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I love Beyoncé’s latest song “Countdown”, very modern with a 1960’s flavor! And the video reflects that as well…Directed by Adria Petty – same director as for “Sweet Dreams” video – the aesthetic of the video is very retro; From mimics of Audrey Hepburn and The Supremes to the beehive hairdo, makeup and pop colours, I think the video is just amazing and fun to watch!

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  1. Brian

    Spending a ton of money on a video can’t save a mediocre song. And I think this video has way too much going on in it for the song content. They seem to think that she can smile and wiggle a little bit and rely on video gimmicks and that’s good enough. Let’s hope for better material next album….

  2. Dean

    oh my gosh!!!. i absolutely love this song, my favorite song from “4” plus the video is awesome too. very retro and colourful but still flashy and elegant. beyonce looks great too

  3. Andre

    It’s cute. But let’s talk about the fact that Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker choreography was completely taken verbatim with no acknowledgement. tisk tisk tisk Beyonce.

  4. Greg

    Not really feeling this. She is one of a few modern singers who can really sing. But the stuff she puts out sounds just like everybody else. It’s a trendy, “won’t last long” sound. I heard this other song by her called “Love on Top”, this song is real. No gimmicks, just good, solid singing.

  5. troy

    who cares…she copied yet another video/film from another artist…I can’t believe her fans have not seen the pattern of unoriginality that this woman (beYAWNcy) has. She’s copied every choreography, every artist, every film…who is beYAWNcy – The worlds biggest illusionist.

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