Stories : I’m married and like to get blown by men!

Shopping is one of the things I hate the most, but every year my wife drags me out to buy clothes that I either don’t need or don’t want. I am not sure why I am forced to go through this bull shit each year, but she claims that I need the clothes, and in the end, it is easier to give into her demands then to argue with her.

She usually drags me to the most expensive places first, I think she hopes that I will just buy whatever she points at first just to be done with it, but the one thing I hate more than shopping is spending money, so I always hold out, knowing she will take me to less expensive places later.

After not finding a thing at the first two shops, we landed at a little place owned by her cousin. I have never really liked her cousin; he always seemed to try way too hard to be nice but never cuts his prices.

As she usually does, my wife loaded me up with a stack of clothes to take to the dressing room and try on. I took the clothes, following her instructions, and she went over and started chatting with her cousin.

The dressing room is small, with only two rooms. I took the last available room and went to work trying on clothes. I started with a pair of jeans.

They were actually ok, heavy jeans without too much design. I kind of liked them. I put them on and went out to look at them in the mirrors. When I opened the door, the guy in the room next to me came out of his room at the site time, he moved aside so I could go to the mirror first.

As I looked at the jeans, I realized he was watching me so I shot him a glance. He looked me in the eye and said, “Those look great, I did not see those out there, where did you find them?” “You would need to ask my wife, I am totally lost.” I replied. He laughed and then went right back to staring at the jeans.

I started to move away from the mirror and go back to my room. As I walked off, he asked me if I was going to buy them. I said no, so he asked what size they were. When I replied they were 32 / 30 he asked if he could try them on too. I said sure and headed back to my room.

He followed me as I walked back to my room, which at the time I thought was strange, but just went along with it. As I went in my room it seemed as if he was trying to follow me in. I shut the door, but the door was a half door, good enough for privacy when someone was in the hall, but he was standing right at the door and could see everything in my room.

I looked at him and he turned away, standing in the same spot. I decided to just take the jeans off and hand them to him, so I turned around and started to take off the pants. I had one leg out and I noticed that he had turned back around and was watching me as I undressed. He was staring right at my dick. I realized what was going on and was unsure what to do. I did not know if I should tell him to fuck off, or what.

I was kind of stunned, just standing there in my underwear, holding the jeans up, and looking at him staring at my dick.

He looked up and stared me right in the eyes and said, “let me suck it”. At first I was pissed off and just wanted to tell him to fuck off. But I thought about it and realized that a blow job is a blow job, and I wasn’t getting any of that at home, that’s for sure. I also noticed I was getting a little turned on at the idea of getting my cock sucked in public with my wife just a wall away.

I had let a guy suck my cock before; actually, the guy licked my ass too which felt pretty good. So this was not going to be my first time I have had a guy on the end of my dick. It was not a big deal then, I did not touch his cock at all, I basically just stood there while he went down on me. The guy was the husband of my wife’s sorority sister who had come to visit on their way to Montreal. He gave really good head and even swallowed my load. If this guy was half as good I was ready for some of that!

I did not say a thing to him as he waited for an answer, I just pulled down my underwear and opened the door. He stepped in the room, got on his knees and started to suck my soft cock.

His warm mouth felt great on my cock. He reached up and grabbed by balls as my dick swelled. I got hard instantly as he went to work, taking my cock down his throat.

I grabbed the sides of his head and started to push my cock in and out of his mouth, fucking his face and pushing every inch of my dick down his throat.

He was amazing, nobody had ever sucked my cock the way he did and he seemed to love doing it. He held my balls tight in one hand while he used the other to massage my cock as it slid in and out of his hot, wet mouth.

Just as I was about to cum I heard my wife yell “How’s it going in there?” I replied “Good, I think I found what I was looking for.” Just as the words came out of my mouth I could tell I was seconds away from shooting my load. I grabbed the back of his head, pushed my cock in deep and started to shoot my hot cum in his eager mouth. I could feel my balls and scrotum jump as the cum shot out of my cock and slid down his throat. He swallowed every drop squeezing as much of jizz out of my dick as he could.

With my cock still in his mouth, he looked up at me and smiled. With one more deep thrust, I pulled out, he stood up and walked out of the dressing room.

I put the jeans I had tried back on, walked out of the dressing room, when up to my wife and said, “These are the only thing that fit and I like.”

Now, every time I wear those jeans, I get an instant hardon.

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    • Rick

      I’m a bi guy that love to suck men dry I love cock as thick as a beer can a lot of cum is what I want in in seymour tenn and can suck big dicks all day 865-440-4400 must be heavy cummer anything goes big white cock or huge black meat daytimes is best come to my house for dick sucking all day Thursday morning and afternoon

  1. bigsid8

    Been sucking cock since 7th grade. Thought getting married would take my desire for cock away lol just increased it. Now I suck cock at least twice a week and love a good BJ NOTHING LIKE COCK!

  2. James

    I am married and I love receiving and giviving head, although I do not swallow, I still find it quite alluring. I’m Afro~American and very attracted to muscular Caucasian men.

