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Last night was the Video Music Awards. I really liked some of the performances… Adele for example, was totally amazing and she showed other artists that there is no need for bling, paillettes, dancers and multicoloured lights when you got a voice. Her performance was breathtaking! Beyoncé also did an amazing job as usual but her song choice was just soso for me! Gaga also sang her latest single ‘You and I’ personifying her alter ego Jo (same character as in her video) and she managed to stay in her character all night with no costume change. Can you believe it?

I was a bit disappointed by the Britney Spears tribute. It was a 3 minutes dance session showing clips of her greatest hits on big screen… I thought other pop stars were going to perform her songs…well that’s what VMA was advertising last week… Oh well, I guess they cut the budget for that.


(See the list of winners below the jump)

VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Katy Perry – Firework

BEST MALE VIDEO: Justin Bieber – U Smile

BEST FEMALE VIDEO: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

BEST NEW ARTIST: Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers

BEST POP VIDEO: Britney Spears – Till The World Ends

BEST ROCK VIDEO: The Foo Fighters – Walk

BEST HIP HOP VIDEO: Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

BEST COLLABORATION: Katy Perry feat. Kanye West – E.T.

BEST VIDEO WITH A MESSAGE: Lady Gaga – Born This Way


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  1. ever

    I loved gagas performance more than the others ,adele n beyonce just ordinary ,I also expected Madonna,Gaga,Katy perry n others to sing britneys hits like the said they would ,beyonce being pregnant couldn’t care less ,pitbull was good too ,that’s just my opinion according to my taste in music,lady Gaga the best of the entire show .

  2. JoshG

    The VMA’s sucked balls that year. I didn’t even watch the middle. I like lady Gaga, but she chose her most retarded song in the bunch. Same goes for J Z/Kanye and Lil Wayn. Thats a huge drop from last years show with Chelsea Handler as host.

  3. Coco Drilo

    Gaga rocked! Adele deserved the Video of The Year Award. I’m sad I got to dislike Katy Perry this year: She wore all of those awful outfits. She’s becoming a c%#t and critizices many artists with no basis. She’s not modest and was rude to Kayne (He can be an asshole but…) and underestimated him by saying that it was the first time he won a moonman when he already has 4 so far! also interacted with him like she didn’t even know she had a remix of her song featuring him. The best collaboration award should have gone to Pitbull and Ne-Yo. Justin Bieber won Best “Male” Video? Really??… Well, the damage is done and these are my just my opinions.

  4. soso

    I know I’ll catch some heat for this but….an awards show to announce your pregnancy??? Come on Beyonce’….is everything about getting attention?

  5. RemixThis7

    Gaga was by far the best, followed by Pitbull and Neyo and Naya or whoever the hell she is…Beyonce is all about attention and looked good but song sucked royally! Well, at least we know she will be taking some time off since she is carrying Jay-Z’s cracked out baby….Katy Perry….WTF…I like her and some of her stuff, but trying to be Gaga with the outfits…Not ur thing gurl! Lastly, I love Nicki Minaj…but hunty…you look like crapola! DO NOT try to attempt a Gaga look, when clearly it looks like you had a 2 year old dress u…At least Gaga does it with some kind of finesse and beauty intertwined!

  6. ChipD

    The VMA’s stopped being relevant about the time the music industry went into a tailspin. Video Music Awards? Where are those videos anymore, other than YouTube, since MTV (MediocreTV) went all-reality all the time such drek as “Jersey Shore?” Gaga dressed as a man? Ho-hum!!! Annie Lennox already did that? Beyonce pregnant and proud? Who cares besides Kanye and DaddyJay-Z?!? And a tribute to Britney? Seriously?!? Her musical comeback is about as lively as Amy Winehouse’s career. Why not have a tribute to a musical diva who’s truly in the doldrums: Whitney (I Used to Have A Career and a Voice) Houston!!! Come’on, music industry. Stop yer sleepwalkin’…Wake up!!!

  7. Joe

    The video awards were cool. The best performance was Chris Brown. I love his moves and his music. Lady Gaga looked like she was drunk…lol

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