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It was the summer I turned 18, school just let out and I decided to kick off the summer by staying over at my best friend’s house. I had stayed over a few times before, but it was always just me and him and his mom was usually watching tv in the living room. I had never met my friend’s dad before but he came into my friends room, we were playing games. I turned my head to see this 6’2 man at the door. He was a construction worker, he was all sweaty and dirty, he had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, his arms were huge and his body was ripped. He was buff as a greek god, absolutely gorgeous. I just stared at him up and down from his boots and tight jeans to his crotch where I could see his huge package, he wasn’t hard but I could still see his member. He walked and sat with us and said :

-” So boys what you guys got planned for the summer” ?

-” Well I’m gonna work a bit and save up money and just have fun” I said.

-“Cool!”  he said, then he left.

Later that night me and my friend were playing games and watching movies until it was time for bed, but I was not sleepy, I had to much chips and soda so I was wired and awake. I went out into the living room to watch tv. I was out there by myself for a good half hour until I heard a door. I look towards the hallway and out of the dark was my friend’s dad in his underwear. I was about to faint when I saw his half naked body into the light from the tv.

-“Can I join you?” he said.

-“Sure” I replied.

-“So what are you doing awake so late?”

-“I Could not sleep”

– “I hear ya, the wife is asleep and didn’t want to get some, if u know what I mean. So I cant sleep either because I got that on my mind” he said to me as he looked at me up and down.

In my head I was wondering why he was telling me all this, then he looked over and said :

-“Are you ok?”

-“Yes, I’m fine” I replied.

– “Was that to much info for you?  I know you’re a bit young but you are a man” he said.

We sat in silence for a little bit then he said to me :

-“so how old are u now?”

-“I’m 18”.

-“Cool so you’re older than my son”

-“Yes I am im a grade above him”

-” You look good for your age”

-” Thanks, I’ve been working out a lot to staying active”.

-“Nice, how do you think I look?”

– “You look good, you are very fit hope I can look like that one day”

Next thing you know he put his arm around me, I froze… I was so in shock! This hot sexy man was touching me

-“Is this ok? ” he asked.

-“Of course” I said.

Next, he started kissing my neck and rubbing my chest. My heart was racing so fast I felt it was gonna fly outta my chest. Next he turns my chin so I face him he starts to kiss me and slides his tongue into my mouth and his hand is now on my crotch. He starts unzipping my pants and undoing my button, next thing I know my pants and underwear are down by my ankles. He looked at me with a huge smile. Seconds later, this hot older man is down by my dick with his tongue on my balls, he licks up and down my shaft til he finally slides my whole shaft down his throat. I tried to moan and then he stopped and tells me to be quiet because his wife and son are a few feet away. Then he continues to massage my dick with his warm mouth. He then stands up and takes his underwear off revealing to me his hard cut thick cock. I immediately got to my knees and put his hard dick in my mouth, he threw his head back and tried not to moan. I sucked him like a pro even though it was only my second time giving head. He then bent over spreading his ass wanting me to rim him. I got my tongue deep in his ass licking all over his yummy hole. Then suddenly, I felt his hand on my head pushing my face deeper into his ass, then he suddenly grabs my cock, aims it his whole as he slowly slides me deep inside of him. It was so tight and warm being inside him, it felt so good. Once I was all the way in, he starts going crazy on my dick riding it thrusting me in and out of him, I was moaning.

Then he got on all fours and asked to me to continue fucking his hot ass. I got behind him and I start thrusting and pounding his hot hole again, till I shot my load. Then, I started jacking him off, thrusting and jerking his cock with my hand. I was fingering his freshly fucked hole as he was masturbating, till he shot his huge load all over me. It was the hottest time I’ve ever had!


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  1. Mike

    Damn!I wish I had a friend’s dad like that when I was growing up instead of a fat asshole son-in-law.Maybe I wouldn’t have got married and have to be in the closet.

  2. Tris

    Hot storry but not the ending i wanted lol if that happened to me, id be on that dick so damn fast! i mean a 6ft 2 buff construction worker…. WOOF!!!!

  3. Curtis

    Sound similat to my first experience except i was “forced” to suck and bottom for an older athletic first cousin. i suckwd him offbthen walked home with his large load leaking out of my ass. Thi same scenario contibued until after i graduated from college; despite the fact he got married.. heonly wanted head and 2 fuck ass with his fat black cock. i never sais”no” or complained.

