Hot or Not : Nick Youngquest

I am wondering why I am actually asking you if you think Nick Youngquest is hot or not?!

OMFG… I had an inssssstant hardon. Look at his gorgeous face, waaaa-oooowww!

I also found an amazing video on youtube… In this behind the scene, you can see the rugby player wearing underwear and sexy pants. Oufff….

Look at the bulge, at 1:25.

*Im horny !


(Check out more pictures of the man and the video, after the jump!)


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  1. JBK

    He is delicious!

    Now when do we get to see some hot dudes of color?
    Plenty of Asian, Hispanic and Afro-Americans to lust over as well.

  2. John38111

    Lukewarm. Physically he’s got the body; not quite there in the face, but how many are going to be looking at the face if they’re doing him (or vice versa)?

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