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I don’t travel a lot on business, and for that I’m grateful, but when I do, at least there’s a fringe benefit that has nothing to do with work. It gives me the opportunity, occasionally, to find a decent hot guy to play with. Sometimes there’s even someone staying in the hotel who is a likely playmate and last week, I was lucky enough to find two at once. My company puts me up in nice hotels, thankfully, and if nothing else there may be some hot guys down at the pool or jacuzzi, so I usually make my way down there to relax every evening. Soaking in the warm water with a refreshing swim afterward is my reward, but this evening good fortune had brought a busload of university hotties in a soccer tournament to the hotel. By the time I got down to use the jacuzzi, it was pretty late, and the swimming pool area was pretty well cleared out. But while I was hunting down a pool towel, two young men walked in and dropped their stuff on lounges before making their way to the jacuzzi. One was fairly plain, with dirty blonde hair and a smooth muscular body and the other was more striking, with brown hair, including a treasure trail that stood out against his tanned skin.

They were talking back and forth over the noise of the jacuzzi jets as I stepped into the bubbling water, and neither glanced my way until I had settled in and stretched my arms out. I wished them a good evening and they responded politely, so I asked where they were from. Jason, the blonde, and his buddy, Adam, were from outside of Chicago, and they explained a little about the tournament they were on their way to. We talked sports a little and then things quieted down again. Jason gave Adam a nod, and the two of them got out and made a dash for the pool, jumping in with as much splashing as possible, and they continued to roughhouse in the water as they cooled off. Adam got a splash ball from their stuff and tossed it into the water, and they took turns throwing the ball and catching as they jumped into the pool from the side. I was enjoying the view, their wet board shorts clinging to their tight asses and occasionally showing a hint of bulge from the front. Finally, I’d had enough of the jacuzzi, and got out, making my way to the pool and jumping in to cool off. I stayed close to the one end and continued watching the show.

Before they were done horsing around, I got out and dried off, pulling together my things to head for my room. Slipping on my sandals, I left the pool area and stopped off in the mens room. As I stood at the urinal, my thoughts wandered to the two hot, obviously straight boys I’d been ogling in the pool. The door to the restroom opened, and a moment later Adam stood next to me at the other urinal. Although I was finished, I stayed, hoping to catch a glimpse, and sure enough, got a peek at Adam’s fine cock as he shook it off and did up his board shorts again. I made as if I were finishing up as well, and joined him at the sinks, washing my hands. He turned and said thanks, and I stopped, puzzled. Adam explained that he’d bet Jason ten bucks that I had been watching them in the pool and would check him out at the urinal–that I was gay. So he was thanking me for winning him the ten bucks. I laughed and said, “Any time! In fact, if you want to win some more money, you can bet your buddy twenty bucks that if he asks I’d suck him off.”

Adam couldn’t believe me, but looked very interested, and I told him I was staying in Room 1323 if Jason wanted to take that bet. I reassured him that I was serious, but he just got quiet, so I let it drop, and we parted in the hallway. I headed for the elevator, and Adam went back into the pool area, though it would be closing soon. Once I got back to my room, I showered and put on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and booted up the laptop to check e-mail and see who was online on adam4adam. It didn’t seem I was going to have any luck that night finding someone in the hotel, so I thought I’d check out the local guys who might be online. About twenty minutes later there was a tentative knock on the door, and I got up to see if it could really be the two guys. Sure enough, I could see Adam and Jason through the peephole. Letting them in, I locked the door again, saying I was glad to see them. They each had a beer bottle in hand, and it seemed like that wasn’t their first one since I’d left them at the pool. When I asked what I could do for them, Jason said that he heard from Adam that I really was gay, and I told him that was correct. “You’d really suck our cocks?” Jason asked, and again I told him yes. Adam grinned from ear to ear, knowing he’d won the bet, but Jason told him it didn’t count unless I actually did it. They drank the last of their beers and set down the bottles.

