Watch this: Gaga stole the gays from Madonna, Act 2

This is the part 2 of the hilarious parody posted last week. Gaga’s dominance of pop culture and her hold on “the Gays” continues to upset Madonna. Check it out to see what will happen!! What I love about this parody is that the impersonator actually looks like the actual celibrities (lol)




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  1. Carl Cox

    funny skit. Whats pathetic is Gagadonna has actually stolen idea’s and art from other people and orginal artists-which incidentally never get props, altered others art then regurgitated it back to consumers for profit, while making themselves seem like angels by using charity or organizations run by real gay people, to gain sympathy or empathy. Meanwhile very few others get ahead and lose material. Both are gold diggers, and found a safe way to use people as they do not have to have sex with homosexuals. Drag queens are hilarious, and could use the publicity, why would they say “no” nobody else uses them or “cares”. None the less gay people have treated anything feminine like garbage for years. Something to think about while being manipulated by the media, capitalists and gender identity.

  2. Chad

    Lady Gaga needs another 30 years of music before we can even compare them. No song of Gaga can beat top 20 songs by Madonna yet.

  3. ajbbincubus

    LOL!!.. This was pretty funny, but I thought the first one was funnier. I’d love to see more of these skits, they’re entertaining to watch, thanks for posting them bud!!..

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