  3. FunRicky269

    Even though it starts out with a married guy, this story is pretty hot! It reminds me of when I was working at a mens clothing store, a few years back. The best part of the store was a Jeans department, the only place in town you could get 501’s. It was a little room, separate from the rest of the store, down a flight of stairs and around a corner… Lots of times, I’d be the only Man on staff, and got to help all the College Studs pick out the best pair of jeans. You’d be surprised how many “straight” guys will let you check out their bulging crotches, or those fine BubbleButts, when you’re complimenting them on how they look in those 501’s! Plus, the 501’s used to be so skin-tight, you can tell right where those guys tight white briefs fit them the best! (If you can’t see any lines, they’re either in Boxers, or going Commando…) So, it’s like 20 minutes ’till closeing time, on a real dark, wet, Fall evening, the kind where nobody is out and about. I’ve been folding up the jeans, getting the shelves ready for tomorrow, when I hear the door open. I look up towards the top of the stairs, and here stands one of the biggest, Buffest, Football Jocks from the college in town! His dark hair is wet, his jacket is dripping, but the thing that catches my eye, are his eyebrows. They have that up-turned, questioning, lost puppydog look… The kind of look that asks me “You want to do What?!?” and then says “Maybe…I don’t know…” Fuck! That gets Me Hard! I’ll do just about Anything, when I see that look… I ask him what he’s doing out on a night like this; and he laughs, a deep, masculine, kind of laugh. Looking for some new jeans, he says, maybe some 501’s… “Dude, you’re in the right place now!”, I say. “I’ve got time, before we close up. I’ll help you, but first, here’s a towel for your hair…” He grunts out “Thanks”, strips off his jacket, and starts to dry his hair. I can’t keep my eyes off of his huge muscular arms, the bulging biceps, tri’s, and beefy forearms glisten from the rain, and his T-shirt is soaked! (Good thing I work in a Mens’ clothing store!) “Here, take off that wet thing, Man… There’s nobody here but us, anyway…” I rip open a pack of white T-shirts that I KNOW are too small for this Stud, and I tell him he can just wear one while he tries on the jeans. I’m starting to shake at the knees a little, as he peels off his wet shirt, but I can casually lean against the counter… He looks me in the eyes, and smiles, softly murmurring another “thanks”, and then S L O W L Y begins to buff-dry the most awesome chest I think I’ve ever seen! There’s a short pelt of black hairs running over it, like the prickly hairs of a three-day-old beard, it’s hypnotic… The lines of hair run all around, clinging to the muscles underneath, giving a dark, shadowy flow to every little change of muscle… As he works down along his abs, there’s a tapering Treasure-Trail, leading down below his belt… He stops, and looks up at me. I KNOW he sees my HardOn, there’s no hiding it! Fucker is throbbing down my thigh so Full, and I swear I feel some pre-cumm dripping now… His eyes are sparkling now, I know he likes what he’s doing to me… “C’mere, Stud, I say, “Let’s get you measured for those jeans!” I ease him towards the dressing room, as I pull out my tape, and once inside, I position him so he can see himself in all three mirrors. Then I drop to my knees behind him, hard, so he can hear the sound, and tell how serious I am. I bring the tape around his waist, and graze my fingers along those Abs, first measure at the Navel, (Oh, that Hair…) then the Belt, and then the hips… I do the Belt again, letting my fingers brush up above his bush, and the firmness of the base of his Cock through his pants. I’ve got No clue if this stud is straight, gay, bi, or whatever, but he doesn’t stop me… I’m going for it! Now, the outside seam, from belt to cuff, pressing the tape down against his meaty thighs, and those solid calves… “Hold still now, Stud” I say, “There’s one more thing…” I bring the tape around to his Inseam, and slowly but firmly glide the tape up his inner thigh… He lets out a little gasp, as I get closer to his Stuff, but I just hold his thigh in both hands, and ease my hand up and under, until I feel those heavy Balls… I take a quick peek up in the mirror, and see those eyebrows again, that same hungry, helpless, questioning look… Fucker doesn’t know what he’s in for, but I can tell he’s getting the idea… I brush my chest along his Butt as I rise, telling him I’ll be right back with something that will fit, he can take off those other pants now… When I get back with a couple pairs, he’s still standing there faceing the mirror, but now he’s just in his bulging briefs, towel over his shoulders, waiting for me. I can tell he’s getting off on all this. His eyes are glued to his physique in the mirror, but his Cock is getting Hard, the print of his DickHead in those briefs is beginning to get moist. I have him sit down on the bench, and I begin to slide the 501’s up his legs, a little at a time… When he stands, I know he wants me to keep going, and that Big Bulge is stareing me right in the face… But I’m not in a hurry, with this one. I turn him around again, and work those jeans up along his MuscleButt, and slide them in between his cheeks with my warm hands, spreading his thighs apart, then going under towards his Balls again, cupping them in my palm. “Now, turn around, I’ll show you how to work the fly…” He turns, and I slowly, gently, button them up, from bottom to top. “The fit is close, but looks a little cramped”, I say. “I’m starting over.” Pop, pop, pop, go the buttons as I open him up again, then just the quiet sound of his heavy breathing… “Dude, it’s these briefs in the way, you know, you don’t need support if the jeans are fit right.” I work my hand under the waistband of his whites, and look up at his gorgeous face, as I re-arrange his swolen Cock. My hand is hot, and that DickMeat is throbbing in my hand… “It’s cool, Man. Nobody’s here, just you and me.” I slowly bring my open mouth towards his Cock, and he starts to shake as I slide my lips down his shaft. His Cock is soft and spongy at the tip, the foreskin is pulling back, and all his pre-cum has lubed the head up good. I dive ALL the way down, and swallow, Hard! Stud absolutely Freaks! I guess he never had like that, before! Fucker starts to moan, and whisper, as I suck him, I only catch a hint of what he’s saying, but it’s filthy, and Hot! I give this Stud the best head I ever have, slurping and sucking and jacking his cock at the same time. His big thighs begin to shake, he takes my head gently in his hands, and brings me back to that CockHead, where he likes it best. I’m chewing and sucking and moaning all over that big meat, and the Fucker blows the biggest load of sweet ManCumm, spurt after glorious warm spurt, into my hungry mouth! Fucker was awesome! I drank it all, and milked out every last drop! I still get off, BigTime, thinking about that Football Jock in his new 501’s.