“So tell me,” I said, “are you going to be shy about getting your cocks out in front of your buddy? I can do you one at a time if you like, or both at the same time.” They looked at each other, not really sure what to say, so the beer did their talking for them, and both boys tugged their t-shirts over their heads at the same time. I moved in front of them and knelt, taking in the sight of these virile young men, the outlines of their cocks showing slightly in the baggy gym shorts they had on. Raising my hands, I cupped each of their bulges, feeling the heat emanating from their excitement. First, I lowered Jason’s shorts and boxers, revealing a half-hard, uncut cock, framed by golden curls. He kicked off his shorts and stood naked as I took down Adam’s shorts and underwear, finding a likewise semi-excited cock, with dark pubes trimmed neatly up toward his treasure trail. My mouth began to water, and I leaned in, tasting each of their cocks in turn, enjoying the feeling of them hardening in my mouth, delighting in the contrast between Adam’s smooth, thick cock, and Jason’s veiny one with the extra skin to play with between my lips. I continued to go back and forth, offering each one my attention, and they grew to full size, Jason’s not as thick, but longer than his buddy’s, and both of them beginning to drip precome.

I was glad that neither was being particularly shy, and Jason was the first to take my head in his hands and begin stroking his long cock in and out of my mouth. Then Adam stepped in front and began fucking my face, his thickness giving me a little harder time. Finally, I guided them each to the bed and had them lay back so I could really take care of them. One at a time, I began giving them the royal treatment, sucking and licking, covering every inch of those beautiful shafts, their balls, and even teasing a little toward their taints, although I though the better of trying to go farther down. They were a little drunk, but I didn’t want to scare them off. Straight boys don’t usually like their asses played with, at least not the first time. It seemed like Adam was getting very close, so I concentrated on him, sucking hard and deep, and soon I was feeling his thick shaft pulsing in my throat. I pulled back and savored the delicious load he pumped into my mouth, and I milked his shaft, cleaning the last of his cum from his cockhead. Then I turned my attention to where Jason was slowly stroking his uncut cock, the skin alternately covering the head and stretching down the shaft. As he jacked it, I licked and sucked at his head, teasing the skin when it appeared and he groaned, shuddering and shaking as his come burst onto my tongue. I took over his shaft at this point with my hands and worked out the last of his load, licking it all up.

The two boys lay back, lazily stroking their still erect cocks, and I fumbled with my own cock in my boxers. I got off the bed and knelt on the floor again, instructing them to stand in front of me. As I jerked my own cock, I licked and sucked at theirs, still tasting some of their sweetness oozing out. Adam and Jason alternated slapping my face with theirs cocks, and I could no longer hold back. I shot my load into my hand, pumping for what seemed like ages, and brought it to my mouth, showing them how much I loved even my own cum. They watched almost open-mouthed as I put on a show for them, still working their cocks a bit, and though I was pretty tired at this point, part of me wondered if they’d be up for a second round!

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  1. James

    I work the graveyard shift at a local hotel and one of the perks is that there’s very little foot traffic in the middle of the night. Needless to say I have made a couple of the conference rooms my little playground. Mostly get into mutual oral with the horny male guests, but I have managed to fuck and get fucked a few times. I’m just doing my best at making sure our guests enjoy their stay.

  2. travel guy

    I am a regular traveler and hotel sex is the can have gay/str8 or bi guys who will gladly come to your room for discreet sex..I love it totally anon sex too..

    i usually make the room dark, get naked and wait on the bed with my ass lubed up..condoms and poppers on the bed…sometimes blindfolded…I love to hear the door open, a man walk in and undress..come to the bed and find my mouth and let me work it nice..then let him put me in any position he likes and pound my ass…pop his load and towel off and go…

    I have also done a lot of watersports this way with lying on the bathroom floor, sometimes the hot steamy shower going..guy walks in, whips it out and hoses me down..then he sits on the toilet and I suck him off…awesome

    youd be surprised how many str8 guys like this..

