Watch this : “Blackstreet” by Black Spark

Once again, another great short movie by Black Spark!

Entitled Blackstreet, their last creation is very soft, erotic, but very sensual.

What I like about them is that their short movies are more then porn, it’s beyond sex…It’s art!

I know some of you don’t get their work, or don’t like it, but I personally like it a lot, so I want to share it anyways!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


(credit: Blackspark)


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  1. TruthTeller

    I guess it all depends on what considers erotic and art. That was just a couple of people fucking on black and white film, set to emo music.

    …..and the title is quite deceiving.

  2. bigem196

    sup man. it was strangely arousing, beautifully done, but in a macabre way and shrouded, from the first note to the last, heavily in death. it is certainly a piece of art and i think i know what it is he has to tell us; no need to call.

  3. Joe

    Well that was the most interesting porn I’ve seen in a while… Sexy, yet never trashy. I can credit the group for something thats definitely not average…

  4. Kallis23

    I didn’t really get it, can someone enlighten me? But, i enjoyed the music, cinematography, and the feel of it. Just not sure what he’s conveying…

  5. bigem196

    outside of the hot sex, did anyone get the obvious faux pas’, did anyone listen to the lyrics of the songs,did anyone hit the pause button to read the sub-titles, did anyone look at the costumes and did anyone get the guys phone # and cll to hear what the guy had to tell. black and white, the video, but there was sooo much morE to it then that; SIMPLE yet COMPLEX.

  6. Porn at Best

    Definitely not a work of art. Having a vintage, black-and-white look with soft, alternative music does not automatically make a video a work of art.

    This is a well done porno at best. Nothing more than that. This does not instigate or provoke anything other than a boner for me.

  7. Tony

    I’ve seen some of the other films, and this was as enjoyable as the others. I like that they’re raw, meaning, the films aren’t tailored.

  8. TrulyMasculine

    I am an artist and not to sound negative but it was just people having sex to emo music. Nothing more than porn with a depressing soundtrack. No real artistic qualities.

  9. djuannonly

    First and most important, I liked the song. I’ve never heard of this band but I think they’re good. The problem with the video is that a lot of people won’t get to see it because of it’s erotic nature. I’m glad I did though. It was not very erotic – I guess because the sexuality of it was quite literal. It takes more than black and white photography, I’m afraid. That being said, I do feel that it was well done; it certainly captured the mood of the song. That sort-of youthful desolation, anonymity and lost-ness somehow made “OK” by the touch of someone’s flesh on your flesh. I remember that feeling and it’s nice when artists can evoke something like that.

  10. everyonesacritick

    This is not art. It’s shot in a creative format at times, but there is no artistic quality or conceptual undertone. This comes off as amateur fan porn. And I can get off to such things, but the soundtrack is a major boner killer and is used as a device to tie an otherwise mediocre video together.
    I’d rather jerk off on tumblr.

    • blog

      everyonesacritick: lol… who are u to say it’s not art ! And it was not made for you to JO… But as I can see you don’t understand it!

  11. tantrikatholipig

    Wow just visited Backspark webpage…AMAZINGLY HOT..exciting in the large sense, with the songs, scenarios, “motifs”, even if definetely too much teen and cos-play and cum addicted..seems something new!

  12. 111111

    Music makes it very sad, depressing. I feel it’s the sadness felt by us who embrace their sexuality yet feel shame or shunned by society. Didn’t most of us grow up taught that sex is bad, doesn’t society have a pervertedly negative view towards a healthy sex life (religion), so we feel shame and guilt. Even once we break through that we may still feel like we’re an underbelly of society. The wrecklessness of unprotected sex expressing the despair of loneliness despite anonymous company. Kind of a hopelessness where the only joy is sexual pleasure. I better stop, I’m bringing myself down. Need happy porn!

  13. LiLEgo

    one thing first WOW
    I never herd of this Black Spark so I’m like who’s this I just seen Aqua is back so I’m like cool an other video. when it fist come on I’m like looks like some dude getting pounded but then I’m like no not even but then you see the dude on the couch with his cock out,I’m like what and so on. I have never seen a music video porn or music video porn with a story. What I think this video is saying if right, its about meeting random guys and one tells you hes POSITIVE after fucking you without a condom. WOW

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