Health: HIV/AIDS Funds Diverted to Strip Club?

D.C. Attorney General Irvin Nathan has accused Miracle Hands, an HIV/AIDS service provider in Washington, DC that is owned by Cornell Jones, of spending nearly $300,000 in federal tax dollars to open a strip club.

According to the Washington Examiner, Cornell Jones “is a self-described former D.C. drug kingpin with convictions for narcotics distribution on his record.”

The lawsuit claims that the agency requested the funds to renovate a warehouse for use as a resident job training center for HIV-Positive individuals.

Funding for the renovation of the Queens Chapel Road warehouse was released in 2005, continued in 2006 and in April of 2007 Miracle Hands received an additional $139,000 to complete the renovations. The warehouse at 2127 Queens Chapel Road NE, opened as the Stadium Club in early 2010.


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  1. greg

    forget an aids vaccine…..people on this site need to not have an “anything goes” mentality and then wonder why they end up poz the next time they get tested

  2. Steve

    Great. Republicans will be using this as evidence that ALL HIV funding should be eliminated NATIONWIDE. Health services in this country are hanging by a thread as it is. Nice work Mr.Jones.

  3. william Austin

    I would say most that of his strippers had been exposed to HIV, so it was legit! But, maybe not as legit as a HIV Hospital playing Hot Music & having the patients table dance, but close to it! Sumb Of Dem Boys can really shake their Butts for a little extra change! We’is all good people here, just try’n to survive in this Publicam Econmoney , fer true…

    This will probably get censored too!

  4. William

    After all the advocating we do in the South to get funding for HIV/Aids it is amazing how someone could pull off such a stunt. We all the current s needs in medication and further research funds should strictly be accounted for. the average cocktail cost about 2,300.00 a month and when you add up all the cases you are talking about millions. He should be required to pay the money back.

  5. Jay

    I’m just saying, as a queer with HIV myself,why the hell would there need to be a job training center built for this purpose (specifically for HIV positive people), given I’m sure there are already job training centers there anyhow. Since when did acquiring HIV render someone incapable of still being able to function normally (outside of those that are in the latter stages of the disease). We are so luck y to get all the assistance we already get….we get a lot, A LOT…just think of all those infected that you know that get their meds for free and never have to choose between picking up their prescriptions or eating this month like grandma and grandpa so often do. Whether a training center or a strip club…a f*cking waste of money.

  6. clint

    this is some S**T … this country is going to crap with people like that… i say give the fucker HIV and see how he feels when he needs something… yea yea i know that is cruel but its not like he cares about anyone else.

  7. Jim

    Hate to see it happen.. Just another sympton of what the republicans are doing.. Less regulation and what do you get millions ripped of in Southern Florida through medicare.. Drug companies setting their on prices and we get the help we need now only because people are making millions on us and say there doing a good thing.. We do need the help for sure and so do others! We don’t need to line peoples pockets though!

  8. agentguf

    so now that the us government is aware of these findings. what are they prepared to do about it? i hope they punish evenyone crooked involved

  9. Johnny

    @Steve – It could have been worse had it been a Gay club versus a strip club. If you read the article, the local DA has filed a lawsuit asking for nearly $1M in damages.

  10. Jason

    WOW…I’m pretty shocked by this mess….I’ve followed all the links above and still can’t believe what I’ve seen. As a HIV poz individual, I’m shocked. How could someone take advantage of our (my) situation in such a way? We work so hard for equality and try so hard to be excepted by others, although we are all the same people with all the same sins. Why can’t things just be how they should for once…I say no more politics…no more hate….no more judging people. I guess I’m a wishful thinker, but John Lennon said the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life…”I hope someday you’ll join us…and the world can be as one….” Maybe in our lifetime…God bless you John…at least some understands…

  11. Chris

    Thats definitely fucked up. HIV is a horrible disease, and as what I’m about to say may sound weird there is enough evidence online to support what I believe, AIDS was created by the U.S. military in Ft. Detrick by scientist and then it was unleashed upon Africa in hopes that it would kill most of the Africans and the U.S. could walk in and take its resources.

  12. Derrode

    He was croket in the 1st place. this is nothing shocking. “According to the Washington Examiner, Cornell Jones “is a self-described former D.C. drug kingpin with convictions for narcotics distribution on his record.”

    So you shouldn’t be shocked, but let my say this… IF THIS WAS A BLACK MAN, IT WOULD OF BEEN WORST! And i bet money hes not the only one in this mess. I better you it some higher up government officials in this mess too. They probably are the ones who dropped the ball on him.

  13. MARK

    WOW…. Never in all my years of working in the health care community have I heard of such a situation.
    Let us all hope that the AG can get the funds back and we will hear that the people behind this whole deal are in jail, where they belong.

  14. ed

    This is truly sad that money is wasted in this way but it is hardly surprising that D.C. is wasting money. There should be a 5 year add on sentence for assholes like this.

  15. RichBaer

    The former Director of the Government Agency that originally awarded the funding was later fired after an internal audit and immediately went to work for Miracle Hands as its’ Executive Director. Go figure.

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