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I have three roommates to help cut the cost of living while I am in school. None of them knew I was gay until last month.

Even though two of us have the same major we rarely have the same class schedule, so each of us ends up with some time at the house alone. When I am home alone I love to get on cam in my latex and leather. Not only do I love the way latex and leather feels on my skin, I love to get the boys online going with my cam show.  When I am putting on a show I feel like a totally different person and I love it! I can do anything and not worry. I wear a full mask so no one even knows what I look like.

A few weeks ago I was on cam, wearing my hood, some latex shorts (with holes in them) and a harness, playing with a huge black rubber dildo. I was at the computer desk, with my legs on the desk and my ass, dildo inserted, was pointed at the camera. I was using one hand to slide the dildo in and out of my hole, while I was using my other hand to stroke my cock.

My microphone was on so I could chat without the need to type. The dildo was doing its job and I was close to cumming. I closed my eyes for a few seconds but when I opened them, Jeffrey, one of my roommates showed up on my cam, standing right behind me!

I could not fucking believe it! I pulled the dildo out of my ass and started to take my legs off the desk (no easy way to do that), but Jeff stopped me saying, I wanna watch. I could not believe it and started to say no, but after I thought about it I decided, why not? He had already seen everything, why not give him a live show? I had never performed for a live person before, especially someone so close to me, so I decided to give it a try.

I sat back, put some more lube on the dildo and went back into character, fucking myself with the rubber cock. The guys online loved that I was not along, and they started to demand that Jeff take his pants off, stroke my dick, or even fuck me. I could tell this was all new to Jeff, that he had no clue anything like this existed. He cock told me he was also getting into because it stated to grow.

I tilted my head back and started to moan as the dildo slowly slid in and out of my ass. When I looked at the chat window again I could see that the guys were going crazy demanding more and more and that Jeff had started rubbing his hard cock, now hard and sticking out under his pants. Instinctively, I reached over and started to pet his dick. At first he pulled away unsure of what to do but as I grabbed a hold of his shaft tighter, through his pants he leaned in closer, indicating he wanted more and letting me stroke his fat meat while I fucked myself.

I let go of the dildo and it slid out of my ass, falling onto the floor. I reached over with my other hand and began to unzip his jeans. Once his pants were unzipped, I reached inside and pulled out his cock. It was as thick as a Coke bottle and one of the hardest cock I think I have ever touched. I started to stroke him with my lubed hand. He lot out a loud moan, obviously enjoying the hand job.

When I looked at the chat window again I saw that all the guys online had started to demand that he fuck me. Even though I used dildo often, I have only been fucked twice in my life before, once in my last year of high school by a next-door neighbor and last summer while I was on vacation in Connecticut. I looked at Jeff and he was reading the screen with his eyes as wide as saucers. I looked at him and said “fuck me”.

Without saying a word he unbuttoned his unzipped pants and let them drop to the floor. I took my legs down off the desk, opened the desk drawer, took out a condom, and turned around presenting my ass to him, with my knees on the seat of the chair.

I could hear the condom package rip, the sound totally turned me on knowing that I would soon feel his hot fat cock in my ass.

He tried to put his latex covered cock in my ass without lube, but that Coke bottle sized dick was too big to go in without it. All I said was ‘lube’ and he got the hint.

All lubed up, Jeff’s cock slowly entered my ass. It was so thick it felt as if my hole was going to split open, but Jeff was gentle with his generously lubed cock and slid it in slowly waiting for my cues indicating I was ready for more.

Once his cock was passed the point of no return, I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of his warm latex covered cock in my ass.

I pushed back taking his whole cock enjoying every inch. I started to grind my ass around his cock and he got a hint to start fucking.

As he started fucking me I realized that we were still on cam and that the viewers only saw us from behind. So we swiveled the chair to the side so they could see his cock as it slid in and out of my ass. Jeff was a true stud, alternating between compassionate love making and brutal fucking. The viewers were going wild making comments like, “milk” and “cum” wanting to see him shoot his load.

After a few more minutes of sure ecstasy, Jeff said “I’m gonna cum”. I asked him to pull out because I wanted to see him cum in the condom and taste him. Jeff pulled his cock out of my ass, stroked it twice, and shot his creamy white load in the condom. His milk filled the condom tip and flowed around his cock head.

He started to take the condom off and I stopped him reaching for his latex cock. I pinched the tip with my fingers and grabbed the base of the condom sliding it off his cock preserving every drop of cum. I held the condom up looked him in the eyes, and proceeded to drink every drop of his seed.

He was shocked. I blinked and he was gone, headed to the shower.

I went to my room took off my gear and waited for him to leave the bathroom. Once I heard him leave the bathroom I went in and took my shower.

When I came out of the shower he was gone.

I’ve seen Jeff many times since then and neither one of us have spoken about our “show” but I can tell you, I think about it all the time, usually when I am on cam with that beautiful latex covered dildo.


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  1. Darryl

    The good thing about straight Men is if the situation is right they would suck dick, fuck ass, or get fucked in a heartbeat. As much as they like to say that being with another guy isn’t something they’d do.

  2. lord kronos

    hi wish i can be your room mate like you i am into rubber outfits i am a rubber master do you have skype love to rubber cam with you any time i have many rubber slaves and rubber pets i have fucked many of my rubber slaves many times love to milk them let them feed me their seed lets chat anytime.

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