Hot or Not : Jockstraps

As a bottom, I love to wear a jockstrap. I feel like I’m offering my ass on a silver platter to a top! And since I added new pictures of my marvelous muscle-bubbly-juicy ass in a jockstrap on A4A, I get tons of messages everyday. So I figured most tops like that sexy underwear…

But few days ago, I was chatting with a guy who told me he was turned off by my jockstrap pics… He said he was more “vanilla”!

But hey, does wearing a jockstrap equal “I’m a slut that likes hardcore sex”? I don’t think so! For me it’s just a sexy manly underwear, isn’t it ?

So let me know your thoughts on the subject: Is a Jockstrap HOT or NOT?



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  1. Tyler

    I think you have to have a certain… phys-eek to pull off jock straps. And when you have it… ITS F**KING hot! And as far as being a “hardcore slut” for wearing them… well what u wear may give you that “Label” its what you do that defines it!

  2. sceguy

    Jockstraps are totally hot! Sadly, no one under 40 wears them anymore. But for those of us of a certain age, they will always stir memories of seventh grade gym class, our first exposure to mass male nudity.

  3. shorenurse

    as a bottom also, I think with the right butt jock straps are hot…I prefer commando myself….its there for the taking

  4. J

    Sooo hot! I’m vers. And I like to wear them, and love for guys to wear them. 2xist makes the best jocks….dave what’s ur a4a profile?

  5. JoeyDsInc

    Hot! I completely agree with “I feel like I’m offering my ass on a silver platter to a top!” – so true! and I love it! It doesn’t make you a slut, not at all. It’s meant for those private moments when your pants come off and… Surprise! It’s my beautiful ass waiting for you! Hahaha.

  6. Workoutbud09

    Definately Hot! Maybe I’m showing my age, but my generation grew up with mandatory jockstraps in gym. Clean or sweaty, it’s always hot to see a guy with a nicely framed ass by a jock, along with a hot pouch! Woof!

  7. Daniel King

    HOT HOT HOT! A jockstrap should be required of all guys in the gym. I try all the time to get the bottoms I meet to wear a jockstrap, but most of them don’t even own one – which is a sin in my book.

  8. gw

    jockstraps do nothing for me. much rather see a guy in a pr of nice boxers or naked. just don’t see the attraction. and btw they are not undewear.

  9. Jolly_G_Giant

    Personally I think that there are some men that jockstraps don’t look the best on ~ like me personally I don’t think I look the best in them. However, I think that they are hot when a man wears them! I have yet to have sex with a guy that had one on but I would def never tell him to take the jockstrap off if he was wearing one. I also can see where the guy could think that they are attached to ‘hardcore sex’ but I don’t believe that they are automatically linked to hardcore sex and agree with you that they are just sexy!

  10. friend4u1961

    Jockstraps are extremely hot! Love the way the straps hug a tight, muscular ass. Love to find a jockstrap underneath when a guy drops his pants!

  11. Calvin Kallstrom

    When you ask hotr not why do you only have a way to respond as a yes. How do you know how many don’t think it is hot. I don’t think jock straps ar hot. Jock straps are a turn off

  12. Pacificbearcub

    How is wearing a jockstrap considered exotic, lol I love it when guys where jocksraps its hot. Especially some of these designer ones that they sell, form fitting on the cock and open accesss to the ass, but more importantly their supportive…lol

  13. Ace

    I say HOT…I agree with you on the manliness and the PRESENTATION aspect that it gives me when im a bottom , or that i receive from others when I’m a top

  14. Robert

    Totally Hot. My man likes to fuck me when I have a jock strap on. And I likethe way his smells when he comes back from the gym….WOOF!

  15. John

    A jockstrap is hot on any guy (top, bottom, bi, gay straight)… in my opinion it shows a mans virility no matter what shape he’s in… nothing to do with being a slut or hardcore… I think he’s been watching too much porn (lol)

  16. ChipD

    Jockstraps are so HOT, they should be required for those with really tight buts and for those who aren’t so tight just to make ’em look better!!! *Slurp!!!

  17. Frank

    For me personally I ABSOLUTLY LOVE jockstraps. It’s actually a fetish for me, seeing a guy in one makes me extremely hard and reminds me of a hot football player or baseball stud. I’m a bottom also and wearing one is exactly how you described it, a silver platter. There’s nothing hotter then a hairy muscle jock in a jockstrap!

  18. David

    No, that does not make you a slut it just means you like Jockstraps. everyone has their own as to what they like. me personally I prefer to freeball it. YES, I agree jockstraps are sexy on you

  19. me

    I consider jock straps sexy , if the one using them has amazin ass and great legs, like the one in the pic you post. But if there is almost no ass or not ass at all and skinny bony legs , the jock strap is not hot!!!
    But all depends on the eye of the beholder, there are the ones that will like it no matter what and other that will dislike it no matter what . . .
    who cares anyway!!!