  4. scott

    i have a long list of bi men who i suck once in awhile. one of them is in the military and he comes over in his uniuform. damn! it turns me on. he even likes his ass eaten. and he is married.

  5. BiPride120

    IM John I first sucked my cousins cock back when i was 13 he was 19> I still love sucking cock and licking and fucking. NOthing like Cock at all im married and still Love to suck cock and have mine sucked

  6. Camuycocksucker

    I sucked my lover’s best friend one night when we were really drunk and we started watching porn… My lover had gonne to take care of his mother, so we look at each other and he started saying things… He is a divorced guy who has been married twice, so I was unsure as to what to do…but he said that he wanted to play and I brought poppers and started sucking him… To this day, it has been one the best experiences in my life…I suck him in every way possible…balls, ass, nipples, belly…He came so hard that I thought it was the end of the world. I am just waiting for the second round!!!!

  7. sweetbottom69

    pa bottom under same name on here. love the story. wish i could just find that cock. maybe someone in my town would find me in that booth.

  8. gdeeniej

    HOT!!! I would love to do something like that to a guy trying on clothes in a department store. And with him being married and the wife only seconds away, it would make it very very erotic!

  9. garfield maynard

    hello there i must that i enjoy that story it great wish i could could more stories like that one i will be looking forward to reading more of them again the story is great

  10. johnson

    and so much being true to ones partner….scumbag…all of you that ‘cheat’ on your mate. hope you get caught, only a matter of time or std(s) and take it home to ‘pass’ along and then see what happens…

  11. nicky818

    it happen to me few times i love to suck on big dicks and usually i will go to str8 bar and i always will find a hot big dick men ready to let me suck his dick and fuck me hard too is about 1 % over 100 who will say they don’t want to fuck me they just love it and been told many times im the best lol this history was hot

  12. cntryman

    Love sucking a married man’s cock…’s so good ! I have two that I get to suck once in awhile, and I love every minute of it, every inch of it too…and they have plenty of inches!!!! Wish more married men would desire this and make it known !


    Where is that store at? . I want to go and get sucked off while I try a pair of jeans. My wife likes to go shopping and do the same thing.

  14. Jim

    Wow, what a hot story! I’m married here too and would love to fulfill a similar fantasy of mine, to be blown out in public in a somewhat discreet location as a changing booth. Damn hot!!!

  15. hot for dick

    I am also married. Love to be sucked by a man,and also I suck too. Love to take a load….. i’d love to have an experience like this in a dressingroom.

  16. David

    love the story, and i love to suck dick, i think its beautiful. theres a technique i use that always makes em cum quik, i like to grab it at the base, lick the cock till its all wet, then stick it all in my mouth and create suction as i slowly pull back and jerk my hand. the slower and smoother the better. then about every 15 seconds of slow sucking i focus on sucking the head of the penis in a quicker back and forth motion for a quick 5 seconds. when i feel your about to cum, i deep throat with strong suction and roll my lips in and out. i always swallow.

  17. skip

    excellent story man .. ur right a blow job is just that dont make u gay if a guy sucks your dick .. dont care what facial expression u give or what u say no one blows a man like another man we know what we like and what feels good…. so u guys reading this remember one thing she aint given it to u way waste it when there are those eager to please

  18. slmman

    Very hot story. I can relate. I was married and sucked a hot guy as often as I could. A military man. Yum! Enjoyed your story very much !!

  19. Papi Rico Chico

    love the story wow sound like i did the same thing too but i love the guy that suck me off and now i know i love men not boys LOL just playing but love the story and remind me of things i did in the past and always willing to suck a cock too love the cummmmmmm as well love papi chico

  20. discreet315er

    I’m into a similar situation. My girl likes me to go shopping with her,but when she gets into a store, she gets so involved with her shopping, she practically forgets that I am with her. I go find the mens room and hang out in a stall. She gets her thrill shopping while I get my fill. It works out perfect!

  21. william Austin

    St8 guys are usually the most fun to suck off! They moan loud, usually get off fast and really appreciate a sincere Cock Sucker! And if you do a really good job they come back for many repeat performances! The majority of wives just give head to a please their mates, so the action is usually less than exciting! So when a married guy experiences a blow job by somebody who really takes their craft seriously, it is a great treat and they reward you with a big load, making for a grate exchange! And when you get a good match-up of Donor / Receiver it can last for decades, a good find for both players! And everybody is usually happy : She doesn’t have to do it! We love it, and our guys is in Satisfied-get-off heaven!

  22. bigem196

    Great story and I think it is true for most of us who have ever known the the pleasures of fucking around with another man while being married. Though I’ve grown and no longer will I cross the line of fooling around with a married guy, for I’m divorced, i still think back, with fun memories, about all the great head i’ve recieved from some of the best cocksuckers on earth. :)))))))))))))

  23. Petgeorgia

    I think I’m going to start looking into trying on and Hanging Out near the dressing rooms in some of our local Nicer stores. Maybe, Just Maybe I can find some Nice hard COCK to Suck for someone. Be interesting to try.
    Being Married has Nothing to do with it, I am also!!!!
    Thanks for Sharing….

