Hot or Not : Sneakers

I met a guy recently and he wears Nike sneakers, and you know what,  I like it a lot!

Looks very manly actually, and that’s what I like about it!

I’m so fuckin’ sick of guys wearing stupid out-of-style pointy shoes or dress shoes…. Big turn off for me, it looks too ….gay. But eh, that’s me. I like manly man!

High fashion designers are even embracing this idea as they are pairing 3 piece suit with sport shoes or sneakers. Of course they’re not Nike, but they look very athletic, and it makes the suit more modern and more fresh.

I recently saw a porn video that was showing 2 guys fucking wearing sneakers and I found that hot. I’m not sure I would wear it while I get fucked but it was fun to watch!

Anyways, so my question is, do you find sneakers hot or not ?


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  1. Sneakers are awesome!

    … but I wouldn’t exactly describe sneakers as “hot.” I wouldn’t want to jump at a guy because he’s got a nice pair of Nike’s or Jordans.

    Honestly, I think it’s tacky to wear formal/business attire apparel with sneakers/converse. It looks ridiculous. It has nothing to do with it being an “effeminate” or “manly” thing to do. It’s about making an impression, actually matching your clothes, and class.

    You don’t go to an interview in a blazer, a dress shirt, dress slacks … and a pair of Pumas. You’re going to get awkward looks from people.

  2. wrecked

    Hell yeah!

    I mean I’m biased I guess since I love to walk around in my dunks. Just yesterday I got a compliment on my kicks. I blushed a little.

  3. Jose

    Never had that pleasure but I’m always willing to try things atleast once and if I don’t like it I’ll try again just to make sure, lol I think black army boots is hot too

  4. Kelis

    If its the right pair of sneakers then sneakers can really bring a great outfit together. If I am going out, I would rather find a fly pair of Air Max Nike or Retro-Jordan’s to complete an outfit rather than a pair of dressy shoes.

  5. william Austin

    Faces, Lips, Ass Holes, Butt Cheeks, Butt Cracks, Wide Shoulders, small waist, Thick Hands, Stubby Fingers, Pink-Brown Nipples, Big Smiles, BIG BALLS, LARGE SWONG ;All the above sexy….But feet & shoes or sneakers, I don’t think so! DOUBLE NOT!… If you’re warring Sneakers and you don’t own a boat…
    You better have a visible skate board, or at least a scratched pogo stick! “Tricks are for Kids” and teen clothes on old queens: just don’t get it!

  6. Christopher

    I do but only when it is appropriate as in not with a suit or when we are going out to a bar or club or something sneakers are ment to be worn while wearing jeans or shorts not like dress slacks or suits

  7. Pete

    I think Sneakers are hot. i hate the stupid pointed shoes. Dress shoes are ok if your wearing a suit. Men if your goin to wear dress shoes wear black socks not white and not barefoot. What i think is really hot during the summer is flip flops with jeans.

  8. Darek

    I love seeing two guys fucking with sneakers on. It reminds me of when me and my buddy went out for a run and he fucked me outside in the trees. Most intense sex ever.:P

  9. John

    I love sneakers. Love it why, it’s weird, it’s uncanny, it’s special… and don’t know why…

    Smell, taste, thought of the man inside them…

    Nothing wrong with loving the sneaker.

    damn hot.

  10. Joshua

    I don’t know about Nike’s, but skater shoes and Chuck Taylors are definitely sexy on 20-something guys. Sneakers and suits? Naw. That doesn’t work at all. That’s not high fashion; more like high trailer trash. Ditto for flip-flops – a total trailer trash look. Flip-flps are not shoes and there’s no such thing as a “dressy” or “casual” flip-flop.

  11. InOverMyHead

    Sneakers are certainly better than dress shoes or those wretched pointy things. I prefer to go barefoot as much as possible. Or sandals when I have to wear something. Rather get my feet dirty than wear shoes.

  12. CbusMan

    I fucking love sneakers! Nothin looks hotter or more masculine than a pair of Nikes. I do like to wear different styles of Nike Shox while fucking. They give you traction when top and they look hotter than fuck when you have your legs in the air!

  13. DJ

    TOTALLY HOT..!!! been into wearing athletic shoes and white socks for years. It’s so erotic when that’s the only clothes you’re wearing. Plus the athletic shoes make for good traction if you like standing up while doing it

  14. matt

    socks and sneakers during sex (even better soccer socks and indoor soccer shoes 🙂 = hella hot. And yes… running shoes etc. are idea for outdoor sex, in terms of traction and such,

  15. Dominic

    NO! Sneakers are not hot. Not when it comes to sex. I have a major foot fetish. I think having nice feet almost drescribes how well the guy takes care of them. I know I have nice feet, so why be around people who don’t?

  16. tim jr

    As a black guy and watching so many of thug/hood themed porn I’d say hell yes. Frist, I love shoes and j’s and nikes on a dude is sexy to me. Straight guys have they women leave heels on during sex. I’m letting my guy hit it when some retro 3’s on

  17. Den

    HOT ONLY if he isn’t TRYING to wear them to appear as manly. Lord knows we have enough male impostors in the gay community TRYING to look manly. An all natural masculine man doesn’t have to TRY and appear sexy, and that’s what makes him manly.