  20. randyb694

    Jockstraps are hot. my B F has a few different kinds and colors. When I top him, he sometimes wears one. thumbs up to jockstraps

  21. musicscott47

    Jockstraps are the hottest thing a man can wear during sex, and in general, IMO. For me, its the thought of, as you said, offering your ass on a silver platter, while still retraining the wearer from accessing their own dick.


    Screw that guy !
    jockstraps are very fucking hot! I mean players,baseballers, doesnt get much butcher then that.
    For me i ONLY wear jockstraps and am a top. I get great rim jobs! Ask me what I do with my jockstraps.
    Keep strappin that hot ass!

  23. MickeyDid

    Heck yes. I think a jockstrap is sexy on either top or bottom, and I just think it is sexy, I don’t believe it says anything about a guy’s preferences or behaviors, it just says he put on a jockstrap because he wanted our time to be sexually charged!
    One of my very first anonymous encounters (before I outgrew such things) was a guy in tight button fly jeans wearing a jock underneath. Whenever I see a guy in a jock, my fantasy goes back to that time!

  24. Kaleob


    “I love to wear a jockstrap. I feel like I’m offering my ass on a silver platter to a top!”


    “But hey, does wearing a jockstrap equal β€œI’m a slut that likes hardcore sex”? I don’t think so!”

    You have thought wrong. Well, may not about the hardcore part… but I could see it.

    To me, it looks desperate and too over the top. Maybe for some type of role playing scenario it would be acceptable, but I have doubts. This, however, is just my two cents on the matter. I could see how some people might like the whole desperate sex seeking look, but as for I.. no.

  25. PierceMN

    Yes, jocks are hot, especially when they’re not washed for a while and you can taste the left over cum through the pouch as you suck on it, getting that boner nice and hard!

  26. ever

    Personally I wouldn’t wear them ,they only look good on guys that have a perfect body, well what doesn’t look good on them lol? They turn me off on the wrong person that’s just my opinion ,the guy on the pic looks hot ,they may also make people think ur a lil bit slutty.

  27. Burke

    yes there fucling sexy, i love fucking a hot bottom in a jock with a nice bubble butt the jock is nice gives me something to hod on to while there all bent over ass up πŸ˜‰

  28. DLBOTTOM86

    I personally thing jocks and thongs are hot, some say they are feminine, but if you are a bottom like myself then you want the top to drool over your best asset, your ass. So if your ass looks good in an jock strap, rock on.

  29. Callmejohnny

    Hey Dave, they’re totally hot, all the time. But I think you left us all a bit hanging here, only mentioning your jock pics but not telling us where to see them.

  30. Shawn

    There ok I have both worn one and been fucked by a guy wearing one, they can be hot but I don’t need them to have my fun lol.

  31. william Austin

    Underwear does not make a man! And I do believe showing less is often sex-er! A cloth bulge can be a powerful turn on, even better than full disclosure! And lastly a Jock is a great place to hide your sox’s, and it causes a lot of attention…

  32. lonelybachelor

    as a bottom and when i remember to, i love to wear a jock strap for a top as well…IT IS like handing over ur ass on a silver platter lol. i sometimes just wear them to bed for comfort. i wear them swimming, sometimes as daily underwear…they are in fact just manly underwear. and if were sluts for liking manly underwear, i supposes a manly slut aint so bad.

  33. marvin

    I agree, jockstraps are sexy as hell! Especially on the right man, but he has to be comfortable in then and know his way with them on his partner to make it all hot. Wear it wear and play well…. As a bottom I’ve always loved a man in one…. Mostly out of one, but in them gets me hot enough to eat through it to get to the prize…. Yum!

  34. Jeff

    Definitely hot! I love wearing one but I do mostly when doing a group or gangbang thing. Is that hardcore? lol. Maybe so. But it does make the ass look hot. What is not hot is when tops think it is cool to grab it, wrap it tight and pull like it’s a saddle or something. It hurts and it doesn’t work. Tops pay attention. Leave the fucking waistband alone.

  35. Tim

    Like any other garment, you gotta have the body to pull it off well. A jockstrap suggests a modicum of athleticism, so an obviously out of shape guy couldn’t pull it off. I tend to think the straps frame the ass nicely, not so subtly screaming “here I am”!

  36. Aaron

    I find myself to agree with you, that jockstraps are hot, but, it all depends on who’s wearing it. Jocks look best on jocks… I can’t imagine being aroused by an anorexic twink wearing one, nor a chubby bear. Like everything else, it’s whatever floats your boat. We all have our little quirks…

  37. kumarboi

    I love wearing jockstraps. Yes, I am a bottom. Not too much into the designer jocks. Like ’em old school.