  24. Cravenmoorhead

    That story sucked. No way the wife would not go in and check on him. And I’m the best Cock Sucker and it takes time to get that Nut. No Way would a Married man do that while his cousin and wife were their. Two thumbs down.

  25. Ricardo

    Nice story. I am married and bisexual. There is nothing better than have your cock suck by another man and, why not, sucking another guys cock. My brother in law is my suck boyfriend and since is my wife sister, there is no problem for him coming home for a nice suck.

  26. Tag1809

    What a great story. Was it Fact or Fiction? Total strangers in an 1/2 door dressing room, one being on their knees is a bit of a stretch. The concept is exciting to think about, but I would be vary anxious if my wife were on the “other side of the wall”

    • Buddy

      I would like to try suckin u off can I if I don’t get ur cum with my mouth u can get however u want I am a virgin tho but am ready to give it away to the cock that comes
      to get me first I’m ready

  27. daddlyslo4

    Damn that is hot Married guy here that just loves his cock sucked:) Haven’t been sucked in a clothing store yet but Im heading down to get some jeans;)

    • Buddy

      If you haven’t got head yet in the store than meet me and remedy that quickly daddy or we can figure it out but my virginity is ready fora the rite daddy to take I’m hoping u r u in

  28. ted

    Great story. I’m a married guy who loves to get sucked. I’ve done some sucking myself, but only once in a great while; usually it doesn’t interest me.

    I sucked a young (19), buff kid about a month ago, though, and it was tremendous. He was hard as a rock, not too big and not too small. Great experience.

  29. ericwantsmore

    Nice stories. I remember when I met a marine buffed married guy online. He wanted to get sucked and he invited me over his house while wife was at work. I cant believe when i saw him naked and he was the most gorgeous stud i ever met. I started sucking his dick and that was the most delicious meat i ever had. He liked what i was doing till he grabbed me and lifted me as he started kissing me. He brought me to his bed and and put me face down. He started eating my ass and making it so wet and he suddenly shoved his fat big dick in and started fucking till he exploded to my butt cheeks. That was so hot. Then we started to meet on a regular basis everytime wife was at work. One time, we were both horny but wife was at home. It was already dark so I picked him up at his place and we drove to a secluded place leading to a trail. Though we were going to do it at the trail but he went to the back of my jeep and stripped his clothes off. I started sucking him and his phone rang. It was his wife. I stopped but he motioned me to continue. That was hot, sucking the man of my dream while he was talking to his wife. I guessed his wife heard us moaned coz he asked whats that? It was the great time I had with this marine and he gave me the biggest load i ever had. Now we dont see each other anymore since he was stationed to the eastcoast….Damn, I missed him.

  30. Barstowgent

    I met a young arm guy on line. We talked a little about being married. He complained that his wife had not blown him in quit a while. I shared that my wife had stopped doing that also. We decided to meet in a parking lot off the freeway. I parked in my truck and waited. Soon enough he showed up. Getting out of his car I noticed his gym shorts and how good he looked in them. After getting in my truck and just talking for a bit, I asked him if I could look at his cock. He lowered his shorts and exposed a very nice, clean and shaved cock. I reached over and started jacking his cock. He started to moan so I stopped him and had him lay the seat back. I leaned forward and wrapped my mouth around his hot cock. MMM, good tasting, clean, and fat cock head, I was in cock heaven. I started sucking him with intent. I am a moaner when I suck cock. Very noisy and loud wet sounds come out of my mouth as I am sucking. I placed my hand under his ass and started sucking giving him long and deep strokes with my mouth. All of a sudden he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I looked up and asked him what happened. His reply was that he was about to cum and his wife would never allow him to cum in her mouth. My reply was simple. I looked him in the eye and said, I am not your wife. With that I went back down on him. Looking him in the eye I asked him to please cum in my mouth. He started to moan, so I started to moan. He unloaded a very hot tasting load of cum and allowed me to mike him dry. We said our good byes and I never saw him again. Just two married guys enjoying the same blow job.

  31. theo

    well idk; im not married just gay &i feel if ur married… if ya wife doesent wanna blow you off thats her lost; she shouldnt be so stupid! lOl BUT i also feel that you took are married and said vows thar you shouldnt step out on ya partner in anyway!! yet at the s

  32. James

    Single here and consider myself str8.I’m always amazed when I do hookup with a guy how much he really gets into sucking my cock.. Sometimes I have a problem cumming, but the guys will suck my hard cock until I cum…Sometimes it can take 60-90 mins. before I shoot a nice load. The whole time the guy will be licking and jacking my thick very hot is all I have to say.

  33. Patrick

    I have a reverse situation. I’m a married guy who loves giving head. I met a younger, gay guy online who’s a total top. He comes by office once a week to get serviced. He never reciprocates, which is totally cool with me. We go in my office, close the door, and I get on my knees and down to business. This guy has a perfect cock that is always hard. I work on his cock for as long as our schedules will allow. Sometimes we have a long, slow session, and sometimes I have to hurry up to get him off. When I finish him off, he doesn’t cum; he explodes. He shoots the biggest load I’ve ever seen. I usually don’t like the taste of cum, but his has no flavor. I swallow his load, clean his cock off with my mouth, and he pulls his pants up and leaves. I get incredibly turned on knowing that I make him feel good. Sometimes I jerk off while I’m blowing him, and sometimes I wait and jerk off after he leaves. Since I’m married and he has a partner, there’s no drama and no expectations for anything more than what we do. When he wants to see me, I get a one-line email that says “can you service me today.” I get an instant hard on every time I see a message from him in my inbox.

