Contest : And the winner for nicest pecs is…

Wow lot’s of vote again !!

So this week’s winner is athleticdudemtl with884 votes!! I think he lives in Montreal and NYC so you have twice more chance to meet him! Click here to see his profile! Congratulation to athleticdudemtl, you are A4A dude of the week!

 Runner up is centresud514 with 708 votes and 3rd place is thickmuscle2 with 463 votes !
Thanks again to everybody for participating and sending amazing pics! Check out the next contest soon and get ready to submit your best picture for the chance to win the “Dude of the week” title and get lots of new friends on A4A! If you become the Dude of the week, you get more clicks = more friends = more hookups!


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  1. nick

    maybe a contest for guys that don’t have the biggest cock, or guys that have a stomach. i know those guys are on here too. or best nipples, best balls, it just seems unfair that all the guys to choose from are a little to perfect and i know thats part of the fantasy but reality is not everyone looks like that and it would be nice to be represented on here.

  2. fasteddy106

    Nice choices for winners. But I have to laugh at Nick’s comment. I mean how do judge a contest when the criteria is mediocrity?

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