Watch this : Tribute to Matthew Shepard

This beautiful song and video are a tribute to Matthew Shepard who was taken from us 13 years ago today because of Ignorance. Please, listen, watch and share!



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  1. cooper

    I hope his family can find solace amidst this tragedy. And I hope they know are prayers are with them today and always.
    R.I.P. Matthew.

  2. Rob

    Here is poem that I wrote as a reminder of how precious life is….

    A blessing from above

    There are many things
    that we take for granted
    like the beautiful scenery
    of many flowers and trees planted

    in the ground they grow
    to be forever in the eyes
    of the beholder you know
    a beauty so unique

    that we are able to see
    because of the gift
    from god to you and me
    he gave us these things

    with so much love
    that you know is nothing less
    than a blessing from above
    these wonderful gifts

    that god has given
    and so much more
    than just living
    he has the power

    to give and to take
    whatever he chooses
    whether asleep or awake
    he can call us home

    for it is him who decides
    when we shall pass
    and only then we will
    meet him at last

    face to face we
    shall be with the lord
    in the gardens of heaven
    where we will be restored

    So everyday that he
    gives us we shall consider
    it a blessing and we
    enjoy every minute

    There is no guarantee
    of the breath that we take
    as it can be the last
    no matter how we make

    our days in to weeks
    we should be thankful
    he always speaks
    to us from above

    he sends many blessings
    in ,many different ways
    whether they come in the night
    or they are given to us as days

    of our lives that pass
    quickly and swift
    like the many things
    that god has given as his gift

    So it is very imortant
    that we understand
    that god has control
    with the wave of his hand

    he can do so much
    and do it with love
    so whatever he does

    Robert Saban

  3. Raoul

    Such a beautiful spirit cut short, but his death has not been in vein, may his family find the peace and solace that they are seeking and his soul R.I.P

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