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Sex : It takes a man to please a man!

One of the many pleasures of being the Adam4Adam blogger is the perks! One of those perks is getting to meet hot guys and all the eye candy!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Cody Cummings and Marcus Mojo, with Cody’s manly body and Marcus’s amazing eyes, the interview was hot for sure, but during the interview they both talked about how much better guys are at giving head than women.

Being a true 6 on the Kinsey scale (gay all the way) their comments made me wonder, why? Why are men better at sucking dick then women? Is it because we have a dick and know what feels good, or is it just that we like giving head more than woman do? Is it because we swallow and women don’t?

So, I am asking all you homoflexable and heteroflexable guys out there that have experience with getting head from women: what’s the deal? Are we better cock suckers than women? If so, why?


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  1. Andy

    My ex is Bi-sexual and he always use to say that I gave the best head EVER!!! He did clarify that it was better than any he had received from a woman. That said, I have no gag reflex and swallow every last drop so that may have made a difference.. Obviously I wasn’t that good cos he is back to women now. FML!!!!

  2. Mike

    I play with woman and men and without a doubt men know who to play with men better. while i have experienced some very talented woman in bed, but when it cum down to sucking a cock to completion, men are better. I’m a 2 on the Kinsey scale.

  3. Throat

    It’s in all that we do when we give head. Men a better at deep throa, long lasting, swallowing, and just knowing what feels good. And men are and happy with aggressive cock sucking, top or bottom. Grab a hand full of your wife’s hard and yell, “suck my cock you bitch” and see what you get. Men just know what men like.

  4. gw

    oh yes, men give the best head because they know how it feels to have done to them what they are doing and yes, we love sucking dick most women don’t and don’t have a clue how to suck a dick. while i love getting a big load of cum shot in my mouth women hate that. we love to swallow that load too and women just want to spit it out if they even take it. gay here.

  5. Jose

    Some women get disgusted from sucking a guys dick, just like us gay guys get disgusted on licking a girls fish stinking pussy, lol

  6. Camp

    This matter was addressed in the Seinfeld episode “The Beard,” when Elaine tried to “convert” the gay guy. She ultimately failed. “Being a woman, I only have access to the, uh….equipment, what, thirty to forty five minutes a week. And that’s on a good week. How can I be expected to have the same expertise as people who OWN the equipment, and have access to it twenty four hours a day, their entire lives?” And comic mayhem ensued.

  7. Guy

    Men are definitely better.
    I’ve thought about it before, I just think gay guys actually love the cock more.
    The ladies, when they get their freak on, enjoy the cock IN the more.
    I really the gay people appreciate their partner’s body as a whole because it isn’t simply about the fucking.

  8. Edgar

    It’s Been my experience that it all depends on the person giving head and if they enjoy doing it. I have had both and equally enjoyable. Men do have bigger mouths and can take more inall depends on the person

  9. jon

    In my opinion and from experience, there are a few reasons. one is that women like to look pretty when doing things in bed, there is nothing pretty about sucking a dick. another, women dont like to gag, my ex-girl friend didn’t like it when i was rough with her when she was giving me head and would yell at me when I would hold her head down and push it till she took the whole thing. Men dont care about looking sexy, they just want that cock and the men I have messed with love it when im holding their head while my shaft slides down their throat. I have not met too many women who love to get throat fucked and but men LOVE it. this is just my opinion.

  10. Dre

    Generally when it comes to sucking dick men ARE in fact better than women. They have no hangups because they are sucking dick because they love it not because they feel obligated. The same goes if you ask any woman who is better at oral sex on them they will say women are hands down the obvious choice because they know what they want and what feels good.

    Having been with both men and women i would have to say the clear winner goes to men. I know when i’m sucking a nice hard dick that i give it 110% and my partner does as well.

  11. lovetobreed

    When I was married, my wife had T.M.J. (lock jaw disease) and had a hard time providing oral servicing. So after a number of years and tries, she came to the offer: You can get your cock sucked, but it can’t be from another women, but it has to be from a man. Little did she know that she added fuel to the fire for the monster inside . . . .

