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About 5 months ago we had a group of cub scouts on board the USS John C Stennis for a tour and as the officer in charge of the tours I had direct contact with the leaders of all the tours. So on the day of this specific tour I met the leader of this troop on the dock as well as his scouts. This leader was one of the sexist men that I have ever seen. He was 6 ft 2 in. Gorgeous short blonde hair, eyes as blue as the ocean, forearms of a god and through his shirt I could see an amazing body.

After introducing myself the tour begins. Throughout the tour I kept staring inconspicuously at his crotch. Towards the end of the tour we brought the cubs to the galley for lunch. At that time, the leader asked me if he could get a private tour of the engine room. I was more than excited and said yes way too fast and he just laughed.

Once in the empty engine room he turned me around and said “I saw you checking me out.” At that point I just froze. Next thing I know he was slowly taking his clothes off. I just stood there admiring his sexy body looking down from his gorgeous face to his sexy six pack then to his jaw dropping coco which looked like it was about 8 inches long and extremely thick. I got an immediate hard on.

I started to take off my uniform but then he stopped me. He then took it off of me, told me to kneel down and to close my eyes. I did as he said. A few minutes later I opened my eyes as he was tying my arms to a pipe over my head. Then he shoved his delicious cock in my mouth and just started skull fucking me, shoving it all the way down my throat  pumping in and out over and over again. He was moaning as he shot his load down my throat. I swallowed all of his warm salty cum.

Then, he told me to stand up and he shoved his whole Dick in my ass. I start moaning as he was fuck the shit out of me. After about 10 mins he released another huge load.

After a few mins of intense kissing he went down on me. His luscious lips on my Dick felt amazing and I shot what felt like a pound of cum down his throat and he swallowed it all.

He then started teasing me rubbing his ass on my dick. After a few minutes, I just shoved it in. He was riding it like crazy. I shot another load. We then noticed the time and immediately got dressed to meet the cubs.

By hotsa1lor1990


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  1. longstrokin

    I would like to say that , I have gotten a hardon just reading the story. I wish that could have been me in the the troup.. good luck cubs.

    • blog

      NotGettingTrolled: Dude, i’m posting stories from members…so sometimes, some are nicer, sometimes some are less interesting… But after reading all the comments, I think you are one one the few that don’t like that one. But it’s fine, for each his own.

  2. Ryan

    Umm, maybe we aren’t trying to be rude. It was extremely poorly written. Also if the setting wasn’t fake then the guy writing this admitted to where he works which is kinda dumb.

  3. barryst

    if it is a true story, it is very hot
    I do find it hard to believe you BOTH came twice
    true or not, I enjoyed it

  4. danno50

    Does not sound true but a good story never the less. I am not so sure about involving Cub Scouts tho. Kind of weird

  5. ajaj

    Really guys its a story. True or not. It was f#$%ing amazing! And a guy can cum countless times. Just depends on what mood your mind and body are in.

    The one who wrote it and/or put it up thank you for the story made my mind generate one of the most amazing visuals ever!!!!!!

  6. latinobttm

    I think that the story is fake…but like Will Austin said…the story is to good to be true, but thats what fantasy dreams are made of.
    I always dream of finding muself a nice guy who i can love n respect and vice-versa. But that dream doesn’t seem to be wanting to come true.

  7. mike

    This story is sooooo hot I got a hard on just reading it so sexy. I wish something like that would happen to me.

  8. wammo

    Their first responsibilities were to the cubs, not their own lust. I don’t like their neglect of their duties, fantasy or not.

  9. Adam

    Mr. Blog…
    I too did not like the story… first off… there are minors under the guys care (big fuck up)… second… most guys I know like to smoke (something) once they cum. Take a minute and bask in the glow of post orgasmic sexathon.
    So it just seems like the story is a little contrived. But it’s all cool. I agree with you that to each his own on the fantasy. I personally would like to hear a REAL story with all the goofy untold stuff that we all worry about…or fuss over…and still manage to get laid in spite of ourselves.
    I think Zag and Notgetting trolled comments were pretty fair in their disgust. So for you two specifically (Zag and Not getting trolled) I’m going to take a few days…and recount the first time I ever had gay sex… you will laugh your head off… I still do.
    Anyways… I feel better now…lol yeahh!

  10. dragon

    I’ve tasted a lot of cum but I’ve never tasted any that was “salty”. Was he mistaking piss for cum? Wait, piss isn’t salty either. Nice fantasy though.

  11. stodgord

    It is fake. How could you have your arms over your head, tied to a pipe, then have the guy kneel you down to suck and then have you stand up to fuck you??? The body dynamics are not there. Anyways, those engine rooms have a rover patrol coming buy at least once an hour, even in port.

  12. Abro

    An empty engine room on a Major US carrier, in port or not is highly unlikely, esp. considering this is a nuclear powered warship it would probably need constant monitoring. Not to mention this being an active ship in the fleet that certain areas would be off limits even to crew in certain high security areas. Being an officer on the ship this guy would know it and would he really risk his rank to show some unknown stranger some of the more sensitive areas of a ship, considering the environment we currently live in with terrorist? This is totally a fabricated story. And it’s not all that not.

  13. Michael

    Hmm, I remember BEING a cub scout & awfully turned on by the other boys in our group or pack (I don’t remember much about scouts, but I do remember this..)..once in particular, after the meeting we went out back -this was a very small rural town in the Pacific Northwest- & were playin’ around when one of the guys told us about an old toilet in a shed next door. We all went over there & with some kidding & prodding, we all were standing around with our pants down, dicks out & peeing together into this abandoned john. I don’t know about the others, but I thought the whole thing was hot as hell; all these guys I knew, peeing & playing with their dicks! And each looking at the other kid! I had very clear idea of what I would LIKED to have done at that moment, but of course I didn’t…wish I had tho’..!

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