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We have all heard it, “He is not bi, he is gay and afraid to come out”. Well, it is time for those that believe this to think again! Contrary to a 2005 study, a new study titled: “Sexual arousal patters of bisexual men revisited” which was accepted for publication June, 2011, states that true bisexuality does seem to exists.

This study included 35 bisexual men, 31 homosexual men, and 34 heterosexual men, from greater Chicago recruited from “Internet personal advertisement lists from those respective populations”.

Sexual identity (homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual) was stated by each participant and levels of sexual attraction to women versus men was rated on the Kinsey scale.

Participants were shown 3 minute videos and then stated if they were aroused (subjective arousal). They were also checked for genital arousal using an indium/gallium strain gauge that measured changes in penile circumference (simply stated they checked to see if participants started to get a chubby).

The study found that on average, the bisexual men in the study had ‘distinctly bisexual’ patters of both genital and subjective arousal.

So, the next time you think or say “come out” to someone that claims to be Bi, think again, because it appears, they are out and not only are they out, but they have twice the chance for a date this weekend!


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  1. Jeff

    I am truly bi and happy to see this study. I really enjoy sex with my wife (have it 3x week) and also crave cock play now and then. would like that more often, but being bi is complicated.

  2. JIm

    As a gay man, I have no problem with bi guys just as long as there is FULL disclosure. Tell their wives and gf’s and all is good. However most of the time, it DOES not happen and they stay closeted. Sad truly sad!!

  3. Redspin

    So you are saying that the hot Irish construction worker who comes over to suck dick and get his brains fucked out is bi? funny cause he claims he is straight. He really likes a dick up his ass and He still dates women but does not ever seem to get laid, not even satisfactorily in his words. Kinda confused here. You figure a 30 yr old guy would know by now even if his job is extremely homophobic.

  4. Larry D Fowler

    I have dated bot women and men (it is almost starting to even out with men being my primary focus lately. i don’t care what people label themselves. it is their right and the rest of us should respect that. having said that the study you are quoting is flawed in so many ways I don’t know where to begin.

  5. Jason

    Sure there are men who are actually bisexual, however in small town USA, claiming to be bisexual is usually trying to put a pretty face on being gay.

  6. william Austin

    It has been stated: That when the Bi-Sex comes out of the closet; that it will be the biggest migration in the history of the world! Estimated a possible 80%

  7. Stephan

    Dear Redspin,

    Thank you for your experience and bringing up an interesting and important topic, one of my favorites in fact.

    I think your experience is common. The question to me is; Can a person be straight and still enjoy being fucked? I think the answer is: absolutely!

    Many men enjoy having their anus, rectum and prostrate stimulated with a toy, a finger, a penis, or something else. And many of these men that are into being anally stimulated RIGHTLY retain their heterosexual identify.

    I do not believe that an attraction to men is a prerequisite to the enjoyment of any same-sex behavior, especially being fucked.

    Any male (regardless of their orientation) can enjoy the physical pleasure of sex with another man without needing to be attracted to men.

    Anal stimulation using a penis feels better than anal stimulation using a toy or other object, there is life behind it for one reason.

    It is important to acknowledge that one can enjoy anal stimulation with a toy without being attracted to rubber!

    I am convinced that sexual behavior does no need to match sexual orientation at all.

    Stimulation of the sexual organs (including the anus, rectum and prostate) feels good, and its time we all consider dropping the orientation labels and prejudices.

    Thankfully, not everyone’s behavior fits into a well defined category!



    great survey, I love fucking woman, but I also love sucking cock and geting fucked. It all depends on what I want that day. There fore I say be who you want to be.

  9. marty843

    Wow! You deniers kill me. Stephan is 100% on target. I don’t know if I’m bi or straight based on labels. I know I’m sexual. I know I’m emotionally and physically attracted to women. I know I can play with some men, but I don’t have an emotional attraction to men. I do have an attraction to carnal pleasure. Sexually, I’m bi. Emotionally, I’m straight. Call me what you will. Deny me what you will. It doesn’t matter. I know who I am. What I don’t understand is why that bothers some of you.

  10. AEDUDE25

    Marty843… I’m the same exact way! I get emotionally attached to women and like being with them, kissing them, dates and flirt with them all the time. But I do enjoy the pleasure of messing around with a guy but feel no emotion to them, never dated any, just had sex. I can’t label myself gay because I am attracted to women and wouldn’t date a guy but can’t label myself straight because from time to time I jump in the sack with another man.

  11. Bi people are real

    It’s sad that some of these gays can’t deal with the fact that some people just aren’t exclusive to one sex and like something out of both of them. How bigoted, especially for a gay community.

  12. Patrick

    I’m not gay. I’m bi. If I were gay, I don’t think I’d have a problem accepting that at all. I love sex with men and women. Lately, I probably have sex with men more than women. But my view of being gay is less about the kind of sex you like, and more about who you fall in love with. I don’t think I could be emotionally invested in a long-term relationship with a man. It just wouldn’t feel right to me. I can have that type of relationship with a woman. In the end, I guess none of us fit perfectly under one label or another.

  13. Mark

    I wrote this on another article but thought it pertinent here too:

    It is because society likes to view sexuality as polar. One or the other and no variety in the extent of attraction. Underneath we are all human with different physical traits. I find traits about Men, Women, and some shared by both to be attractive. To me, we should reconsider trying to find why someone is straight or gay because not all gay people find the same thing attractive nor do straight. You are not born straight or gay, you are born being you, which can include an attraction to an assortment of features from both men and women. Fall in love with someone: male, female, or someone in between, and be happy with that. You don’t need to bottle it into a definitive word,just be you!

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