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Hey guys, I found this Youtube video of two amazing singers covering “Someone Like You” from Adele’s latest album, and let me tell you that I love that song even more! I really like the arrangement, the vocals are great and they look so cute! lol They gave me goosepumps! I think they recorded it for a contest, but I did not find out if they won or not?!?! Anyone knows?

Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think!


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  1. Erich

    There is some great singing going on in this video, especially by the lady in this cover video. Now … if only I could have seen some visual connection with the words of the song between the two of them. These two have the “pipes”, but if they want to share the screen together, show us why they are both there singing! Of course, to be this picky means they did a great job!

  2. Jon

    both are mind blowingly amazing he doesnt sing that much in the video but i watched him in many of his others and he gets cuter every video i watch

  3. C.L.

    This is a really nice and touching rendition of that song. My favorite cover of the song is by Amber Riley, from Glee. You can find her rendition on Youtube. I know that it can’t be a part of the contest, but I think that it would be well worth a listen if you like this song.

  4. akingofleon

    The beauty of the original song is in it’s sparseness a piano , a voice. a man that got away. The cover was fully of auto tune , compression strings, overdubs. It sounded like the Glee version of a great song, and that’s NOT a compliment.

  5. Hotwheelz52

    WOW!!!!!!!!! Majorly cool video… if they didn’t win, I’d love to see who was better. Not only are they so darned cute but talented and that guy was sooooooooooooo expressive. Thanks so much for sharing, Dave!

  6. Jason

    Wow!! This amazing cover just solidifies for me, why I am sooo very glad that this song was released by the record label. It is my favorite song (if I could really choose one) off of ’21’… I am glad it hit the mainstream and that it’s taking off and touching so many lives. The expressions on both faces (especially cutie pie’s) is incredibly moving!

  7. Douglas William Card

    I love the guy he has songs all over itunes he has a funny ass song called “man with a wig” on youtube…but ya he has a great voice doesn’t hurt he cute either

  8. Lou

    I am sure there millions words to describe what they just did to the song, but I can honestly say AMAZING, POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, NICE…..and so much more positively. The voices and arrangements are great, and brilliant.
    Thank you for posting and let me take part of this great experience.

    Bless you!

  9. Eddie

    This is my favorite song, very personal to me. This is a beautiful version. Can not touch the soul and emotion evoked by Adele herself, but beautiful nonetheless. I hope they win or get some form of recognition.

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