  4. Armond

    That shit was hot and if my roommate was not in here I would have bet my meat. I guess I will wake-up with fresh morning wood. LOL!!

  5. Dave


    Sorry you went through that “got married/closet” thing.

    I’d been closeted up to my 29th year, having already spent six years trying to “straighten out” in a religious “reparative therapy” group, but decided upon my 30th birthday that I just couldn’t do it any more.

    I had met a lovely older married couple in Italy the year before, and had really enjoyed maintaining contact with the man and his wife…both very young and extremely active for their ages (they were roughly the same age as my own parents, who were far less active). They lived in Washington, DC and I lived in L.A.

    As a “practice session” for coming out to my own family, I wrote a letter to Graham and Nancy, and shared the fact that I was gay. It was one of the first times I’d used the word in front of a non-gay person. I figured I KNEW my own parents were going to take it badly, but I’d get a chance at a “test drive” of how it worked (or didn’t) when they answered my letter.

    They couldn’t have been more sweet, reassuring, thoughtful and respectful, assuring me that their affection for me had nothing to do with my sexuality; they just thought I was a wonderful young man when they met me in Florence, and still felt I was exactly the same now that they knew my secret. They both signed the letter “With love…”

    Digging into the envelope, I noticed another letter there, more like a quickly written short note than the “real” 3 or 4 page typed letters I’d come to expect from Graham and his wife throughout our correspondence.

    The note was from Graham, and in it…he came out to me! He told me I must not do what he had felt forced to do by his societal position in that time (this goes back to the 1930s or so), when he was a young, single, eligible (and secretly gay) man in Boston’s high society. His family expected a marriage and children. He felt he had no choice in the matter.

    “But above all,” he said, “don’t waste a moment of your life trying to be something you’re not, or living to make other people happy with you.”

    That man literally changed my life that day, and I was grateful for his courage and honesty in sharing his secret with me, and I respected that secrecy for the rest of the couple’s lives. I don’t know that Nancy ever knew of Graham’s unfulfilled needs.

    By the time I got around to talking with my own parents, I was in a completely different frame of mind. I wasn’t a flawed character begging their pity. I was a happy 30 year old who’d been told by Graham in that note to “breathe in as much of life as each day allows.” That change in my own attitude about how I felt as a gay man revolutionized the reaction of my parents. They’ve become so loving and accepting that they still consider my ex (with whom I’m still great friends) to be their other son!

    IT’s still not always easy to be young and gay. But it’s gotten a lot better, and will continue to do so.

  6. peteyboy

    I have a good friend whos dad is SMOKIN HOT too but i never had sex with him, He knows i want to just by the way he looks at me and when im over my friends house, he always comes out with no shirt on an his boxer briefs, he stares at me and i know he wants me to suck his cock, he definitly enjoys teasing me but if my friend ever found out, i know it would freak him out. When i go home i beat my meat to a pulp thinking about him.

  7. David

    Damn! This story/article got me hard and boned up. I wish that was me with that dad or maybe a threeway with them both. The dad sounds like a fuckin hunk. I would let that dad do as he wanted to me, and not have him ask me if it was alright or ok

  8. Darryl

    Now that’s a story, alot of older guys are still have it in many way so all you young guys take note, you can still be hot into your 40 and 50’s. You’ll find out.

  9. James

    Damn, that was a hot story. My dick got super hard reading this. I wish I would have had some experiences like that when I was younger and could use more of them now as I’m older.

  10. Uhhh

    So are these supposed to be the lamest 18 year olds in the world or something?

    “…it was time for bed, but I was not sleepy, I had to much chips and soda so I was wired and awake.”

    What the fuck? It’s the summer after graduation! This was obviously written by an old man somewhere.

  11. PurplE

    Now, if you don’t mind a comment from the other side….the “Daddy” side of this story…..much to my amazement, the last several months have found me in the Daddy side, me being at retirement age, but in decent shape, having guys that could be my grandsons coming on to me, just to find they are confused straight boys…..married or with girl friends, some with children….wanting to have sex with a DADDY!!! OK, I’m not complaining, but the boys do come on to the daddy types too! Does kinda boost my ego, that’s for sure.