    I guess its the “hot lingerie” factor that does it for me. Thongs and g-strings are too fem in my opinion but a jockstrap – oh just love it!

  38. gb

    when i go to underwear/sex parties i always wear a jockstrap… drives the guys crazy and they are always grabbing my ass. i love it !!

  39. baldwinta

    dave –

    as a fellow bottom, i have found jock straps VERY hot. One guy i see usually has to fuck my fat ass once he sees it with the straps outlining my cheeks. and also – the pouch can become so erotically fragrant with our aroma. and if its an oral top – can any one really resist eating a cock thru the pouch of a jock?
    i will also admit (while blushing) that if i go to a theater and find myself pantless, the jock strap gets me a lot more attention!
    so, yes – i think most tops do fins a jock strap to be hot. and i love wearing them!

  40. rfgtzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah they’re hot! I, too believe in the same philosophy as you do about them. I only have (9) in my collection, but I love wearing them, as a predominantly bottom guy…

  41. Matt

    No question — jockstraps are HOT! You put one on a guy and his ass is framed perfectly! I’ve got a selection of them, including one without the leg straps (just waistband and pouch)…love wearing them under my dress pants and jeans. Definitely get some looks when you’re in the restroom, if you do it right…. πŸ˜‰

  42. LTNTOP

    I have to say that the picture on top is hot! but the jockstrap is not. However…there is something about colored jockstraps. Im a top myself and jockstraps are both a turn on a turn off. I seen my fair shares on jockstraps on various guys but a white jockstrap never does the thing and can be a turn off. However, there’s something about a colored jockstrap (blue, black, yellow, etc.) or even a leather jock that just gets me going. I love a nice bttm in a jockstrap!
    So are jockstraps HOT or NOT?
    They are HOT if colored or leather
    They are NOT if plain white (too boring and expected)

  43. Alex

    I LOVE jockstraps! As a vehement Top, there’s nothing better than to see a nice, big juicy man ass partly wrapped in one of those! And I certainly don’t consider myself to be one of the “hardcore” sex types.

    I would tend to agree with you that most tops would enjoy to see an inviting ass in a jockstrap. I know I do. So either this guy that you were taking to was either not a top, or not a “true” top. You know, one of those “tops” that won’t even lick a nice piece of GOOD man ass! What’s up with that. That’s like a straight guy not diving into the muff, lol.

  44. hahahaha

    HAHAHAHAHA i bet he also likes sleeping in 2 twin beds lol this is ridiculous doesnt matter what kind of clothes u wear lol if u have morals or what kinda sex u like …….

  45. RWK

    I think a jockstrap is quite hot. I wear them frequently…..espcially when I go to the bathhouse. Never fails to draw attention and to me, seeing a bigger than average cock suspended in a jockstrap, makes my ass twitch at the thought of that big cock slipping out of the jock to slide whole-hog up my butt.

  46. MrAHerveaux

    That person…who did not like probably a baby in the woods..nothing hotter than a man in a jockstrap thats hugging all his manhood nice and snug shaping his package and then if thats not enough..delivering a nice ass up and out on display for the world to see..yum never mind about the way a jockstrap smells when a guy takes it off but thats another topic another day……

  47. Jai Gonzalez

    i love rimming and fucking a hot ass in a jock strap and when i get fucked wearing one….i feel like i can take 10″ n not even be in pain from how turned on i am.

  48. John

    Dave, Yea I love jock straps I have about 6 different ones myself. I wear them under my work clothes and great for getting a eye full at the gym. Also great for underwear nights at the bar. Most guys have either blk or a white one but I also have red and yellow too. They are great for support of course but get on a red one under white gym shorts and see who watching. There is something about a guy wearing one that makes him look sexy and more manly.

  49. dave

    a jockstrap gave me jock itch, plus jock straps remind me of the jock wearing Jocks, who in my school were blatant assholes, so there is too much negative connotations associated with jock straps for my part. There are a few tops I have disappointed in that way, but it is NOT hot to me.

  50. Chet09

    I love to wear a jockstrap – especially one that has been worn by another man. I love the feeling of having my penis in the pouch where another man’s penis has been.

  51. Brett

    I think a white jock strap, is very hot. Probably because it reminds me of what I would see in the shower room after games. I still have fantasies about plowing their tight asses framed by that white jock strap. Makes an ass that I am going to top look manly … like taking a straight guy’s ass with my throbbing tool.

