Contest : The Halloween costume winners are….

So….the decision was hard, because I received tons of photos!!

But, I selected 4 only! And they are all #1! All on the same level for different reasons…. Check them out below!

The first winner I chose is a Football Player : HotBadBoy ! I chose him because I really like football players and also….. his bulge!!! lolll It really caught my attention! Good job!

The second winner is gaydude4lyfe : I really liked the effort on the makeup and the story behind his impersonation. Gaydude4lyfe’s costume was actually Phineas Gage, an American railroad construction foreman now remembered for his improbable survival of an accident in which a large iron rod was driven completely through his head, destroying much of his brain. Good job dude!

The 3rd winner is XMorpheus3000 : I liked his Vampire makeup and implantds, the lens, the nails, the hair, everything!!! Congrats!!!

The last but definitely not least is nenito-rico : We always see scary costumes at Halloween, but nenito-rico’s costume was ‘happy’ and it made me smile a lot. Obviously lots of effort as well and it’s a very smart costume because if he’s hungry during the evening, he just needs to grab a banana and he can keep on dancing! Bravo!

So congratulations to all the winners, you each will receive one month of Supporter Status Access : You get space for as many friends and blocks as you desire, are given room for 8 profile pictures, enjoy longer mail storage, can save more searches, have access to a longer track list, and receive faster profile approval! And since you are all featured on the blog, on our site, on our facebook and twitter page, you will get tons of messages from opther members!!! Enjoy guys !!

Thanks to all and have a great week!



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  1. David

    Really? He won because of his bulge… I wonder if you ever think of other things other than penises. I’m pretty sure you had other pics with far more creative ideas than a plain ol football player.

    • blog

      Look further, there is 4 winners!
      I knew someone would complain!!!! Always people complaining…!! I dont understand!! But eh, I decide! So I chose 4 people !
      Happy or not, that’s the way it is !

  2. Richie

    Thank u so very much for choosing me ( football player ) … And i chose to be a football player because I don’t play any sports what so ever, so personally I thought it was a creative idea because of course people will choose something scary or something popular to be, so I room the time to actually go to a sports store and buy the offical outfit LOL…

    • blog

      Sal: There are 4 winners dear! 4!!!!! They are all best costumes…
      What was YOUR costume if you are so HOT and ORIGINAL ?
      Did you submist your picture ?

  3. Bobby

    I have to agree with David in that HotBadBoy had a very plain & not that great costume. Anyone could go down to a sporting goods store or even Wal-Mart any day of the week and pick up what he used. The other people were far more creative in their costumes. I’m sure there were other people who submitted their costume put more thought and looked far better than HotBadBoy did in his generic football player outfit. Real big disappointment A4A in giving a guy that barely has a bulge in pants a winning selection for a bad costume.

    • blog

      Bobby: like I sais many time, stop complaining! There are 4 winners and I picked them all for different reasons…
      That’s it 🙂

  4. wammo

    I would have voted for the bulge, too. I am totally obsessed with males flaunting their wares. The other ‘Halloween’ costumes were a bore. I was expecting more….like some meat.

  5. David

    There’s not a single complaint on my COMMENT… I do believe people share different opinions and I felt I needed to say mine. It doesn’t say leave “nice biased” comments here.

  6. Chris

    David, quit being such a baby. It’s not Dancing with the Stars! If you want to pick the winners then start your own gay chat site and blog. Good luck!

  7. edgar_truth

    that’s doesn’t look like much of a bulge… not trying to complain but, not impressive, unless he submitted some crazy dick pics with his costume.

  8. sylvester evans(kalel74)

    they are all awesome winners and the Copa cabana was just adorable!!!And David,stop being so goddamn negative , it’s a fuxking gay website with hot guys……get a dimmer switch already will ya?.oh yeah and the Like a Prayer video kicked ass……..

  9. Michael

    Dave, I applaud your choices. When you announced the contest I was a little worried that it might end up a drag show in pictures. lol. I agree that the football player should have been included. (I like bulges too).

  10. Cravenmoorhead

    Did you have anyone dress up as Kim Kardashion??? I
    I really Love that Skank. You need to post somemore pics!!! Good Job on your decision. I Love your Blog and know that I am dealing with great smartness and fairness and Love and Compashion. Your my new found Friend.ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  11. lkg4atpman

    It’s your blog, you can do what you want, and pick who you want….should have just said to “piss off” to the complainers…but guess you cant, so I just did it for you….Good Job Dave!!

  12. Tim

    A nice bulge beneathe a 69 jersey is tempting, but gaydude4lyfe’s makeup effort was great. Something tells me XMorpheus3000 doesn’t look too much different in his day to day life! 🙂

    • blog

      truefwb: yayyy finally someone that understand… It’s not a 5 million $ prize…it’s adam4adam contest. It’s for fun. And I will choose the winner I want because of the reasons that I want, that’s it 🙂

  13. Henrik

    Thank you for choosing me Dave! Here in Puerto Rico everybody was crazy about my costume, they loved it! And congratulations to the other guys, I think it’s good to have 4 different winners with 4 different costumes, if not, it would be boring!

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