Hot or Not : Jacob Sones

I’m usually not into blonde guys, but eh, there’s always exceptions!

I think Jacob Sones looks gorgeous! Defenitely HOT!

What do you think? Hot or Not ?

I actually have a similar physique, if ever you’re interested lol!

Check out few more pics after the jump!


photo credit: Greg Vaughan

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  1. matt

    If you dont think that he is hot either your not gay or you dont have a pulse, this is like my dream guy blonde hair slim but muscular build. DREAMY!

  2. TheKolby

    This is the stupidest question ever. Yes this man is quite attractive. Is that what we in the gay community have become deciding whether someone is a 9 or 10. It makes me sick every time I see one of my own people objectify and oogle some hottie. Its gross. Grow up

    • blog

      Jayson, ok I’ll show you my body one day I promise….but eh…you remember the contest I did few months ago? I was in those…The pec contests, the butt contest….Try to see which picture I am !

  3. Eastbaym2m

    Nice pics, and attractive guy. Like you, Dave, I also have a similar physique. It is just hidden a little better as time has gone by.

  4. aaron

    I actually think that he probably knows he is perceived by many as hot…which makes him not hot because he is too self-aware of his own “hotness”

  5. Papi Rico Chico

    the color one is the best but with a body like that who needs color white and black ones are good but the color one is wonderful to view so early in the morning … wow wish i had a body like that too nd if i did who need a lover.. LOL just kidding but yes he is a hottie love your babyboy love Papi Rico Chico your new loverboy

  6. 4Just2Josh0

    He has a nice bod but the nose is a little big. I don’t agree guys need to be hairy to be hot. I’m not hairy. We all have our own taste. I wouldnt have to drink more than 2 beers to fuck this guy. πŸ˜‰

  7. Mike Blakemore

    OOOPPPsss…I think I dropped my keys…right over here…damn butter fingers!! Once again I like Latino or guys that look like they could be…but I’m not overly picky either

  8. Lorenzo

    I totally agree with Gw, not hairy, not for me, my ex was a blond with blue eyes and hairy and fucking HOT top, I loved it when he would lay across my back as I could feel his hair and his member getting harder and harder until he slipped it into my hot tight latino a** FUCK!!!

  9. Thom

    For all the guys who like him, have at it, he’s yours. I’ll take a pass on this guy. He’s not ugly, just boring/ho-hum… I want something stimulating.

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