Photography : Beauty & The Beast

Wow Wow Wow !!!

I just adore this shooting! Everything is hot! The guy, the girl, the clothes… the ass, the biceps, the pecs, the face, the abs… lol

Parker Gregory joins Sigrid Agren in the editorial called “Beauty & The beast” from the latest issue of Antidote magazine.

I’m obviously looking at the guy in that shoot… If the magazine is trying to sell what SHE is wearing, good luck!

What do you think?


(more photos after the jump)

Photographer : Giampaolo Sgura

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  1. FunRicky269

    Fuckin’ HOTT!!! He is a walking GOD, and if that’s what he can do next to a woman, I know there’s PLENTY that I can show him!

  2. Steve

    Stupid, gimmicky. Ya, nice bod on the guy, but he’s a distraction and contributes nothing positive to the supposed fashion layout. And seriously, Andy Samberg face: not doing it for me.

  3. BitterBetty

    Serious People….Google Classic Versace Ads done by Avedon with the SAME poses from the 90’s. Much hotter male and female models.

  4. Darryl

    Not too shabby to tell you the truth, not many men can nearly stand on their heads, and still look good doing it. Tyra would be so proud 🙂

  5. William

    If Avedon’s people don’t sue for nothing short of theft ,that leaves Donatella.And ya KNOW you dont want THAT crazy bitch on your ass.Maybe this is an HOMAGE to versace,otherwise its theft.Thats what my penis says and I’m stickin by it.

  6. TruthTeller


    I agree. I think the pictures are okay, but hasn’t this been done before? I think if they hadn’t gone for the “traditional” model look, this could have been much hotter. I think the models are “pretty”, but it ends right there.

  7. jimmypage

    Beautiful photography. Not enough product showing IMHO, and yes, the model distracts from her lol… the Andy Samberg comment is funny. I agree. But he is def. different from the model, therefore he is the beast!

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