Stories : Seth, Part One

I will never forget the summer of 1990. I had just moved to Gainesville, Florida and was settling into life in a college town. I was 25 and had decided to go back to school to study art and printmaking at the community college. There was a very nice gym not far from where I lived and I joined immediately.

One day, I was just starting my workout when I noticed these two really cute young guys working out with two attractive girls. I checked them out quickly before going about my routine. By the time I was ready for a shower, I had completely forgotten about the cute boys. I went to my locker, stripped off my clothes, grabbed my towel and headed for the shower. Instead of communal showers like most gyms, this club had individual stalls with doors for privacy. There were two sections; each had two stalls on each wall with two stalls facing each other.

I hung my towel on the hook, turned on the water and waited a moment to make sure it was warm enough to step into. The wet heat felt good and I just stood there enjoying the steady stream as it ran over my body. When I turned from facing the
back of the stall and was looking at the door, I noticed that there was a pretty sizable gap, nearly an inch, between the door and where it was hinged to the sidewall. For whatever reason, I peeked through the gap and to my utter delight; the man in the opposite stall was doing the same thing.

My heart fell into my stomach as I realized who it was. It was the cutest man from the two who I had seen working out earlier. The best part was that he met my stare and I could tell that he was playing with his cock.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I turned the water off and then stepped from the stall. There was a small breezeway that separated the four shower stalls from two urinals, so I stepped over to the one nearest the wall. A second later, the cute guy’s stall opened and he stepped out. Dear God, he was more beautiful than I had imagined. He looked hot in his gym clothes, but wet and naked he nearly made me shoot a load into the back of the urinal. He was roughly 5’6″, tanned, thin moustache, ripped muscles and a good 7 1/5″ – 8″ dick. He pretended to dry off for a bit, watched be for a moment, and then headed for the lockers. I followed.

Amazingly enough his locker was just down from mine, so I got to watch every move he made as he got dressed. He had the most amazing bubble butt that I had ever seen. He was dry smooth and clean. He didn’t speak as he gathered his things and headed out. Nervously, I followed.

He got into his truck and drove across the street to a convenience store. I did too and went in to buy a soda that I didn’t want nor need. I went back to my car and decided to head home. I had gotten a good enough look at the guy and didn’t want to seem like a stalker. I nearly shit a brick when I realized that he was following me. I lived in a small, isolated apartment complex that consisted of 6 nice duplex units.

The guy pulled up next to me, and rolled down his window. “Were you following me back there?” he asked.

His voice was much deeper than I would have expected and he spoke without really moving his lips. I was afraid he was going to jump out and beat the hell out me so I said that he looked familiar and I thought he was someone I knew. “Look man, you mind if I use your phone? I need to call work.

“Sure.” I said and unlocked the door. I was still as nervous as a hooker in church. I showed him the phone and

he made his call. He seemed to make himself at home as he settled into a retro 50’s chair that my roommate had found at a thrift store. He told me that his name was Seth, and he worked in construction. He was trying to find out if the foreman had checks ready.

We made small talk and he finally said he had to go. I walked him to his truck and before he pulled off he said through teeth that hardly parted, “Look I don’t know if I’m gay, of bisexual or what. I’ve got a girlfriend, but I just don’t know. I’ll catch you later.”

With that, he pulled off and disappeared. I figured I would see him again at the gym, but surprisingly I never did. Nor did I see his friends. I figured they must have gotten one of the free one-day passes and either decided not to join, or they came at a completely different time of day.

About 6 months passed and I had forgotten about Seth. There were too many other cute men at the fitness center who were willing to have their dicks sucked or to suck mine in the steam room. After talking with several people we came to the conclusion that the architect who designed the facility must have been gay because the layout of the showers, sauna and steam room were such that they were perfect for anonymous encounters without being detected. Anyway, one night I heard something outside of my bedroom patio. I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 2:30am. Then I heard another tapping on the patio door. I flipped on the light and peeked through the curtain. My dick got instantly hard because it was Seth standing there waiting for me to open the door, which I quickly did.

“Mind if I come in?” he asked in his deep gravelly voice.

“Sure.” I motioned him in and we went through the bedroom and into the living room. He plopped down into the same retro chair and looked totally beautiful sitting there. I sat on the sofa. I asked him if he wanted anything to drink, but he declined.

“Is your roommate home?” he asked. I told him that we were alone. My roomie was gone for the weekend. Seth


“Take it out.” he nodded his head towards me.

“Excuse me?” I was clueless.

