Photography: Masked man

Few weeks ago, I showed you a short erotic movie from Black Spark called Sunday Faith and we got tons of comments…

So I thought about sharing with you the amazing pictures Black Spark sent me this week.

The mostly black and white serie is very erotic without revealing too much. I really like the subtle sport/rock attitude of the hot jock wearing underwear in the middle of the street.

The mask also add a glimpse of mystery, fantasy and erotism because the whole scene seems forbidden. Anyways, I dont know how to describe what I feel when I look at it, just check out the other pictures after the jump and you’ll understand!

Oh, and let me know what you think !


(photo credit : Black Spark)


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  1. Ricky

    Yes!!! I am totally with you on that!! I dabble in photography & I absolutly love erotica pics. Like you said, revealing much, WITHOUT revealing all!!!! To me, thas more sexy than full out nude pics. Call me old school,lol

  2. Krlos A

    OMG!!! OMFG!!!Super erotic and very nice lightning. What can I say about the model? He is HOT!!! I am a big fan of Black Spark, awesome…

  3. Lou

    I guess I am also Old Fashion. I like the fact that you always want to see more of what’s hiding behind a little piece of clothing. I found it more sexy than full out nude pictures. It helps you work better your imagination “tah dah”.

  4. Harlow

    The photos don’t feel erotic to me at all. They are beautiful. Almost vulnerable. A man on the streets with no face. Interesting.

  5. Bryan

    Nice pics, but there is nothing special about these photos. Looks like something you might see in any fashion magazine.

  6. Anti1


    I watched the Black Spark video and then looked at these pictures, and I think they’re contrived.

    I think the pictures try several different elements, but instead of them blending them together, they just seem forced. The mask, hot body, and eerie lighting are all things that are “mysterious”, “sexy” and “eerie” in their own respect, but their presentation come off, to me, as vapid.

  7. Matt

    Fortunately, there are thousands of guys who disagree with Anti1. Black Spark may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s certainly a shake-up from conventional porn. And that’s the point.

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