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Adam4Adam has been available through a mobile site for quite a while. Not long ago we competed a Web-Based App, we then released the downloadable iPhone App, and now, to give everyone options, we offer the best of Adam4Adam on your Android device!

You may ask; “Why so many options and what’s the difference between them”?

Well…, I’m glad you asked!

The biggest difference between the mobile site (m.adam4adam.com) and the downloadable Apps is what you can see – the content. Both Apple (iPhone)and Android restrict ‘X-rated’ images.

The mobile site is accessible to anyone with any web-enable mobile phone. The best thing about the mobile site is that once you login you can see the same hot pictures, including X-rated pics, as on the website.

The web-based App (radar.adam4adam.com) has been designed to look and function just like the iPhone and Android Apps, but it is available to anyone with a smartphone through the web, which means it does not go through the Apple and Android stores and can show X-rated images.

Which is best? I like the mobile site the best. It is fast, easy to use, has the hot X-rated pics, and works great on all my phones.

So, get it the way YOU WANT IT while you are on the go!

The Adam4Adam Team !

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  1. Yungobruh

    I see the pics on my Blackberry. It’s not through an app it’s just on the web on the phone. But no offense, I don’t need this shit mobile too. A4A is a”dick’tive and spendin time at home and on the go is just too much. I have met guys who don’t have a computer and only access it on their phone. And I have met guys who are serious hoes and carry it around from hookup to hookup. I can’t go there, I’m keepin ya’ll off my phone! LOL

  2. danny

    I think the mobile site needs a lot of work but I do love it more than the apps. One thing I don’t like is how it has so many options. In horizontal mode, there’s so many rows, you don’t see your inbox. Too me it’s too crowded for a “mobile” site which should be minimal.

    The apps to me just aren’t worth it if there is a mobile site.

  3. Kevin

    I have an iphone 4s and about a week ago it stopped going to the mobile version of ‘radar’….just continuously trying to detect location…my phone settings are right..anyone else having problems with the damn thing?

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