  12. william Austin

    Men Like hot swetty sex, the nasty er the better! But women are in to ROMANCE, nice smells, candels, memories & Kids…All of witch is far from having a pound of humpy meat in your mouth! I think most girls do blow jobs just to please her date, to keep from getting pregnant and only a few really like to suck the knob or the cream! Two different worlds! Girls dream of weddings & building a nest ! Guys like head, pussy & cheeseburgers! Blow Job so easy : Kick Back , no work, all pleasure..And if your good: NO MESS!

  13. marty

    I’m 100% bi and have experienced plenty of oral from both men and women. Can’t say there’s any truth to that myth. In my experience, an orally enthusiastic woman is as gifted and the best of men.

  14. Supercool603

    At the end of the day it’s all an opinion if guys give better head…seriously. And just because some porn stars say so doesn’t make it true. I’ve been givin head from women that would put some guys to shame…

  15. Chiboy79

    I am just as gay as they come, but there was a time in High School and the first year of College I was sleeping with women, and I can admit that men do give better blow jobs.

    Part of it is the fact that we obviously know how to please our own parts and thus its easy to do with another man as well. However I think the other part is that we are not as soft as women are. What I mean by this is we can do it rough and know how hard to suck or play without hurting the guy, while, unlike women, they have no clue and thus try to be softer so not to hurt or spoil the mood. Granted there are some women out there that can play harder than any male out there but speaking on the majority level I think this holds true.

    just my thoughts!

  16. randyb694

    most women do not like to suck dick. seems the ones that do, will not finish the job. Righ on. I have a dick and know what feels good. I consider myself a very good cocksucker and love the treat at the end

  17. stephen

    i believe men give better head because we want to be doing it…the couple chicks i’ve been blown by either don’t really want to be doing it or just don’t have any technique. myself, every cock i suck i am working on technique & breathing…i want to maximize my enjoyment & his…& the better i am the bigger the load will be!

  18. John Doer

    I don’t know that I agree with you to a fault. I have known one woman that loved to suck dick and was gvery good at it and loved to swallow a hot load… However the greatest majority of women can take it or leave it where as most men like to suck cock and there are good and bad out there… But the most amazing head I have ever got was from an older man that was a troll but his mouth wsa heavan and made me cum very quickly….Gets me hard just thinking about it!!!

  19. sean

    I think that it depends of how much they like to suck a dick. If a women loves it it is going to be great. If a man does not like it it is going to suck (in a bad way…). However, I believe that guys like to suck a dick much more than women, in general. So that’s why in general, men are better than women. But the exception riles here.
    Bisexual here. Plenty of experience from both sexes.

  20. ChipD

    Sucking cock is almost an art form. Some guys are true artists, while others just dabble in it. However, practice makes for perfection, and whether you’re male or female you can master the art of cocksucking with some due diligence and a great subject (cock).

  21. Darryl

    Yes i do agree that Men give better head then Women. It’s the fact that we have a cock and know what it feels like to give and receive head. The feel of another Man stroking,licking, grabbing balls, eating taint,ass,and sucking dick. Women just won’t do it, and if they do then it’s not like they will enjoy workin over a Man’s jewels like another Man would. Some Men are beter then others, that’s another tail.

  22. Tommy

    I am bisexual, my first blow job was with a man and I have compared every blow job that I have received from a woman since to a man. Men are clearly better at giving head than women….we just know what feels better. You could tell a woman how to do it exactly and she would still do it wrong!

  23. Jason

    Ok… I’ve had experience with both as well (though more men than women…) My 3rd girlfriend was a total FREAK and loved cock as much as any guy I’ve ever met. Because I curve up and taper a bit from head to base, 69 is the perfect position for my partner to deep throat me. She was full on into throat fucking and swallowed every drop. However, I have to cross that line and say that men (gay men!) somehow instinctively know things that women seem to lack, even if just a little. I can say I am also a bigger fan of giving head than getting it, but a hot man is more likely to get my load than a girl. Add that to the fact that SOME (not all) women don’t enjoy giving head, and are NOT down to let you cum in their mouths (much less swallow) when they are perfectly happy to expect you to perform cunnilingus on them, and men win just about ever time. Besides, 69 with a hot guy leads me to earth shattering orgasm every time. Especially if he cums just a bit before I’m ready and is spasming in my throat! 🙂

  24. lion13

    I had an ex wife that is bisexual & she always said that a women could eat her pussy better then any man, because they knew what felt great better then a man. So I would have to say being a bisexual male that the same is true about a man sucking a cock. We know what feels great to us, because we have a cock & know how it should be done.

