Hot or Not : Fleshlights

Last night I was having fun with my fleshlight and it gave me the idea for today’s post. So today my question for you is : Do you like using a fleshlight, do you find it Hot or Not?

I can say I like it a lot!!! I think both tops and a bottoms can enjoy this masturbation device. I personally wouldn’t fuck an ass, not my thing….I’m toooo bottom for that!! But I really enjoy using my fleshlight to satisfy my sexual appetite! I like the veiny feeling inside, the suction it creates and It is so easy to use and to clean after the mess πŸ™‚

Anyways, let me know what you think guys!

Oh, you might want to use your fleshlight to J-O looking at some hot pictures below the jump. And if you dont have any fleshlight yet, click here to get yours!


(photo credit : RandyBlue)

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  1. donny

    Love my flesh light, HOTTT….use it at least once a week and can also be fun mixed in to foreplay, or you have have another guy use it shoot his load in it and then I use it….HOTTTT!!!

  2. Jim

    It so helps with my sex drive! Warm it up with hot water, a little lube and damn its nice, so much like a real sweet hole its great! I have only used Feshlube, it doesn’t take much. Cornstarch for when its not in use.

  3. bigpapaforu

    Deffinatly hot! A.friend used his on me….i was in luv! Ordered mine the next day. luv it! Its always ready and in the mood. and dont have to take it to dinner or gifts. It pays. for its self? Bill

  4. jason dean

    had bought my fleshlight last week and just got it yesterday…i purchased the ass Ice Jack from Fleshlight…on oh dam im never felt anything like it…its not the real thing but dam it comes very very close…love the sucktion and the texture of the orfice..i got so worked up fucking the shitout of it and edged for bout 3hours..and when i came i came hard. and shot my hot load right out the end lol

  5. Tristan Grendel

    I’ve never owned one nor seen one. Being married, I’d be concerned that wifey would find it if I had one (not that she’d know what it was if she ever found it). Ditto with dildos – though a fellow bottom once showed me his collection (and we even tried out the double-headed dildo together). I guess I’ll just have to see pics and flicks of guys enjoying them immensely – as they seem to do! –Tris

  6. Ed B

    I got one about two years back OMG best ever when you warm it up first its the closest thing to fucking bare back as I have ever played with

  7. Terry

    I’ve never tried the fleshlight. Had a pump once. Broke it. HA! But you can send that hottie to my house and he can use it on me….after/while he fucks me. WOW!

  8. G~

    I TOTALLY love my Fleshlight. I only wish there was another way to clean them. Cleaning my toy is the last thing I’m thinking of after I cum. Maybe I’ll try it with a condom? It’s a mouth, it’s an ass…whatever you imagine it to be. It gets the job done without griping or gagging. πŸ™‚

  9. Chourico80

    Love my fleshlights. There was a special. Buy two get one. 1 of each orifice, 3 different sensations, 3 different “O” faces. They have proven fun for not only me, but whoever I’m playing with too. πŸ™‚

  10. hotazhell

    Fuck Yea…have several..and luv them all…Have a str8 friend that i cought using mines one day…and he didnt ven put on a condom as he pounded his big dick deep into my pleasure toy…and he siad hell never use a toy.Hmmmm…guess it got that dick attention..and if u was wondering how well i like mines..

  11. Darryl

    Yeah Fleshlights are pretty fun if you get the right type. I’ve tried both the mouth, and ass versions, and i prefer the ass type, being the Top i’am πŸ™‚ For those you haven’t tried one go for it you may find a new friend…

  12. Michael

    I have a fleshlight and it is a great toy. There are a few other toys that are smaller and easier to use but nothing compare with the fleshlight.

  13. william Austin

    Kind of a loney concept! Not even a hand to touch you! I can’t say I don’t masterbate , because I do! But it’s always a sexcond choice! I jusr decovered a new way to increase my love life: LOWER MY STANDARDS !