  3. Darryl

    Pretty hot story, i’ve had an interesting Hotel story that turned out to be very hot. I was staying in a Chicago Hotel for the weekend. After bar hoping I returned to the lobby kinda tired so after talking with someone at the front desk, a guy came who I thought was cute so saying goodnight to the clerk I headed to the elevator. He held the door so I could ride up with him. We started talking then decided to go to my room. We ended up talking for a bit, then started kissing. One thing led to another, and let’s just say that we ended up in my bed. Not only were we both turned on but we clicked sexually without even knowing what would happen. He was a great kisser which turns me on more, so the sex was very intense but also tender and loving. He fell asleep on my chest and it felt like we were long time lovers. I still think of him from time to time, so Datsun from New York if you’re reading this, thanks for the memory. Darryl

  4. real deal

    I went to Charlotte once, stayed uptown in a nice hotel with a bar. In the past I have met plenty of women there and some times got lucky. This Friday night, I visited the bar, nursing a few beers and checking out the ladies. A group of them came in… with one guy. Only about 5-6, this young white guy wearing skinny jeans and very fem sat with his back to me at their table. I noticed that he was wearing a friggin thong. Black thong just visible above his belt. First I laughed to myself, thinking, what a sissy. but as I kept looking over, I felt my cock tingling. What???
    I’m usually the only black guy there so I stand out. I decide to position myself so that I could see his face. Smooth, creamy white. I told myself that I want to fuck this little guy. What sealed the deal was his small hands. I wondered what those little white hands would look like around a big thick black cock. So I waited for him to go to the bathroom and followed him out. Timing it perfect I walked in while he is washing up. I said what’s up and looked right in his eyes. My heart is pounding because he made no attempt to look away. He’s staring up at me and asked how I’m doing. I said “better now.”
    He asked if I was from Charlotte. Told him just visiting. I’ve never hit on another guy. What do I say? I want to fuck you??? I want you to blow me??? I gave him my second room card and told him to stop by if he wanted later. He said we could go now. When I got there, I left the door open and sat on the couch. The guy had glossed up his lips! Without any delay, he knelt in front of me and started opening my jeans. I was fully hard and I could see his eyes get big when he wrapped his little fingers around my cock. It barely fit in his mouth. I wanted it over with so I fucked his mouth. His struggles to regulate his breathing made me go faster. When I was ready to cum I stood up and pasted his face. It was like no other cumshot I’ve unleashed. While he was sucking me off, I could see his thong against his clean white ass. I loved it. Spanked and squeezed his ass. After he cleaned off his face, he left. I grabbed a beer and headed to another bar….changed forever.

  5. psipher1

    Love this story. I’m new to the site – how does one go about publishing stories here? I have several true stories I would love to post.

  6. nick

    I have had some crazy hotel moments…best one was a dude who cruised me in the hotel lobby bathroom then got in the elevator with me and gave me his room key without saying a word. He got off at his floor and kept the elevator door open until i got out…walked to his room door and waited for me to unlock…still never uttering a word. It was a fun time after that!!!

  7. tentpole30

    I usually put in my profile on a couple of sites that I love to give all-over body rubs, and have been contacted a few times by guys in hotels in the area. I certainly do my best to make their stay in town enjoyable, starting with the massage and worshiping their body all over. It then goes wherever the guy allows, usually with me sucking and getting every last drop he’s got, sometimes some fingering if they allow, even 69 if they’re into mutual stuff. Even had one guy contact me when he was in town again wanting a repeat visit. I don’t even have to cruise the hotels, just hope they ask me over.

  8. Tommy

    At an all inclusive resort in nassau bahamas I had a married guy feel up my cock in the mens room on the main level. It was so hott!

  9. Bidad4son

    Great story and I can see it happening. I travel for work a good bit and have had fun in a lot of places.
    Thanks for writing.

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