  25. eve

    First as woman, all of these comments are frustrating. Everyone talking from personal experience,but no one experience can be mearsured greater than the next man’s. I suck Johns dick and then i suck Paul’s dick. John is amazed and coming back for more as I have exceeded his expectation. Paul is not moved. Okay…now judge. There are chics out there guys that love to get fucked in the mouth, going hard for the prize. and would make some of you creep out on your mate, Hmm! There is no real answer to who is better. It’s who is better for You.

  26. Kenny

    Dont kid yourself guys, there are some women who are world class cock suckers. My X-wife was one of them, 5-7, 115lb of dick loving woman. She used to wake me up sucking my dick and had this twisting action stroke while sucking that would have me nut in her mouth in no time. And she eagerly swallowed every drop and milked my nutz dry. I had her trained well over 14yrs of marriage. She’s still on the top ob my list for best head though i’ve had a very close second.
    I like to suck dick using the method she did and I can get most men to cum pretty quick even though i like to edge it out. point is, men are great cock suckers but there are some gals that can absolutely compete!

    Don’t hate!

  27. Brian

    I am a 4 but knew one woman that loved sucking my cock and she was wonderful at it. The worst head I ever got was from a lying old troll I met online. I LOVE sucking cock to completion and most men I have been with are the same I think thats why men are better at sucking cock than women

  28. Married 25 years - plenty of sex w/ men

    My wife’s never liked sucking me, but when she has, and it’s been rare, she can’t come close to the BJs I’ve gotten from guys. For one, guys have an instinct to keep their teeth out of the way. They also get a good aggressive rhythm going. She’s more artistic about it and it doesn’t get me off that way. Mind you, this is coming from a man who’s enjoyed his married/hetero lifestyle for years, but also has enjoyed having a fair amount of homosex discreetly on the side for the past decade and a half. And sexually, I probably started out a 3, but now am edging closer and closer to 6.

  29. Bi-sexy

    A) 90% of girls who are lacking on the looks (overweight) give great head
    B) men who are sucking dick definitely want to be sucking dick, that always helps
    C) gay men in general appreciate the penis way more as a beautiful and sensual object. Unless you’re married for a while or te woman is lacking in looks OR she’s older (college girls can’t give the eat head, but milfs? Oh the milfs!!!!!)

    Bottom line is- if you want it bad enough (and your throat can hadle whatever size you’re taking it on), there will always be a competitor!

  30. Neus

    I think is all about sexual repression and about gender… we men never has been sexually repressed as women, they have more than 2000 years of sexual repression and being under the yoke of men. Men, even if you are gay or straight, we´ve never has been as repressed in our sexual behavior as women.
    Is all the machismo that exist. You know, all men wants a virgin for spouse and a whore in the bed. So, theres plenty women ables to perform a great bj, but they have to be very “avant-garde” women or porn stars… but not your wife.

  31. fasteddy

    Of course men give better head than women do, we like to do it and women don’t. The worse blow job I ever got from a man was better than the best one I ever got from a woman, plus the man swallowed. He knew what felt good for him so he was able to make me feel the way he felt as I sucked him. It’s just common sense, women for the most part don’t like giving head, they don’t like to swallow, and they think sucking cock is dirty. Pretty much the way they feel about sex in general once they have what they want.

  32. hardtim

    In my experience, men do a better job, take their time, vary the technique. i’m currently trying to give better head and training myself not to gag so much, and enjoy swallowing. I recieved my first BJ when I was 16 from a military guy in his 30’s, to this day, I still think it was the best head ever. my wife certainly was not into it at all.

