Contest : Vote now for the nicest pecs!

Hi Guys!

Sorry I’m a little late for this one, because I had problems with my computer in my NYC trip…. But now here are the photos of the “pec” edition!! I selected the 7 best ones for you to vote for. I kept the photos that were not blury and on which we could see pecs. Some funny guys sent me random pictures again…

You have now 10 hours to vote for the best ass (until 11:59 today, monday) and the winner will be announced wednesday morning!

Click below to see the 20 hottest photos! Ready, set, vote !!!


[nggallery id=5]

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  1. g w

    my vote goes to the last pic. i will always take a hairy chested guy before muscles or a great tan any day or night. just sorry there weren’t more haiy pecs to choose from.

  2. Shilo

    Damn . . . The black guys always get the most dislikes. Not only are we gays superficial and shallow but we’re also a little racist.

    • blog

      Shilo, again, I dont think we are racists. It all depends on taste. Sonme like yellow, some white, some black, some red….

  3. Anchor

    None of these are really a turn on if you’re into older men, which is what this site is all about. could we see some of the rejects?

    • blog

      Danno50, we received many bad bad photos to be honnest … and some photos with guys wearing their t-shirts…so no pecs…

  4. Darryl

    A great set of pecs is always good eye candy when window shopping. You don’t have to be a model in order to have a great body. Good luck guys, i have my favorite, hope he wins.

  5. Guybeenthinking

    I dont think gay guys are racists. Because that would mean gay guys would think their own race was better then all others. As a whole we may be biased towards certain races but I mean MOST people are, weather they admit it or not.

    Yes, most guys aren’t attracted to black guys, including a lot of black guys. But its their preference and weather or not its prejudice, biased, racist, or just simply wrong. It doesn’t matter. Its who they are and its probably not going to change because you call them racist.

    So suck it up butter cup and find someone who likes you for you and ignore everyone else.

    Sidenote: I think gay guys in large reflect the extremes of the culture they live in. So it would only make sense that most gay guys in America would show some bias away from black men in toward other races. Because lets face it, America is young for a country and in its not so distant past the government supported racial prejudice and bais. And their are people still living that lived during that time not to mention ideas and concepts that are still much so alive in the american culture that came from that period. But we are growing. You just got to roll with the punches and be the change you want to be. Or move to another country. lol Much love guys! C ya.

  6. KMini

    Yeah, no guy with any ethnicity is ever going to win any of these contests. I don’t know why they bother. My gay friends are all about the “Hitler Youth” look.

    Which is good, more dark meat for me 🙂

  7. thickmuscle2

    I am one of the guys on todays pec list. I am 49 an proud of it. For those into older me, sometimes we really dont look our age. 🙂

  8. joshg

    I have an idea on next contest 1. Hottest tattoos just because there are so many variation or B. Funniest/best pubes trimming.

  9. Josh

    I just wish you would admit that even though there is “preference,” most of the time, that comes to the disadvantage of any race that’s not white thanks to what has been constantly pushed as the ideal form of beauty. My preference has always been for black men, but that’s not even because of looks. I tend to form more substantial relationships with them.

    Shout out to FuckStar for making it up here, though!

  10. skindad

    Sensual nipples on a set of beautiful pecs can be used to turn on the irresistable desire for attention to the rest of the male body. Squeeze, bite or torture my tits and you have a complete slave to worship and service your needs.

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