  34. Abby

    Married men are usually the freakiest….most of my crazier experiences have been with married men, from fucking on the beach to anon scenes to 3ways have always been with married men. One of my most regular partners is a married 23yo white from the coast guard….super hot, nice slim,toned body, not ripped but really defined….he loves sucking my dick, doesn’t swallow it but loves it when I come inside him….

  35. suckyours4u A T Y A H oo. C0m

    I’m a married cock sucker. I love being on my knees with one or two big, hard cocks stabbing at my mouth, ready to bathe me in their warm, sweet sperm.

    I’ve sucked 3 cocks in a row a few times, and I once (at a party) sucked 4 beautiful cocks in a row, in front of the other male and female guests. To me, the only thing sexier than a big, very heavily cum-filled, rock-hard dick sliding back and forth across my tongue, is having TWO big, and very heavily cum-filled, rock-hard dicks sliding back and forth across my tongue at the same time.

    I love the way it feels and tastes when they’re filling my mouth with sperm. I love looking up at their faces as they shoot. I love the throbbing. I also love having my face bathed in cum as I keep my mouth open. These things can make me cum without having my cock touched in any way. I would have to say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I absolutely LOVE sucking cock.


    My sister and I had to share a bedroom and a bed for many years. She used to keep a flashlight in her night-stand. We’d strip, get under the covers, feel each other up, make out and shine the light on each other’s bodies.

    I was 9 when I first got into playing with another boy’s dick. My Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin moved into our NYC apartment. My cousin was 16 and incredibly cute – almost in a female way. He sucked me and I’d jerk him off all the time (probably 6 to 12 times a week) as we looked at dirty magazines his father (my Uncle) had brought from Greece.

    Until they moved in with us, aside from jerking off, the only sex I was having was playing “boy-friend/girl-friend” with my sister, who is 4 years older than me. My Cousin and I fooled around until I was in my early 20s.

    Cock-sucking in private or semi-private places is a total turn-on, too. It really adds to all the excitement. The public stuff started when I was about 12 and used to hitch-hike. I was always picked up by older men, usually with wedding rings. They would talk to me about girls and sex.

    Eventually, they’d pull over and start to touch my thighs. I would start moaning as they licked my neck and kissed me passionately. They would fumble with my belt and my jeans until they had my dripping dick in their mouths. I loved it. The making out was so intense. I almost always jerked them off until they came in a small towel or tissues.

    Sometimes, if I was home and getting really horny, I would walk over to the highway ramp and hitch-hike – even when I wasn’t going anywhere. I’d wear sweat-pants and no underwear. I could get a man to stop and play with me at least 50% of the time.

    Some men would offer me money if I would just show them my cock, and if I would play with it a little. Other money offers I got were if they could watch me jerk off while they jerked off – but we both had to cum. The most common money offer was for them to jerk me off and suck on my cock until I came.

    Those guys usually jerked themselves off while they played with me. Sometimes I would recognize the man. It was a crazy time. Also, I never, ever, took their money when we were done unless they really forced me to. I felt strange taking their money for doing that for them, so I didn’t.

    Some men liked me to jerk them off as I sucked really hard on their nipples. I love doing that to this day, because sometimes they can hit the side of your face with sperm if they cum hard enough.

    We saw each other almost 3 years ago, at my 50th Birthday party. A lot of relatives flew to Southern Californiafrom the NYC area. The party was a total surprise. The moment he and I were alone, we set up a day/time to meet at his hotel room. Just like most of the other guests at my party, he was only out here for a couple of days.

    He answered his door naked and hard. There was gay/she-male porn on the television. He grabbed me and kissed me as though we were on the ‘Titanic’ as it was sinking. I was naked in seconds. He literally carried me to one of the beds and gently layed me down, and got on top of me.

    Until I saw my Cousin that day in his hotel room, I had still never “really” sucked his cock. I would kiss it, lick it, stroke it, and roll it against his tummy under my palm. Unless we were interrupted, he came every time. I was so young and I was nervous about sucking his cock.

    When I was in my 10th year, I finally began to make my own cum, which we both LOVED! The more I jerked off, the more cum came out. My cock would stay hard, and that pleased my sister very much. She liked ‘titty-fucking’ a lot. Now we could ‘titty-fuck’ and she’d get a little “Pearl Necklace.”

    BACK TO THE HOTEL ROOM: I felt drunk from sucking on his tongue, but I seriously go nuts making out with a man. Our cocks were throbbing as they rubbed against each other. Our pre-cum was flooding my tummy and our dicks were all wet and getting very slippery. It felt so great as our cocks’ shafts were sliding side-by-side against each other. It was like an incredible ‘hand-job’.

    He stopped and grabbed his cock. He pushed it downwards, just barely under my balls. Just like when we were kids, he pushed his cock between my thighs and began to “make love” with me, pumping his cock in and out as I squeezed my thighs tightly. My balls were being rubbed by his pre-cum covered cock. We began kissing so deeply as he played with one of my nipples or ran his strong fingers through my hair.

    I felt like we were married. The way he looked at me. The way he kissed me. The way he touched me. The was he “made love” with me. It was all so romantic. I always knew that if he had ever asked me to marry him, I would have married him in a heart-beat. I always knew that I wanted his cock deep inside my body. I wanted to feel him throbbing as he came deep inside of me, passionately kissing as his sperm filled me up with his warmth.