  33. wammo

    A man is definitely better at giving head. He knows what the other guy likes, especially the swirling of the tongue on the cock head, the flicking of the tongue against the engorged veins, and finally burying his face in the guy’s pubes. No woman ever took all of my cock and never did any of the techniques I just mentioned. I never got repeated deepthroating by a woman until I came in her mouth. Only guys can do that. Don’t forget the attention most guys give to balls. My nuts were never tongue bathed by a woman. Only guys do that. Hands down, guys are the winners at giving head.

  34. dave

    i think men take care of men better. I can take bigger cock than most women I have met. I love to lay on my back and have my throat fucked. And i love to suck cock on my knees. I know what I like for my cock, and I love finding the spot that makes a mans toes curl. I have yet to suck a man off and tell me his wife could do better, because they say the opposite. If their wife sucked cock like me, they would never leave home.

  35. MrBill

    My former girlfriend once asked me why men like to have their cocks sucked. When I told her that it was because women can’t ask about “the relationship” when their mouths are full, she got really pissed.

  36. NinoBrown

    I’m Bisexual and I will agree that some guys are more skilled at giving head than women, but I’m not going to just give all men the cock sucking skills crown just because we have a cock and know what feels good. I have been with some men that might as well have had a pussy between their legs because they couldn’t suck water through a straw. I have been with someone women who suck cock like they invented cock sucking. I believe regardless if male or female, in order to be good a great cock sucker you have to absolutely LOVE sucking cock. If its “obligatory head” something a lot of women are guilty of…well, its going to suck. No pun intended.

  37. Two Heads Are Better

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Dudes get head from dudes because they like it, no need to put others down to make oneself feel better. End of story!

  38. Matt

    As it’s said, “only a man knows what another man wants.” And it’s true. I’ve had more straight guys tell me that I suck cock better than any woman they’ve been with, be it their wife, GF or random hookup. I take pride in the fact that I can say with complete confidence that I suck cock better than any woman out there — and I’ll say it to any woman’s face who thinks she can do better. 😉

  39. Jeremy

    Having been with both I know that guys give better head. I do believe it is because guys know what guys like. We know what we like done to our own dick so we do it to others. I love getting head from a guy and don’t want to let a woman do it again.

  40. Tom

    I have been with women my entire adult life. I can say that men, without a doubht, are better at giving a good blow job. As so many guys here have pointed out, it all comes down to wanting to do it. Im very oral with women, rarely these days, and the guys I have been with say that I give amazing head. I’d say sucking cock would have to be my absolute favorite sexual activity.

  41. pete

    I think that men give the best blowjobs, i have been blown by both and ALL gay guys love to suck cock, we can deepthroat while most women cant. Mostly all guys that blew me, swallowed and squeezed every last drop out and swallowed it. Only a hand ful of women ive been with let me cum in their mouths and just a couple of women swallowed.

  42. Camp

    This also reminds me of the old joke about the newlyweds.
    “Why are you so happy,” the best man asked the groom. “You’re getting married. You’ve lost your freedom, you’re settling down.”
    “You don’t understand,” the groom replied. “My wife gives the best blow job.”
    The blushing bride was equally happy. “I’ve never seen you so happy,” the matron of honor said.
    “Well,” the bride responded. “I’ve given my last blow job!”

  43. married_bi_gi

    i am a married bi male 45 years old, spent 25 years in the army, i have had several bj’s from both men and women and only one woman back several years ago even came close to comparison on giving a bj. she did not like to fuck she just loved sucking a cock, deep throat to completion and i swear she had an orgasm when i got off. in fact she is the first woman to ever get me off on a blow job and only a few since then. so yes men are better but there are a few women that try and come close but not quite there.