  52. Shangots

    My man loves me in a colored jock strap and I like wearing them since I precum so much, so I would say Jock Straps are HOT HOT HOT Now a leather one would be INSANE

  53. Boo

    HOT! Versatile here.. well.. versatile bottom.. haha.. and I love jocks.. it’s def a fetish thing for me.. but I love to run and workout.. and a jock is just as much functional as it is sexy for me.. keeps everything in place πŸ™‚ but outside the gym or the track.. love letting a top strip me to reveal my luscious booty framed and ready to play with πŸ™‚

  54. Pop_Rox

    i’m a vers bttm with a major underwear fetish and I love jock straps. To have a man, top or not, in a jock as well i think is hot! I have them in all different fabrics and colors: from ribbed to sheer.

    Dave, if that is your ass in that jock. That is a hot ass!

  55. hotrover

    Oh man, jock straps make for awesome bulges and an even my awesome framed ass. So hot when pull down outter wear and greeted by big bulge and framed butt. Total turnon and instant hard wood and oozing precum!

  56. IanRock

    Jocks, sexy underwear, bikinis, etc…all hot!! Hate boxers and “boxy” draws on any man; top/bottom or otherwise. Damn..presentation fellas…say it with me: PRESENTATION!
    If worn with masculinity and swag? Very sexy…anybody and everybody can just “get nekkid”; maybe its the “bi” in me, but yeah, give me something to “frame” and “accent” the body and the ass…jus sayin..

  57. Ondra

    Not Hot…I always thought guys wear them to make their asses look better…Pretty much in the same category as guys who take ass pics bent over.

  58. Johnathan

    I think jock straps are not hot, not sexy….it’s just a way for a guy to think he has a bigger dick than he really does.I think they are as sexy as watching to two gold fish mate….

  59. bryan

    I love jockstraps on a nice small frame. I don’t necessarily think one would be slutty for wearing one. I think they’re comfortable. And whoever said jockstraps arent underwear is a…… well they aren’t the smartest of ppl. You WEAR it UNDER your normal clothes. Hence the term underwear? But hey you learn something new everyday am i right?

  60. grant

    The Jockstraps is a sexy piece of underwear. If a user put up a pic like that and in there profile they are asking or one and one sex or relationship. then it will come accross trashy.

    In addition, guy how like the jock guys will think u a fem. Cause these guys always put there business in ur face….. you loud.

    In short…. sexy but too loud for dating

  61. Peter

    Very Hot!
    Nothing hotter than a hot jock stud left in his jockstrap at the locker. If I had known then , what I know now… I would have paid a lot closer attention in P.E.

  62. Jeff

    Personally I think jocks are totally hot. I am mostly btm and I love how the straps frame my ass for a top. I also totally get off on guys that wear jocks was underwear (as I do). I love when a guy unbuttons his pants and I see the waistband of a jock… Total Turn On!

  63. Not_so_ez

    Seeing a guy wearing a jock can send me from zero to over the moon. The way the straps frame a perky bubbly ass, gets me going thinking about it. I love to play while wearing one.

  64. Ed

    I think that jockstraps are only situationally hot. If you just came from football practice, smelling like sweat, dirt all over and you have on a jockstrap, your fucking sexy. But if we decide to go home together after meeting up at the club and I see one of those under your pants, huge turn off. And its not because I think your a slut, I mean hello, you came home with me from the club. The turn off is that it loses its masculinity. It goes from an essential accessory for your sport, to just an accessory. Its kinda like the girl who walks around in a thong for everyone to see, instead of using it to hide panty lines. Not exactly slutty so much as it is unnecessary.

  65. FangBanger86

    If you’re not a jock, don’t wear a jock strap. If you have a small butt…No jock strap for you either. Certain things aren’t for everyone.

  66. gaee

    I personally hate them i donΒ΄t get why everyone loves them
    i think they look gay hahaha.
    turn off!and not even situational, boxers are awesome.

  67. Its the truth

    Hot if you actually have an ass worth looking at to begin with. Saggy old asses, obese asses, and flat asses look even worse in them

  68. Thom

    Yes. I like to be in one, and I like to see guys in them. My “clothing fetish” is underwear, I suppose. But yeah, a jockstrap… that’s good times.

  69. 32934

    Yes, Jockstraps are Hot! But underwear that lift a man’s package are hotter. Love to look at both. As far as being identified with a “slut” I have never thought of wearing them in that way. I love looking a hot men in sexy anything! F..k, I’m gay, what else would I want!

  70. tentpole30

    Almost any reasonably nice looking butt catches my attention. And then when you frame the image with a jock strap… Definitely HOT!

  71. Matt

    Love them! Make an ass look great framed between those straps! I really like getting my ass eaten and fucked while wearing one and vice versa!

  72. Paul

    Im a gay chub bottom and love to wear jockstraps when I put one on Im looking to get when a guy pulls on it when he is banging me

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