Pornstars : Hayden Clark

Hayden Clark is one of those guys who immediately makes you think of sex. You can’t help but stare, watching him work out in the gym with his smooth college muscle flexing with each and every rep. He’s one of those horny college jocks that make even the straight guys give a second look. At six foot one and one hundred and seventy pounds his chiseled abs and firm pecs are stunning to look at. But in contrast to the smoothness of his chest he has these awesome hairy legs and deliciously furry butt. But one of his most striking features you won’t see at the gym unless you’re spotting him for sit ups and get really lucky or happen to luck out and end up in the showers at the same time. His nice thick cock rises out a patch of well manicured pubes and demands your attention. Even flaccid it’s impressive but when fully hard it’s a piece of art. The long thick shaft is easily a handful, with a beautiful mushroom shaped head that invites you to lean in and start sucking. Hayden bucks his hips while he jerks off this incredible dick and shoots a nice creamy load all over the gym floor.

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  1. David

    Hayden is a fuckin hunk. I love everything about him but my favorite is his cock. I would love to worship his body for hours, he has one hell of a great ass

  2. mike

    there is no such thing as a porn “star” there are porn actor’s but not star’s, just desperate people doing all they know.

  3. Willy

    Hayden is FUCKIN’ HOTTTTT!!!!!! ….and Steve, you must be blind…and or,have cock envy!!! Hayden’s is so big and thick, with a perfect mushroom head!!! I’ve seen some of his hot sex scenes and he’s fuckin’ amazing…especially love when he fucks bareback!!!! Hayden is awesome…and my future husband…lol 😉 XXX

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