  14. tigga

    love it and use mine whenever I get the chance too. the sensation I get from being inside is as close to the real thing as it can be. suction is awesome and u can control how much you want. try one out you’ll like it and I have a pic as well lol.

  15. kevin

    Ya they’re great but theres a better version call a “head honcho” . Its the same concept but the end is open so that you can use it on a cock and suck the cock at the same time. The tip of your cock sticks out enough to still get a good suck, and to swallow the cum.

  16. Bomba

    If it gets u off an you enjoy it go for it. I have several toys I use at times and they are not as nice as a warm body but they are still fun.

  17. Botan_bi

    Lame. I prefer to masturbate with the extremely agile, self-warming masturbation toys that nature kindly provided for me for free when I checked in.

  18. Chris

    I LOVE my Fleshlight.. I use it with a condom cause dont like to clean it either.. it is great.. great substitute.. for the real thing.. and condoms save the work of cleaning..when you want a quickie..

  19. sean

    its a cool toy just wish there was a better way to clean them other than that hot i havve 3 diff kinds mouth,ass,pussy…..i be going to town on them i took one to the movies it was so good…lol

  20. DAVID


  21. outdoorsguyNE

    I’ve been thinkin about buying one, but I’m really thick (about 6-1/4″ around) and am not sure what type of sleeve would be best…any suggestions?

  22. sexylovew

    Love it I have 3 and I want to get the vibrating one next. I don’t warm it up, I just use lube and go for it. I find it really easy to clean, just run water thru it and let it air dry. I don’t warm it up, I just use lube and go for it.

  23. MR. M

    When I first got it, I wasn’t impressed, and didn’t use it for awhile, but when I picked it back up and changed the way I stroked, I found it immensely pleasurable.

  24. JAMES

    Best sex toy i ever buy love mind..It feel so good..I am speaking for my self i think it feel better then the real my fleshlight..

  25. Darryl

    Don’t get me wrong fellas, there’s nothing better then having a live person strokin, or suckin your cock, but when you’re having some alone time then the fleshjack can be fun. Your hand is just fine as well, so do your thang. Or better yet have someone else do it. All of us jack off so using it to bust a nut can be alot of fun, no shame in our game…..

  26. kryp2nite01

    Hot as shit! This guy was fucking me on my back the other night and all of a sudden slipped a fleshlight on my dick. Most intense nutt I ever busted in my life. I gotta go get me one. How much do they cost?

  27. Pete

    Had one and loved it! That is until my house got broken into. The only things they stole was my petty cash from my home business and my flesh light. Unfortunately I didn’t include that on the police report. LOL

  28. mtlguy

    It works great but don’t forget to dry it well and put cornstarch or talc powder between use. When i tried the use my Head Honcho last it was disintegrating probably because i didn’t do that. Had to throw it away.

  29. BILL

    LOVE my Fleshlight….it is pretty intense though….it feels so good that it never takes me long to sperm deep inside it….love seeing how the cum deposits at the end (have the ICE one)….but it is a great toy for group play as well….have had some nice sessions with a bud or 2 and our fleshlights

  30. John

    Like many others have said, it’s the next best thing to a warm wet mouth. The first time I used it, I came after four damn strokes! Now, I know how to use it and can draw it way out. Best $50 I’ve spent!!

  31. Lou

    The first time I experienced the Fleshlight, I did not want to let it go. I visited a couple, and they happen to possess one of them. While they were showing it to me, they asked me if I wanted to try, I said yes. One of them reached for the lube, I put my hand behind my head and let them treat me, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them down together with my underwear. He lubed my dick, and started masturbating me with the Fleshlight, I enjoyed it very much, and pllanning on getting one.

  32. Anad


  33. JimmiJam

    I just think ICU2 and I needed a viagra to use that damn fleshlight! Thank god I had other entertainment of ass shaking to watch! And when I see the fleshlight sitting on kitchen counter I think cute girl got some! ha!

