Hot or Not : Sean Zevran

With his carmel colored skin, incredibly handsome face and warm personality you won’t know if you want to snuggle with Sean Zevran or suck his brains out. On the surface he’s a little shy, and that large toothy grin makes you think of the whole boy next door thing. But once he strips down and shows off that beautiful hairy chest of his, running his hands all over his hard pecs and down to his hard throbbing cock, you know this guy means business. He loves sex, and especially loves to be rimmed. And while his bashfulness might make you think he’s not as daring as you would like, he confessed to us that he’d love noting more than to have some hot steamy sex in the shower at a gym, a place where just anyone could walk in and catch him. He definitely has an adorable face and hot sexy body. So my vote is YES he is fucking hot ! What you think? Hot or Not ?

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  1. Chourico80

    HOT! Love the furry chest, but the look that he’s giving looking over his shoulder would make me F*ck him into next week.

  2. Jake

    Hell yes he is hot! I love that caramel skin and his ass is perfectly shaped. I’d have a go at him for sure! Looks like a cute boy next door type but I bet he fucks like a little slut.

  3. cntryman

    He’s not bad, but he just does’t do it for me. Don’t know exactly why, but there is just a little something about him that doesn’t appeal too much to me. Nice chest and ass/cock, but the rest of the package isn’t for me. Sorry !

  4. Malik

    Hot isn’t even the word. This guy is heaven in my eyes! What more could you ask for? Sexy caramel skin, cute face, perfect body, nice ass & cock. And I know he can lay it down.

  5. dw

    a little too perfect for my taste but could never say no to such a nice hairy chest. just wished he wasn’t so “trimed” why does everyone feel obligated to trim, shave or wax their body hair? just don’t get. i’ll take the naturaly hairy guy every time. hairy tops muscles too.

    • blog

      dw: why not trim shave or wax? If you are not confortable with hair on yourself.
      I trim my hair becaise when it,s too long it itches my skin…
      To each is own…
      I dont udnerstand why people always try to convince others that they are right about one thing ?!?!?!

  6. Papi Rico Chico

    He is Hotter then Fire wow will be always my friend and true love my man my love ” YOU ” You Got It Man!! with all my Love

  7. tantrikatholipig

    It is a little bit for the odd..according to my mumble opinion I would rather prefer in ALL the hairy blond fuckerr beast…yhummmy..

  8. William

    Even Stevie Wonder can see that this guy is SMOKIN!Any statement to the contrary and methinks jealousy played a role.This guy is SMOKIN!

  9. Steve

    Sorry, have to agree with Jay: beautiful bod (plus I love a furry butt), but the face … eh.

    Interesting that in the pics you’re running he’s hairy but in the preview on the RB site he’s totally smooth … and a total turn-off.

  10. domtop papi

    This is what a hott fucking babyboi should look and act like…manly sexy sexy bottom fucker with a hott bod, suckable cock n sweet sweet edible fuckable boi hole…

  11. Greg Burton

    You can tell all these reviews come from shallow, and vain gay men. There is more to a person than looks, big dick, etc. I’m gay, but whats on the inside counts too.

  12. nsacbttm

    Greg we are not here to see whats on the inside . nothing wrong with admiring Hot asses and big dicks . If you cant admore the outside thats pretty shallow

  13. darryl

    Wow this guy is beautiful on all sides, it’s even hotter to know just what makes him feel good sexually. I’am sure he’s been played with my many a happy Top. I know i would be a very happy camper. Get in

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