  18. jman142

    Hot very i have always wanted to fuck a guy while i was wearing sneakers or him wearing them or both of us hey dave u got the link to that vid still message me on adam if ya do

  19. AstonMartin_DB9

    Sneakers are here in a very big way. You know when the A-list celeb’s are getting married in tuxes and donning Converse All Stars, that there will surely be many flattered imitators to follow. Also when celebs are wearing sneaks to the Emmys with their high fashion designer tailored made suits it’s definitely a “Hot Topic” and news worthy. But then again the streets have always dictated fashion. How often have we seen in the hood men and boys rocking sneakers with their shirt & slacks or with that suit for comfort or just because they just didnt have the so called apporopiate foot wear. The fashion world should give thanks to the urban neighborhoods because you’ve borrowed another one from them and sent it down their runways and graced the pages of their magazines and styled celeb’s according to the creative images of Urban America.

  20. tom

    I agree with Pete form Sept 18th and yes flip flops and jeans are very hot but so are sneakers and jeans. But not with suits, that is just wrong just like dress shoes and jeans are wrong

  21. Sean

    I’m all about them! Hate the stuff most gay guys wear. Totally into hightops and other real sneakers. Wish I could find other guys like me…

  22. Michael

    Def for sure Hot !!
    Nike shox Fetish here

    A lot of people into this… 🙂

    Wearing sneakers while fucking around

    However,sneakers belong with a sporty look not a suit. It is fun to see different stuff on the runway but sneakers with a suit is just a no.

  23. Zack

    I always have a pair of my Converse on. Whether it be casual, to semi-formal (I rarely have a reason to be dressed up), those shoes will go with any outfit. Up to 9 pairs and growing 😉

  24. earl

    Hell yes sneakers are hot! I’m so turned on by sneakers it almost makes me cum thinking about them. The smell, the look the feel especially if they belong to another hottie! Love them, totally!

  25. ajbbincubus

    I can understand that some shoes do look good, but I love a guy in boots. Not pointy ALDO stuff, I mean a pair of hard core kick your ass Harley Brown boots paired with jeans. That look def get my attention QUICK!!…

    As for having sex with shoes, boots, socks, not for me. I love playing footsies, totally HOT in foreplay, cuddling, or doggy.

    But, these are my own opinions.

  26. marty

    sneakers and dress clothes? no.
    t shirt, blue jeans and sneakers? yes

    pointy shoes? never did understand that one.

    the real question is white athletic ankle high socks with sneakers or the short socks with sneakers?

    whenI grew up the girls wore the shorty socks with their kicks and guys wore athletic socks. now days my daughter won’t let me wear my ankle high athletic socks – pushes the tops down to the shoe top everytime she catches me wearing them.

  27. nick

    Actually pointed shoes are still very much in style! The dude who wrote that about out of style shoes obviously doesn’t follow fashion…

    I love sneakers too but a dude in a hot european cut suit and classy pointed shoes can get me going anytime! I fucked a guy a few months back with his suit on (pants down around his pointy shoes!!!) Hot as hell…

    • blog

      Nick, I write for A4A but I also work in fashion, I own a store and I model. So yes, I know fashion baby ! …and let me tell you that pointy shoes are out of style 🙂
      And yes designers are showing sport shoes with suits or high tops with suits (lanvin for example) and I like it !

  28. washingtonboy

    oy veeay talk about fsashion dont never where sneekers with a suite that jsugt look really wird ppoinmt shues look hot on a guy who can pull the off tnata guy who the right out fit to pull them off but verry few can pull it off well and look good

  29. Jeff

    I always find it quite sad when people label one another and pic and choose types. Manly man, masculine, no fems, no blacks, asians etc. You would think with all the shit we have gone through individually and corporately that we would be a little more accepting to and with one another. Besides what is “too gay” I think that is due to a heterosexist view point that many gay men still adhere to.

    As to sneakers it all depends upon what one is wearing. Sneakers are no more “masculine” than dress shoes, flip flops or cowboy boots, it is all in the eyes and minds of the beholder.

  30. John

    For years I had a thing for skaterboys and sneakers were a large part of that scene so yes, I did find it hot. But twenty years on, my shoe of choice on other guys is flip-flops. You get to see their feet that way and that’s a turn-on too. But, all depends on what you mean by sneakers. If you’re talking classic vs high tops, makes a big difference.

  31. Edgar

    I am all about sneakers. I wear Nike, Jordan, Converse. It is part of having a good style and some swag. I only wear dress shoes if I am goin to a wedding or when I am dressed for work.

  32. Thom

    No shoe fetish here. They aren’t hot, they aren’t not… they’re shoes. It’s like asking if a nickel is sexy… it’s just a nickel

  33. JayLarkin

    I don’t have any type of foot fetish, but I do agree that fucking in sneakers is very hot. There’s just something about it. Its very locker-room hot. Its kind of young, athletic and a bit spontaneous.

  34. Forget it.

    YES sneakers and leather boots but mostly high top sneakers and especially if they’re black shoes unfff such a turn on!

  35. Tonu

    NOT, I’m a feet man, take off your socks and shoes and show me your nice masculine feet. Love a guy with nice toes and they are manicured. HOT!!!!!

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