  44. cnybuns

    I think enthusiastic women can be almost as good as men. But men do have bigger mouths and throats and are definitely better at taking it deep. As a bottom i LOVE when a man pushes it deep and wants it in my throat. never met a woman who was into having her face and throat fucked. Some of it is genetics and some isjust plain desire. THe old waht you love and you will be great at it fits here

  45. Skippy

    I’m bisexual and to be perfectly honest…nothing is hotter than having a woman slurp on your bone! Men are much easier going when it comes to deepthroating and swallowing, but there’s just something incredibly sexy about seeing a woman work your pole. (I gotta admit though: I’m an 80/20 bisexual – 80% into women / 20% into men)

  46. Timothy

    So I am strictly dickly, but I have had my sexual experiences with woman, and when it came to giving head, Ifelt they where timid and afraid. “Why?” I can’t say but all I know is never met a woman who can suck a dick like me :P, #immajustsayin.

  47. jesen

    not saying anything that hasn’t been said already, and reading the previous comments, i’d say we pretty much have a consensus that Guys Do It Better, lol.

    though i pretty much do men only these days, i’ve had my share of women, and of course there is exception to every rule, but I think if we were to talk statistics I think most women are not really that enthusiastic about sucking dick. most of them +are+ enthusiastic about getting a big dick inside them, but sucking cock when they are horny and want to be fucked is about them wanting to please a man, to give him what they think he wants, to turn them on, and get that dick as hard as possible so that the guy will get super horny and fuck them hard. that was pretty obvious from my past experiences. but (again, generally speaking) guys tend to really dig that dick in their mouths. let’s face it men (straight or gay) tend to just fuckin love their dicks in general and particularly love their dicks stimulated in every which way… even straight (or “straight”) guys in my experience…would not complain about another man sucking their dick or the other way around — it is usually societal hang ups that prevent them from going that route.

  48. Dan

    I have have been sucked by both. Some women don’t even like the look of a cock, men find it exciting haha. Men do know where to lick, suck, or apply preasure. Guys get the star.

  49. craig

    men are usually for better, because they love to have that meat in there mouth. I love a hard cock to slurp on snd taste the drain

  50. Chourico80

    Having been with both, hands down guys are better in bed. We are just horny bastards who will get it on anytime, anywhere if the mood strikes. That being said, I think there are exceptions. I’ve been with both men and women who looked at my cock like it was this foreign object they’ve never seen before. If I have to start giving direction on what to do, well, that kinda spoils the mood. Granted, we all had times when we had to learn, but that should pass quickly. Most men just know what feels good. Guys can be both sensual and rough. Guys know what feels goo to them, and will usually do that to the cock they are sucking. Ladies, when they get rough, tend to not realize how rough because they don’t have the same equipment. Guys on the other hand know what spots to get rough with and what spots to be teasing with. Not that I don’t like rough, but realize the boys are attached to my body. LOL

  51. Jeff

    I know a woman who can suck any man under the and thats because she loves to do it. unlike the rest of most women. otherwise men win because all gay guys love to suck cock.

  52. Brian

    I am Bi and from experience I have found it’s not the gender but the willingness and physical mouth size. And there are some women out there that have pretty big mouths.

  53. eric

    The best blowjobs I ever got was from my ex-gf. she did it all, deepthroat, swallowing, face fucking, rimming and ball licking, nasty dirty talk. And best of all she did it whenever I wanted, I could just pull my cock out and tell her to start sucking, or even wake her up by sliding me dick across her lips. She was a very rare specimen though, out of the dozen women I’ve been with she was the only one that performed like this, whereas almost all the guys I fucked did this.
    Maybe she was a gay bottom cock sucking slut in a woman’s body 😉

    guys suck dick better, if they know what they’re doing. And they almost always do.

    also-“Secret” Bi guy here

  54. Jay

    I think it’s a combination of things… I think it’s partially cause we know what feels good, we are known to think about sex more and therefore prolly know more about how it should be d9one cause we think about it so much. I agree it’s prolly also cause we swallow more. That’s a turn on to a lot of guys, even straight. I got a head from a girl once and it just seemed like she was trying to be all sexy about it… whereas a guy, well, he takes it all because he ACTUALY WANTS IT, not just to turn me on. He isn’t looking me in the eyes constantly to see my reactiona nd if I like it. he’s working my cock and making it his.

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