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Another amazing Chef-d’oeuvre by Gaga. Like I said in my previous post, I’m not crazy about this song, it doesn’t do anything to me, but the videoclip is totally amazing once again. As usual Gaga has many different looks: The video opens with Gaga all dressed in black with an amazing Royal hat and what it seems to be a mechanical arm. Then we see her dancing with her crew in bondage outfits, then we see her with her male alter-ego kissing on a piano and then we see her as a mermaid, making love to her man. Yes, all that in the same video! Pure Gaga. Enjoy!



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  1. bigem196

    hi guys. could’nd get the concept of the video. i think the live version from the view was much better then this studio produced version. u guys be good.


    Wow, watching the video I was shocked to see a 45 second intro that alluded to “electro shock therapy” and “trans-humanism”. What is electro shock therapy supposed to do with this love song? Anyone who isn’t familiar with Monarch Programming, electro shock is one method used to induce Dissociation. So to see it blatantly glamorized in a video is quite sick.

    I lost a lot of respect for GAGA after she performed on the American Idol Finale, and performed “suicide” with her lead dancer at the end of the Edge of Glory performance. Teen suicide is a real issue, (especially Gay teen suicide) and also shouldn’t be glamorized as entertainment.

    Peace, Love, and Enlightenment

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