Photography : We Love Our Sexy Men Of Color!

Very talented model and very talented photographer makes great photos. Now I hear some of you saying “the model is not talented” or “this photographer sucks” or this or that! I don’t give a Sh&%#! lol no I’m kidding…But when I saw that shoot, I loved it a lot!

My opinion is that they are hot. I love this firt shot, it’s very sexual…. looks like someone is getting some nice BJ!

So follow the jump to see more of Joseph Sinclair shooting Nik Thakkar!


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  1. Michael Brooks

    Personally I love B&W Photography, and these three images are beautiful. Are there more like these on this blog? I have painter’s block, and need inspirations. I am working on B&W Acrylics in a series of the beauty of the Male Body.

  2. Philip Froeschle

    I have to agree with B&W Photography. However, this is what I would call posed or staged.

    Not to be offensive, but especially with B&W Photo’s it should be far more relaxed captured in numerous frames then select the best of the most soft,sensual moments.

    Sort of like this never look with the eyes but look with heart!

    just a thought 🙂

  3. Willie

    Intresting….but misleading.When I read men of color I thought you meant black men…..hes sexy too but,men of color are…black men.

  4. Ondra

    False advertising alert!!! I thought I was going to see some black or asian men. But hey, I don’t own the website, so I have no say about content. So, why don’t you just call it, “sexy Latino” instead of perpatrating like you are all of a sudden diverse.

    • blog

      Ondra: Dude, we are very “diverse” like you say. We have people of every color in our team.. So yes we are diverse, and not “all of the sudden” . Comments like yours are inappropriate. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, just zip it !
      Very tired of hearing people like you pretending we are racists without even knowing us!!!!

      • blog

        Person of color (plural: people of color; persons of color) is a term used, primarily in the United States, to describe all people who are not white. The term is meant to be inclusive among non-white groups, emphasizing common experiences of racism. People of color was introduced as a preferable replacement to both non-white and minority, which are also inclusive, because it frames the subject positively; non-white defines people in terms of what they are not (white), and minority frequently carries a subordinate connotation.[1] Style guides for writing from American Heritage,[2] the Stanford Graduate School of Business,[3] Mount Holyoke College,[4] recommend the term over these alternatives. It may also be used with other collective categories of people such as students of color or women of color.
        The untranslated English term has also seen some limited usage among Germans of color, especially when stressing the postcolonial perspective,[5] but so far has not found entrance into general German language and is not necessarily known by the general populace.

  5. Black Snowman

    I for one have never seen a beige, yellow nor red man/men. They are colours, but don’t qualify as men. You say beige, yellow, red as if they’re ethnicities. Then again, I suppose if you spray tan… Sorry Blog, but that was lame rebuttal.

    And when how is a single man of colour to represent men of colour? The pictures posted are all of the same person. To truly show diversity, perhaps uploading photos of various men of colour would have been more apt. I believe that those of darker skin are the epitome of colour, so let’s see it…

    ~ Black Snowman ☻

    • blog

      Black Snowman: Black is not the only colour!!! yellow=asian, red=indians, beige=arabic…
      I wrote this post because I wanted to show this guy, that is obviously not white.
      When I’ll want to post on black models, I’ll post on black models.
      You don’t have to tell me what I have to do!
      Until then, stay polite!

  6. Ryan

    You are either colour blind or just dishonest about what you are about. Men of colour are Black men and or mixed race men ( black and some other race combined)

  7. Jake

    I don’t understand the negativity of some of these postings… I just want to say thank you for sharing some great pictures!
    I do agree about the use of the word “men” instead on “man”…I think the only way to resolve this is to have a whole series of pictorials featuring men of different shades 🙂

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