Photography : Sexy Cowboy!

You’ll never see a cowboy the same way again, and you’ll probably won’t find fringe leather jackets and cowboy boots tacky anymore! Joachim Baldauf caputure Juergen Artl in this shoot entitled “Howdy” a free spirited night outing in the streets of Berlin. Sexy Cowboy, don’t you think?


Photo credit : Joachim Baldauf

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  1. wantamannow

    I am a leather pig and love it on others,,,, just because a guy puts on some boots and jacket, dont make him a cowboy.
    Also seems your more into Black guys than most are,,, where are all the men in leather ,, real men,,, not just acting. I look for guys in working clothes, jeans, dirty leather boots,,, chaps,,, that kind of thing,,,, Are there any pictures like this to show?
    What do others think??? Men come in all sizes too ,,, not just the skinny, gym jock type…. lets see some of them.

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