    Those were very difficult feelings for me to handle. I was so young, and yet I wanted another man to marry me and for me to his loving wife. There was nothing he could ask for that I wouldn’t do for him. Any sexual fantasy would be fulfilled.

    I asked him to straddle my chest. After all these years I finally had the chance to get his cock into my mouth. I pulled on his waist and he started to slide his dick in and out of my lips. I kept pulling him in closer and deeper. I stared up into his eyes. As usual, I just moaned every time he shoved his hips towards me. I was moaning and moaning repeatedly. He came. Finally he came. FINALLY, HE CAME IN MY MOUTH.

    I was moaning like crazy as we played with my nipples.

    He came a normal amount, and I savoured it as I swallowed it little by little. When he eventually pulled a dripping cock from my lips, we were lying together in bed, cuddled up. He was kissing me everywhere he could reach. We could not stop kissing and making out. In between kisses he kept telling me, “I love you, Honey,” or “I really love you,” or “I have never stopped loving you.” Mmmmmmmm… it felt incredible tohear those words coming from the mouth and the heart of a man.

    When he reached for my cock he found it soft and wet. I had cum sucking his cock. I never even touched my cock. That turned him on wildly. He slid down and sucked my tiny cock and licked up my sperm. He’s a tall guy, about 6’4″ or 6’5″, with very long, vary thick fingers.

    He pushed a wet finger deep inside me and “fucked me” with it for a very long time at a really quick pace. He got his second finger squeezed into me, and I began to moan as I fuck his fingers as hard as as deep as I could. My cock began to stiffen up. I asked him not to touch it.

    He started to finger-fuck me as fast as he could and within minutes I pointed my untouched cock towards my face. As I started to moan very loudly I managed to say, “Watch this.”

    I opened my mouth. I shot 4 or 5 ropes of creamy warmth. The second blast landed mostly in my mouth and the third blast put a cum-stripe on my face, my hair, and the wooden head-board. We both heard it hit the wood. When I am very excited I shoot hard and far. I only wish I shot heavier loads of cum-blasts more than just one or twice. I’ve been shooting like this since I was around 11 years old.

    I don’t even have to lift my hips or curl my body. I can stay totally flat on my back, and if I am really excited, I open my mouth, point my cock at my face, and if my aim is right, I will give myself a one-or-two shot cum-facial. If it lands in my mouth I just moan and slide it around inside with my tongue. After a while I start slowly swallowing it.

    I must stop writing. The story about the husband got me so worked up – true or not. I wish I was sucking the man off while his wife was nearby. Sucking cock is so natural for men to do. I can suck a man for hours or I can suck a man who cums very quick. Just because he came quickly that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to softly nurse on his dick.

    I am a true cock-sucker.


  36. DaveInKS

    I am a married guy but I love to get fucked in the ass. I love the feeling of a mans cock pushing into me, love it when the head finally gets through. What I love most of all is when he makes that final thrust and I feel his cock spasm as he shoots it in me. I have been fucked a few times throughout the years and love it.

  37. 55btmguy

    I enjoyed this story, For myself I love giving guys blowjobs just about anywhere and don’t want it in return. I just love sucking cock and swallowing their loads

  38. Jj

    Hello new to this but love texting and sexting with another man, love sick so much and live to make those dicks shooting all that hot sticky juicy cumming and

  39. anonimatovato

    I don’t think I would get out of my way hooking up with a married man (that I know of), but I have sucked a bi guy once, and they really love the way guys suck dick. We can find men and do it right away without going to expensive dates and dinners.

  40. Buddy

    I am new to this and am a virgin but would like to have a daddy to teach me how to be a good boy who does wat he’s told and can give a pounding to me on the virgin voyage

  41. Dick Harder

    While my kids were grade school, I would call bingo . This helped with the tuition. One night after Bingo was over, I had to use the restroom. While standing there , this guy, told me , I did a great job calling. I told him thanks. Then he said that I looked good in my tight pants. Stunned, I just said, thanks. He then said he was gay, and wanted to know if I had ever anything to do with another man? Telling him , once only, in junior high. Then he leaned over and put his hand on my crotch. I told him , I might be interested , but not here. He asked me if I could give him a ride home. Okay , I guess. We finished cleaning up the room. He told his Mother , he would get a ride home. She told alright, and left. We walked to my car. Got in and I started to drive off. He reached over and began rubbing cock. Pull it out , he said. I unzipped, pulling my half hard cock out. He let out a deep breathe, saying , that I was well hung. I smiled and said , thats just half of it. He let out a little groan and grabbed on, the more he squeezed the harder i became. He leaned over and began to kiss and nibble on cock head. You’re getting juicy, he laughed. Then he swallowed all eight inches. I felt his nose hit my stomach. His hand reached under my balls and fondled and started sucking hard. I told him, to wait , I had to pull off the road. Finding a quiet spot in between some trees. WE got in the back seat. He couldn’t keep hands and mouth off of me. I was so hot, felt like I was going to unload. It felt so good I wanted it last. Then , he stopped and pulled off. He then said he wanted me to fuck him. I was ready. He took his pants off. Laid on his back. Spread his legs, lifting them to roof. Put it in. I dropped my pants and got in position , I eased in, he screamed out, easy. Go slow, until you get all the way in. He was tight, I could feel his ass walls. Now , he said. Give it to me. I pounded and pushed, dam it felt good. Tight , put sort of wet. Faster I pushed the more he moaned and groaned. It only took a few more minutes and I told him I was going to shoot my load. He put his arms around my neck and his legs around my back. He cried out , now give me all your juicy cumm. With one more big pius , I unloaded , what fel like a quart. I stayed on and in him until felt drained. What a great lay. Not quite a pussy, but, I didn’t have to pull out , before I came. Looked forward to Bingo Nights.

