Photography : Hot Naked Models

Hey guys, I hope you are enjoying your week-end so far!?

I was browsing online and found this amazing photoshoot by  SØLVE SUNDSBØ and really wanted to share it with you. I loooove the aesthetic of it. I always liked black and white shoots, and I showed you several ones on that blog, but this one has something so natural and simple. “A Naked man in all his beautifulness”  is how I would describe each picture. It’s very interesting how we can almost see the style of a model even when he’s naked, only with the way he stands or the tatoos or the accessories… Are you able to see the fashion boy? The geek? The diva? The bohemian? Interesting uh?

Let me know what you think!


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  1. Darryl

    Nice photos, it’s always good to see models who look like real people for a change. Don’t get me wrong i do enjoy the hot fantasy models, but these dudes are alot close to the reality we all see day to day.

  2. steve

    why a man with a hot beautiful body wants to ruin it with tattoo’s is beyond me. the last picture shows a guy who looks manly, hot,hairy, masculine and who I would want to go to bed with.

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