“Your dick. Take it out. I want to see it.”

I was wearing a pair of gym shorts and pulled them down to present my dick and balls to him. My cock is just over six inches long and is accentuated by goose egg sized testicles that hang low. Seth reached over and cupped my balls and told me how nice they were. My dick gets really hard and it was sticking straight out. Seth asked if we could go to my room and of course I said yes.

Once inside the room, Seth closed the door and locked it. He then stripped down to reveal that amazing, lean body of his. I couldn’t believe this was happening, and was sure I was still in bed dreaming. Yet, here was this drop dead gorgeous man with a perfect body and dick crawling into my bed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no troll, but have always considered myself to be Joe Average.


Seth sat on the edge of the bed and took my dick into his mouth and sucked on it for a little before he grabbed my hips and pulled me down next to him. Without breaking contact, he managed maneuver our bodies into a 69 position. His cock felt wonderful in my mouth and had just a slight bend to it. There was just enough flexibility in his dick for me to deepthroat it without gagging. Seth gobbled my dick a little awkwardly at first but finally settled into a nice rhythm before pulling off.

“Do you have any condoms?” he asked. I got even more excited. I wanted for him to fuck me with that perfect cock. I told him that there were some condoms in the drawer beside the bed as well as some lube. He took one of the condoms out and ripped open the package. What he did next surprises me to this very day. He slid the latex material over my spit-soaked cock and then squirted some lube on it before thrusting a heafty gob up his chute.

“I want you to fuck me.” he commanded. I swear I nearly creamed right there. I still felt as though I was in the twilight zone, but I was more than willing to oblige, even though I would have much rather had that cock up my ass.

Anyway, Seth was on his knees, and I started easing the head of my dick into him, trying to be gentle. I soon learned that fucking Seth wouldn’t be my last surprise of the night. He was horny and hungry for dick and thrust his ass back to take all of my dick at once. He kept bucking his ass back and grinding his muscles on my dick and had me near climax in seconds. I tried to get him to slow down, but he wouldn’t be denied. He kept ramming his tight velvety ass against my dick as he pounded his own cock for all it was worth. In no time squirt after squirt of my hot cum filled the reservoir of the condom. Seth moaned in pleasure as he shot his own geyser of man juice onto a towel that I had spread beneath us.

We disengaged and lay beside each other for a moment before he asked if he could take a shower. I took him to the bathroom and dispensed of the condom before starting the shower. He wanted to shower alone, so I obliged him. When I got dressed he asked if I could give him a ride to his girlfriends place. I don’t recall what had happened to his truck, but he had walked all the way to my apartment and since he had given up a piece of ass, a lift home was the least that I could do.

This was the first of many encounters Seth and I had over the next couple of years.



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  1. Darryl

    There’s something to be said about how horny we men get inside a man smelling gym/shower. I’ve had a few hot times there, and i hope to add a few more to list of fantasies cum true. Being surprised by someone hot that shocks you with the desire to give you his hole, well can anything be better then that?

  2. Antonio Marcos

    I suggest my fellow man to stay away from Seth. He’s just a gamer; a player who just pretends to like you just so he can get his ammusment when you knock on his motel room door @ Holiday Inn Express when he doesn’t answer; laughing – room 719. Who knows what he’s after, but caution is advised.

  3. David

    this story got me instintly hard. Seth sounds like a fuckin hunk, I would love to have been with these two guys. The goose egg sized testicles sound good

  4. cntryman

    certainly a good story and yes it gave me a wet drip in my shorts for sure. Really wish my gym was laid out like this one…instead, it seemed to have been designed to prevent much action between guys. Although, I have had a few brief encounters of hot fun there anyway. My gym even shut down the hot tub when they became aware that some guys were playing with each other under water. Sooo damn disappointed when they did this ! What business was it of theirs if no one was hurting or harrassing anyone else?

  5. mario

    Great story, some guys have all the luck ….nuttin like that ever happens to me….:( But enjoy hearing how others have such great fun….hopefully one day i have a story to share….:)

  6. eulisis

    That was a truely awesome story! Hope it was a true story! It excited me and even made me picture it in my mind as I read along! Hope to read more of Seth!

  7. Biguyinpa

    @Antonio Marcus: This was a story from 1990. Obviously the author, Psipher1 was 25, and Seth was about 19~20 then. Seth is now ~ 40 years old, and the author is ~46ish.

    By now, Seth is either out of the closet as gay, or a happy bisexual and not into games 20 years later.

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