and enjoy at the gym. Fresh protein booster.

  128. Dave

    I am a vers/btm, but mostly a bottom. I do like both swallowing and being swallowing, but I only swallow if I know the guy pretty well; nothing random. I do believe that HIV can be transmitted orally, as well as STDs. I do everything I can to be cautious, but if I were to be totally cautious, I wouldn’t suck or swallow at all. Don’t think that is an option for me. Just like kissing is not an option; I really like it. Thanks for the topic.


    I am not really into this, but it is hot to watch. The guy that I am dating said that it was okay with him, but I told him that it’s not with me. I guess to each his own.

  130. Patrick

    I’m bi and a versatile top. Swallowing can be a huge turn-on. But I have to really like the guy and want to please him. I sound like a girl saying this, but swallowing is something very special and intimate that I only do with someone I like, trust and respect.

  131. Guy

    Top here I love it when a guy will turn around a swallow my load ass to mouth. also been really turned on suck cum out of a bred hole.. and in 69 with swallow for sure!

  132. arthur john

    I agree with most guys it really depends on my mood….but for the most part. yes i love to feel a man cum in my mouth, on my face, chest and ass…but if your going to cum in my mouth you better get ready to kiss…because i love to share

  133. Jeff15

    I am a vers/bottom and I prefer to swallow for the right guy. The right guy being someone that is more than just a one night stand. However I am still not too keen on swallowing, I only do it because I dont want to get up to spit it out. As for the other way around, I really do not care if a guy swallows my cum or not, just as long as it does not get on my sheets, haha.

  134. Slammer51

    I am a bottom leaning versatile who loves swallowing cum. I consider a nice load on my tongue as payment for doing a good job of sucking. Oh, I also love to eat my own.

  135. Jim

    I am a total bottom. Having a hot guy really enjoy one of my blow jobs makes me want to finish him off and take my reward. A lot of guy think that a blow job means that you suck a while then jack the guy off. A really really good blow job only uses your mouth, tongue, and throat. (hands are used to stimulate other areas) As for intercourse, a condom is always used.

  136. mario69

    i would never take a guys cum if iam not in a deep relationship with them…taking someone’s cum should be a very intimate thing…

  137. eric

    ever since i met this one dude that was into bottling up other peoples cum and freezing it for when he was thirsty, I was turned off for good.

    his fetish was so dark that he would pay sex clubs to scoop up the remainders from the video booths & ship it out to him.

    terrible dick sucker, if i might add

  138. Lawrence

    I am a top and I love it when a guy letsd me cum in his mouth. It’s a total fuckin turn-on. But I have to be really turned on my a dude to let him cum in mine. I’ve only done it a few times, but the image of a hot stud shooting his load in my mouth is such a turn-on and something I don’ soon forget.

  139. mike

    Bi Herr but with men total bottom……..don’t swallow unless I dunno.its coming and its a big huge cock 8+ shoved down my throat. I started at 14! At a rest stop with a few men def. Older that came in and out fucking my mouth and ass…..crying……so a. Gangbang on me isn’t out of the question…..just need to be used and big dicks there rapin me bb LOL

  140. Larry

    I am versitile, and the second most sensual thing done to me was a total blow job to completion,later i found i liked giving complete blowjobs to select hot picky. my number one is two fold, monsterdick fucking and getting fucked. he can nut where ever he wants,im gonna nutt too.

  141. Larry

    on the tranmission part, i went to college and did reseach, and there is none to small risk of infection orally for hiv only. other diseases too, because of the acids from you mouth to your stomach, there absolutely must be a cut somewhere first…the virus lives in blood, not water, not spit, not earwax..blood, not dried blood,,wet blood. so sperm is wet and blood is wet,juices are wet…ect. but spit got acids.

  142. Larry

    bacteria on the other hand, can dry up on the wall of your shower as the flu…and re-activate months later from water splashing on it, and you doing a hand to mouth with the germ. so sucking dick dont immune u to infections..with serious throat pain..but if he dont cum or have precum..and you aint got no cuts you wont get hiv, but your throat will get ill enough for antibiotics.

  143. Tom

    well i for one love to swallow a hot load of cum
    makes me hornier
    and of course so hot when my buddy swallows all my cum and licks my cock clean
    but if he doesnt want to swallow, well that is up to him
    as long as he is suckin my cock and im suckin his cock
    i am a very happy guy

  144. John

    I agree that the guy has to have total sexual appeal in order for me to swallow his load. Most of the time when I feel that his cum is making it’s way to his dick head, I deep throat him so that his load shoots deep down my throat – a total fucking turn on!! At the same time, I’m massaging his prostate! Bigger loads, harder shooting!