    • dude gill-meister

      very hot..I was a lifeguard in my 2o’s at a community pool in the evenings as a second job and noticed this guy with a young kid always hanging out around my lifeguard chair.. we talked a lot, I even watched his kid/son when he had to run to the market for something and enjoyed playing with him, he was a born little nudist, always taking his clothes off and running and laughing.. he was very funny and a hand full to deal with.. he asked if I needed a ride when my car broke down one time and was at the bus stop when he left..I said sure, it’s raining and all.. his boy liked me and wanted to have me talk to him, too.. we had a funny car ride and he said do you ever drink beer.. I said yes, illegally of course, but yes.. he said lets stop and have a beer, they are in the trunk and talk.. I said sure, sounds like fun.. we stopped and he asked a lot of questions about my sex life and I said I’m not sure I can say it to you, it’s embarrassing (I had guys pick me up hitchhiking and I’d play with them if they wanted, and they usually always did… ) He convinced me finally to tell him and when I did he was like thats hot man, you suck them or ? I said depends on the situation, but sometimes, yes.. especially if trucks or even bigwigs stopping, they always want a blowjob and me to take my clothes off and suck them while they drive.. its very fun and a total turnon doing that with these big guys that are usually married and all but love having me with them.. sucking them and then they stop and want to fuck me too.. which wasn’t much at that time and age, but enough to know I liked it.. he said you want to take you jeans off and your underwear for me? I’d enjoy seeing you naked, you have a nice body when I see you in the showers and when you walk to your locker and someone stops you and you stand there with a towel around your neck talking to them while you’re naked, that’s very hot. I even saw you go to the main office in the hallways of the main building to help someone right away and thought it would be awesome to have you stop and suck my dick while you’re naked like that.. I told him I even go to some trails in the area and hike naked when weather was nice.. he said that’s very hot. He said take your pants and panties off and kneel on the floorboards so I can. sit in front of you and have you suck my dick… that would be awesome man.. it was… his son acted up at one point and I helped sit him on the drivers seat beside his dad getting sucked and we enjoyed doing it.. his son had to pee,, he opened the car door and stood by it like dad said but he took his pants off outside and came in wearing just his tshirt and sweatshirt..saying I was almost naked, too.. then we all laughed.. he had me suck him til he came twice there that night… we get together occasionally still and it’s always fun, inside or out, car or in a warehouse area..hah. I realize my story isn’t exactly like yours, but reading yours brought this up in me to tell… thanks and love your story a lot dick harder.. have a great one

    • dude gill-meister

      hey, my last name is gil (yeah, I know I know..) and I love sucking cock and getting fucked, too.. and I’ve been thru Winchester Kentucky… hah.. I grew up in Alaska, was on a truck run with someone needed extra help and a cocksucker for the trip across the country going east and same thing going back going west.. awesome time that was.. and we were in Winchester… would have liked meeting you and have you suck my truck driver friend and have him fuck you for like an hour at a time..

  42. tsgtdick

    I am married but am also a great cocksucker, like it when the cock is fully described
    as ” 8″, fat 5+” around, topped by a larger Mushroom Cock head, at least 1/8″ bigger than the cock (Plumb, rounded, ETC)”. Like to take the cock into my mouth soft and feel it grow, tasting the cock head, sucking and licking it until I taste the first drip of pre-cum from the piss-slit and then sucking down to the fat butt hole stretching base and then nursing slowly and nursing on the cock head with my throat. Finally back to the cock head sucking and rimming and running my tongue around the very sensitive rim at the base of the cock head. Taking him to the edge then backing off and going to his crack licking the inside of each butt cheek down to the crack, then licking up and down over and over the ridges of those pinkish wrinkled ass-lips and butt crack, followed by inserting my tongue between those ass-lip and tongue fucking his hole. (Note: The whole time slow jacking him off in time with each lick, suck and rim!). Then back to his cock head, this time giving it heavy licking and sucking and servicing is ass hole with two fingers as I suck until his balls draw up he moans I’m cumming and then nursing just on the cock head tasting wad, after wad, after wad draining his balls. Never stop nursing and sucking that now very super sensitive cock head, even after he is dry. (Note: In stead of sucking him off you might mount him squeezing his cock head with your butt hole several times, then take him to his fat base, back up until his cock is bent down, toward his feet and fucking “Rock and Roll” back and forth round and round as he fucks until he is drained–stay there humping until he softens and slips out. This should be followed by a 69, where you suck on his cock balls and eat/tongue fuck his ass–if he is a true lover he will lick, kiss, and suck the remains of his cum off your pink puffed up fucked crack, ass-lips and butt rim, followed by a tongue fuck and sucking out his hot cum – – – Take Care, tsgtdick

    fucking “Rock and Roll”

  43. greg

    i am married and i just started liking sucking cock and tasting cum, 52 years old. i want to do it every day but it’s hard to find a friend that i can trust

  44. greg

    i was drinking a beer or two in my hotel room with kinda a coworker. i went to take a pee and he must have followed me in the bathroom i did not close the door. no reason to. he said that i have big balls, so i turned and showed him the whole package. next thing i know we are both naked in the bed blowing each other. he stopped and i kept on sucking and he came in few more seconds. he said that i was great at giving head. the last time i was in high school 20 plus years ago.

