Watch This : Marry your cousin, not your lover!

So, I just came across these maps and found out that more states allow first cousins to marry then states that allow gay marriage. In most states where same-sex marriage it not possible, it is outlawed by law!

Take a look at the maps from Mediate that show this by state.

Seriously, I can marry my cousin but not the love of my life because they happen to be of the same gender? What era is this? Are we returning to the darkages?

I personally, think this just wrong! Am I alone?

…. it is outlawed – by law!


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  1. Fred

    I never imagined that across the board, Iowa would ever be the most sensible of all states on any topic.
    BTW… by definition wouldn’t something that is outlawed always be “by law”

  2. Darek

    People are so stupid. If they allow cousins to marry each other because they truly love each other than why is it so hard for them to comprehend that two men or women can have the same feeling for each other. They love to use their science and religion only when it is convenient for them.Your telling me they live a sinless life or a don’t believe studies and proof that they themselves conducted.

  3. william Austin

    This is a law for breeders because of Disease & Deformity Genetics! If you not birthing children, it should not apply! Like all Laws one size does not fit all, and why we have Judges….

  4. Heyrod25

    i live in ohio so gay marriage is banned as well as marriage to your first cousin. So i guess ohio really isnt for lovers

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