  34. Rich

    I love my fleshlight, I’m also a bottom.. but I enjoy fucking it…. Would love to fuck it as im getting fucked πŸ™‚ any takers? lol

  35. Thom

    Never used one. Never had a desire to. My belief on them is why pay good money for something to substitute for my hand… my hand is free, and I know exactly how to work it.

  36. david

    i dont have a fleshlight but i have something similar and i love it, totally beats jacking off by hand lol just feels way different but in a good way. the only draw back is pulling your cock out after u cum and it being all sensitive. i pull it out quickly lol

  37. HardtopFTL

    a buddy brought his over, I fucked him, he fucked it and he came twice. I bought one, took a while to get into it,but really glad I did. Unfortunately even with regular cleaning it got some sort of mold and had to throw it out πŸ™

  38. Chaz

    I am just a poor boy… privacy always being an issue. When I am done, I am done – who the hell wants to clean, sanitize, and spend as much time jacking off for maintenance. As dumb as it may sound and/or teenish, I use nike socks – they are soft, can fuck em any way I want – don’t have to use lube, so if I get interupted, well and clean up. I can shoot a load and never have to worry about a mess, and when I am done I can just throw it in the washer. Not to mention, a different kind of sock, different knit, ect is like a different feel or partner whenever I want. And the best part – I am not breaking the bank or having to dispose of something so provacative.

  39. wantamannow

    where are all those guys that want the real thing?? Im ready and can do much better than any substitute…I love sucking a good hard cock and make it shoot big too… try me.

  40. BobbyLVC

    I have one and positively love it. I like to top so when I don’t have someone handy this works pretty well. The orgasm I have with the Fleshlight is usually pretty mind blowing and often better than with someone. The way it strokes my penis and brings me to completion is awesome. I can’t even describe the sensations as I get close to climax … if you have not used one – you are really missing out!

  41. kevin2

    I use it with a Fleshlight mount which they have discontinued. It taught me how to fuck properly.

    The bad side is you can lose touch with others and never go out.

    I’m a bit tired of mine because it is too much maintenance to clean up, especially with the mount. There is also a ‘squee gee effect’ if you use it for too long a time.

    No blow job will be the same because you will only be used to it one way, removing yourself from contact with others.

    Tending back to hands with lots of silicone lube. Less fuss, less muss.

  42. W4UZB

    i much prefer to get a guy in a head lock an just fuck his head right off his shoulders and dump my load down his waiting throat but i have used a sock before myself an tosse d it in the washer afterwards especilay if its a pare i just took off so i can sniff one while i jack with the other one or underwear or some thign with a sexy man smell to it

  43. steve

    Had the ass one years ago, wife got it for me cause her asshole will not take my thick cock.loved it, but clean up was pain in the ass.she used it on me several times.
    Would be hot it they made a double sided one, mouth on one end and a ass

  44. Thomas

    Have the mouth, had another style first. Being between guys and not wanting to hook up with random people, it’s perfect. Have even used it with my ex and made for fun times then too! Everyone has their preference so go with whatever turns your crank!

  45. Greg

    Going against popular opinion, I will say watching a guy jerking off with a Fleshlight is a turn-off. Would really be hot if he were wearing a wedding ring, stroking himself with his left hand, or both hands. Seeing the actual cock, not hidden by a toy, is what turns me on.
    Also, although I’m not against self-pleasure, toys like the Fleshlight only serve to keep people from interacting with each other. There’s something to be said for the real thing.

  46. Wellblowmedown

    I got one a long time ago, when they had the clear case and clear sleeve, ultra ribbed. I could see me cock undulating back and forth. Combine that and poppers and its so mind blowing you could faint. They also had a mount device where you can fuck doggie style or missionary. Its given me better fucking technique.

    The bad side is you can lose touch with real people and stay home all day. They’re just as bad as video games.

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