  145. Sammy

    I’m mostly a cock sucker here, but only eat my own cum. Love the fantasy of being a cum eating slut. I love having cum sprayed all over my face and feel it dripping all over me. Multiple loads on my face makes me rock hard.


    For me, the guy needs to be clean. I have swallowed many a load. However, the guy has to know how to receive a blow job. Not all do. I love being talked to while I suck a cock. Doesn’t have to be filthy, trashy, just tell me how your cock feels in my mouth. Ask me about the taste and am I enjoying your cock. Go ahead and moan, pump and just get into it and more then likely I will swallow your cum. I do enjoy it.

  147. vafratboy

    Top here. Love it if the guy I’m with swallows my cum, but not so into swallowing it (or having it in my mouth) myself. I just don’t like the taste (I don’t care how much pineapple juice or whatever else the dude drinks).

    As for HIV, as a Red Cross HIV/AIDS Awareness educator, HIV transmission through oral sex is a “theoretical risk.” Which is to say that it is logically possible (via sores in the mouth from trauma or bad hygiene), but so unlikely that there’s never even been a confirmed case of transmission through oral contact. Dave, if you’re friend knows for a fact that he was infected through oral sex, you need to tell him to contact the CDC so they can make a record of the first known case of HIV transmission through oral sex.

  148. stephen

    i am a bottom & i will gladly swallow though i would say i prefer to have the load shot on my face & then use his cock to wipe it up & lick it off…i like to see the cum shoot out of his dick…the cum is definitely the goal of sucking a guy off…getting his load lets me know he enjoyed it as much as i did!

  149. Steve

    I’m new to the scene, but condoms for anal are a must, and I love to get drenched with a load. I haven’t swallowed yet, but I’ve tasted it a few times!

  150. Patrick

    I have to agree with Chris on this one. And I work at an HIV support center. While theoretically possible, there has never been a single documented case of transmitting HIV via oral sex alone. In fact, saliva has an ensime in it that kills HIV.
    So, yes, we educate that swallowing comes with a very low risk…someone may have cuts in their mouth, they may have ulcers in their esophagus, but again, not a single documented case. So, unless your friend has been interviewed by the CDC and facts double checked and published, it wasn’t from the oral sex.

  151. InOverMyHead

    I will swallow if told to, but I prefer to keep it in play. I would rather spread the joy by licking the shooter with his cum – everyplace he wants me to.

  152. FreeRangeRadical

    Totally hot! I love cum; I love the guy I’m sucking to cum in my mouth or ass. Alternately he can cum on my face then wipe it off with his dick and feed it to me. I love the pee taste of a guy’s piss slit as I first go down on him, I love pre-cum, and I love the load itself. I don’t understand guys who spit. Of the, literally, thousands of blowjobs I’ve given, I’ve only spit once and his cum was bitter for some reason, that particular time but on other occasions his cum was great. I love the taste, smell, feel, sight, and even the sound when you get one of those guys who shoots 5 or 6 feet…except I love to hear it spurt into my mouth.

    I’ve found that straight guys really, REALLY like me to swallow and that a lot of them like to cum on my face. I love that when they feed it to me on their dicks, but if they don’t, I always wipe it off with a finger and swallow it. But young straight guys are also the first ones to want to do watersports and smoke while they’re getting head. I’m fine with both!

    • blog

      FreeRangeRadical : Dude, look in your dictionary what the word “straight” means… If they have sex with a man, they are obviously not straight. Maybe your head likes the idea of sucking a straight man but the facts are different.

  153. Anthony

    Bottom Line is I love to swallow and get a cum facial or body massage. Plain English…I LOVE CUM !!
    But also very choosy who I play with and how we play.

  154. michael a. mayle

    i think swallowing hot creamy loads is a real turn on 4 me i do it every chance i get it’s a fetish 4 me and i also luv eating sweet hot ass 2 can’t get enough of either

  155. Tony

    I dont try to swallow, but if it happens I just go with the flow
    I would rather see it spurt out, some times I wear sunglasses to keep it out of my eyes

  156. fairprince2

    I am a total bottom , and although I dont like cum on my body I will drain a cock good , the cock must be a dam sweet one in that its clean , I like to feed a man my cum as well its a hot turn on dislike sucking a guy with a condom on

  157. Nick

    Bottom mostly here. Love to swallow but you can’t be white. Dunno what it is about a white boy’s cum. I’m white but I will NOT swallow if you’re white. I normally won’t even play with you to begin with, but it happens.

  158. DJ

    I don’t really like swallowing…makes me gag hahah BUT when I met my ex…a lot of things I normally didn’t like became hot to me…I would swallow is cum at the drop of a dime, and loved eating his ass..anyone else…no.