  45. Bob

    Married white male that loves sucking cocks. Been doing it for 30 years and will never stop. I only suck, no reciprocation. I am a cocksucking expert and love doing it as often as I can. Wife does not approve so I don’t tell her when do it. She doesn’t even ask anymore if I am dong it so it makes it easy. Really into large cut black or white cocks!!!

  46. Uvin A Clough Jr

    I’m a very busy cock sucker-mostly Sailors 7 Marines in SD-Calif-I most always Rim and Suck-Take his cock and balls out and Suck him up hard tasting his pre-cum-then spread his cheeks lick the insides down to his crack-kissing, licking & nursing on his pink wrinkled ass lips until I taste his pre-cum-tongue his butt crack & tongue fuck him-jacking his cock the whole time-back and forth suck, rim, suck rim 7 when he gets pissed wanting to cum, finger fuck him (2 fingers) and suck, nurse, lick finishing on his very sensitive cock head when he starts to cum–sucking out every wad-keep sucking that very sensitive cock head until he is soft-like to chat about this an more-tsgtdick

  47. Bud

    First, let me say am a bi-sexual. I like to fuck women in the ass and as well as bend over for men. My ass is always very horny and I have a large, honey cook. Oh, I am an exhibitionist, too.

    Okay, a few years ago I ‘discovered’ a department store that had at least 12 men’s changing rooms (six on each side) along an almost semi-dark corridor. I also noticed hardly any staff were around late Sunday afternoons. A couple of weeks later, after body-shaving, I went back to the store. I was only wearing shorts, tank top, flip flops and my fanny pack, which contained my wallet, a large tube of lube, and a butt plug.

    After I cruised the store the almost vacant store, I went to the men’s changing room. I entered the third changing room on the left side. Leaving the door open, I stripped, greased my ass, insert a my butt plug, and stood naked with my back to the open door. If I heard anyone coming down the corridor, I would slightly spread my legs and bend over, pretending to be examining my clothes on the chair.

    Although painfully slow at times, I always had some casual sex on Sundays. I was butt fucked a number of times by black guys (they all did my doggy style) and usually had reciprocal oral sex with white guys. However, one white guy with a really big cock did give me a good, long fucking. He fucked me in numerous positions and loud, too. Since we had left the door open, we were caught, but a by male salesclerk. He just winked and said don’t get caught! Later, as I was leaving, I found him to thank him. I also offered to blow him. He took me down an aisle by a far wall and I sucked his sweet cum out of his cock.

    I also had sex with two pale white women. One woman, a tad chunky, finger fucked me while she masturbated me wearing only her purple G-string. (Boy, did I cum!) The other woman, a young sales clerk, gave me a blow job. She also let suck her pink little asshole a couple of minutes before she said her break was over.

    Eventually, I moved and never went back…

  48. Tom

    I’ve never had any encounter with another man before, but dang it do I wanna try sucking cock and getting pounded hard by a man, badly!

  49. john

    I love the abs stores. little booths with glory holes. I’m a married guy with a sex drive out of this world. I love to have my cock sucked and it doesn’t matter who. first time I had been married a year when I found the abs, looking at the movies on the wall straight gay and my tranny. I saw the entrance to the video arcade and went in side ,cruising the booths until I found one empty and went in closed the door and sat down. Getting my vision back in the dim lite I found the coin slot and put my tokens in. boom sex on the screen and I went hard as a rock. I started changing the channels until found one with to hot trannies in it. well I pulled my 7 ” er out and started to stroke it slowly . I was sitting watching the movie when I noticed the hole in the wall. it was large enough to get my cock and balls out to the other side. holy shit and there were to eyes watching me stroke my cock. now I’m not gay but the though of some one watching me got me even harder . a hand came thorough the hole and started caressing my balls so I let my hand drop so he could handle my cock as well. he whispered to me to stick it through the whole for him. I got off my chair turned to the wall and pressed my self to the wall, well my mind was going wiled . I felt the hottest mouth slowly take my entire 7″ deep to my balls in one gulp. well my balls tightened as mister who worked my cock like nothing I felt before . he could suck till his lips were touching the bottom base of my cock. it was driving me wiled , and his hand came through the hole creasing my balls at the same time . I pressed my self so tight to the wall trying to get as much pleasure out of what he was doing. my cock was throbbing, I could feel my head swell as he sucked . soft hard licking the head up and down the base . I felt his hand release my balls and pull a way to come back with a wet slippery liquid on his fingers , and they went right to my ass. caressing my little pink hole with one finger then too . that was the end I blue a load like never before ,he just kept sucking and fucking my ass with his fingers . my legs were so weak I couldn’t stand it any more and pulled from the was amazing my wife has never given me that pleasure. so I go back once a month for some more pleasure it was well worth it.

  50. G

    Reminds me of getting passed out drunk then my friend helped me to his wife s bed. Then took my shorts off. He said he loved sucking my hairy dick. My long ball sack, and limp dick.
    He told me after he asked to suck my dirty dick again. I always wanted to get really nasty with a guy who fucking loves dirty forbidden lust for my dick, because I masterbate daily about ME lusting a hairy cock in my mouth.
    Especially a reach around with me talking dirty thoughts in his ear about what I think about while I jack off.
    Dirty lust I have….only fun with another nasty mind.

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