    In response to Dave’s letter to Mike, I don’t find that any of these confused boys want to change their ways (they need to consider for sure)…..go through life conforming to rules of society, and continuing to be with women but seeking sex with men! Oh well, I don’t think they will be converted, but has been wonderful for me. Hopefully they will find the path they need to persue, and be happy and fullfilled.

    This could be an entirely new reality show for Dr. Drew….”Str8boy rehab and conversion”…Dr PurplE at your service!

  12. D

    It was always a fantasy of mine to get with a friend’s hot dad, but sadly it never happened. I’m 22 now and the men I’m usually attracted to are old enough to be my father. Over half the men I have been with have been twice my age, although I’m not really into the “daddy” thing. Older men are more experienced, mentally stable (at least more so than younger guys), and know what they want. They’re so sexy, especially when they’re still active, athletic, and “young” acting.

  13. pittcman

    Many times, I saw dads of my friends who were so damn hot and I wanted them so much, but it never happened. Now that I am the older guy myself, I regret that I never found that perfect dad to have sex with. I did have an older cousin who played around some with me as teenagers and he was hot and hung ! I still find older guys hot today, especially hot, masculine, well built hairy guys !

  14. Jorge

    DAMN…………Wish I also had a friends father mess with me, or have father and son sex………HOT! Is there any sites where we/I can read stories like this?


  15. ricky

    As a kid my frineds dad sucked me off alot, i was 9 cut at 16, I was amazed he had no gag refelx and took my load in his throat. This went on for about 3 years. We would hang in the garage….Nobody ever knew, was fun!

  16. Mike

    Damn that was hot! This story made me horny as hell! I couldn’t help but get naked and start jacking off. I wish my friend’s dad was like this!

  17. goldenloverinmym

    yea as a closet dweller,had a cpl of friends with hot dads but never had anything happen,but now i’m the dad and do enjoy the company of young guys,but i’ve been the younger guy in sum relationships and have great times with both.DDDD

  18. redfish7

    Growing up it seemed a lot of my friends dads were hot as hell, they were everything I thought was hot, I wanted to do things to them but never did, it’s amazing now living single in a family neighborhood, how many dads I’ve sucked off, wives just don’t put out, men need to be sucked off on a regular basis,

  19. goldenloverinmym

    well over a year + has passed since I 1st posted about this,and things have gotten hotter as I get older,was in a ltr with 48 year old out man hot uncut latino since he’s moved on I floundered about for a while and almost commited suicide. have since pulled my head out of my ass and gone on with life and it’s gotten better. I accidently outed myself in a e-m to some coworkers and friends n some family.i was a mess for awhile talked to my gay out friends they helped me put things into perspective.since then my sex life is better than ever have met several younger men.A 23 yr college wrestler-a 33 yr old farm guy-a 19 yr old twink and they all wanted daddy dick so I gave them what they wanted.WOW what a ego boost and to have the twink come back many times and then want to fuck me omg I was in heaven.i must be doing things right. but while doing the twink is hot n fun there is no future with him so seeking a man that is seeking the same thing as me. A friend lover partner somebody to share and enjoy the ups n downs of life together.any younger guys that read this look me up still here and actively looking for love.Dean

  20. radar

    My first partner was 25 years older than I, I was 25, he was 50. He was a hot fucker, sex 2 or 3 times a day, good quality too. Now I am 53 and am getting hit on by a few younger guys here, it is an ago boost, but looking for something that will last. There is something stable about older men but I am seeing more younger guys looking for LTRs which is great

  21. greeneyes

    My first real sxual experience was with my college roommate, a man at least 10 years older than I. It was summer school after freshman year, and I was with this hot latina who was actually still a high school.She was in some kind of program to get her GED.At that young stage in my life, I never went after girls, and was alays suprised when I found myself in relationships with them.She had a girlfriend who also had a boyfriend, and sotetimes we double-dated,especiacially since he had a car, I had sold mine. He was very handsome,and phisically fit, like I was, both jocks, and like I said older, and more experienced. He was from NYC, where I was from A very small town at the very eastern end of Long Island, some 3 hours away by car.We 4 went off campus a lot,especially to eat, or to the movies, and I had a great time, especially after having lived a very socially isolated in the rural countryside. Yes I definately appreciated his sophisticated urban character, and as secretly grateful he accepted me as his equal.In those days I didn’t know anything about gay or straight.I didn’t even know that anything more was even possible, except hanging out with the girls.
    Well summer came

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