  159. shaun

    I DEF AGREE to doing research before going down on a guy but for me the first time i officially did cum swallowing me and the guy had previous meet ups so it took me being comfortable enough with him that i was able to be in the moment and since then ive been hooked …. i would say to keep to that one guy that you trust enough to swallow… the guy im with now is more mature he is sexy as hell with a body to die for google “cutlerx”thats who he reminds me of … but also he is very cuatious in every act we engage in a lets me know how i can get cleaner just to reduce the risk cause he really likes me …. i am a bottom and i love BiG DICK!!!!!

  160. Brawny Tony

    I haven’t had a lot of man on man sex so my opinion is based on a shallow depth of experience. Most of the guys I’ve been with want me to tell them when I’m close, then they jerk me off to finish the job. One guy (college kid half my age, black and I’m white for those who enjoy those details) swallowed my seed. I “warned” him, and he didn’t let up. I checked the sheets later, nothing there, so he definitely swallowed. I had the oddest, unexpected reaction to that. It instantly endeared him to me (this was a one-time encounter based on meeting here on A4A). You can’t say anything bad about him to me. I’d do anything for him. I wish he would contact me again; I would love to swallow his nut just to show him I appreciated his swallowing mine.

    Only time I’ve come close to swallowing nut was with a guy I “love” (or whatever you call this intense connection we have), but he wouldn’t let me. Best I could do was get a little taste (salty, just like the pre-cum). He’s a stickler for hygiene and very fearful of HIV. I think knowing that along with the intense attraction is what made me want to swallow a part of him, his nut. I accidentally came in his mouth that same first evening together. (He had told me he wanted me completely relaxed and not to hold back. Uh, that’s what happens when I’m relaxed and unrestrained.) He went to the bathroom and cleared his throat a bunch, probably forced himself to vomit slightly so as to spit it back up. Our next time together he came on my face, but again refused to let any land in or near my mouth. I’ve been with other guys since then. Still, other than the boy who swallowed for me, he is the only guy I’ve wanted to suck every bit of manly juice out of him that I could.

  161. darryl

    Wow I knew this one would generate a lot of responses. All of them gave me fond memories of Oral Sex, back when you didn’t have to think about anything but getting hot seed on your mouth. Man talk about a huge reward. It wasn’t my favorite thing to do, till I met a guy I liked. He taught me a thing or two about milking Cock, so owe many loads to him. Today is a different story, so keeping those thoughts coming out of my head is worth every drop. Bonkers rule!

  162. Cutedlbottom

    Omg… swallowing is intense. It’s kind of hot when it’s a total surprise; it’s also SO hot how the taste sticks around in my mouth for an hour or two… but i love facials, so some combination of both is ideal πŸ˜‰

  163. CenTXOrl

    Yes to both– BOTh are very hot! Nothing quite like the sensation of shooting into a hot sucking mouth and feeing that swallowing action, and there’ much hotter than a stud’s cock shooting to the back of my throat.

  164. wis_eguy

    I accept as fact that HIV transmission is possible but rare when giving blow jobs. Precum and pre ejaculation semen drips are a very low risk. The bulk of the risk is having semen ejaculated into your mouth. I do not think swallowing or splitting affects the risk if the semen gets between your teeth. Once between your teeth, it is probably everywhere else in your mouth and may enter through any cuts sores or abrasions.

    That said, I am mostly a bottom and I always swallow loads pumped into my mouth. If it doesn’t taste good, swallowing is still the quickest way to get rid of it. I absolutely love having my load swallowed. Swallowing is a personal affirmation.

  165. Dblument

    I really love it when my reward shoots out! I enjoy watching the first shot, then trapping the rest with my mouth. I love the taste of cum-

  166. Adam

    Total top here… i do not swallow cum, ill wear it on my face ANYTIME! But I dont like to swallow…I LOVE when a guy swallows me though. Its amazing feeling my cock pulsing down his throat! πŸ˜‰

  167. 621olderthendirt

    im a bottom cocksucker. i love to swallow cum. the men dont have to be hot, just able to get hard, and cum in my mouth or ass.

  168. Michael St. Sin

    A long time ago I was a total bottom and mainly sucked and got fucked. Now I’m a top, but I miss sucking and swallowing cum. I love cum, pretty much wish I could be in a bukakie video…

  169. Avery

    Love to feel a pulsing cock in my mouth.
    I love watching straight anal porn, and my biggest turn on there is when the the guy has a big cum thats really thick……I wish I was the one getting the cum on my face and tongue……

    PS I understand one big risk in getting a facial is getting it in your eyes……viruses love the eyes as an entry point….

  170. George Crutchfield

    I love sucking cock and swallowing cum. The only turnoff for me is body odor. I would swallow all the cum in every cock. I am a cum slut. Why does a person have to be a bottom in order to suck and swallow?

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