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Hot or Not : Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire was featured in the latest Prada F/W 2011-2012 Campaign. He is not exactly my cup of tea… But I wanted to know if he was yours? I’m usually not into this nerdy look…. The campain looks great though, don’t get me wrong, but i’m not a fan of Tobey in it. Check out the “behind-the-scenes” video of the campaign.

Do you think he is hot or not ?

(I heard many times that he had a very close relationship with DiCaprio… Look after the jump to see how close they get together….)


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  1. Dave

    Damn! I don’t really give Tobey a whole lot of thought, but from this pic, it looks like he’s hung pretty well. I’d love to suck him off. Now, the question is, is DiCaprio naked like the other 2? It looks like that’d be one hell of a 3 way to watch, or participate in.

  2. Posty

    I have always thought that he was muey caliente, but I did not care for this plug.
    Course that last piece where he was sprawling on the piano (or whatever it was) Rooowwwwwwllllllll.
    THanks for the piece.

  3. Visconti24

    Maria Lucia Prada (Miuccia, or MiuMiu to her father) has strange tastes, to say the least. Prada’s stuff caters to the dorky rich. Sometimes it goes overboard and the models look like escapees from a TB sanitarium. This is not the case with this boy, but “bored-boring-chic” is Miuccia’s stuff.

  4. J F

    Tobey! Ohhhh Tobey!!
    Kind of cute, attractive in his own way. Intelligent and talented.
    Heard from a very reliable source he is HUNG!! Well that makes him more attractive for me!!!
    He will always have my vote. He’s not the typical “model face” . But the nerdy type workd for him and obviously he will evolve with time.
    Tobey, my Tobey will be always my nerdy super hero.

  5. Steve

    Maguire? Sorry, but emphatically NOT. Although I’m not normally caught-up in the whole “masculine, str8-acting” thing, Maguire has always struck as a little wimpy (which the PRADA campaign only manages to compound by making him look like a femmy club kid). His teary-eyed turns in films like “Cider House Rules” and the Spider-Man series (yes, I know he’s supposed to be a super hero but check him out in the close-ups … ick) are a total turn-off.

    P.S. The photo is amusing but I don’t think that’s Maguire and that sure as hell ain’t DiCaprio.

  6. Cameron

    Hes innocently hot especially in the chair pic with his buddies you just posted. Wonder if that pic is photoshopped…?

  7. GRP

    Best Tobey stick to the nerdy spiddy roles. Prada model, I don’t think so but reading the other comments perhaps that is the look they are trying to embody. I agree with the “nerdy rich kid” look. I wouldn’t think that the “hung” pic is Tobey.

  8. Darryl

    I don’t really seem him in a sexual way. I did like the way he looked in his Spiderman costume, cute butt. I thought he did a good job in the movie Brothers. For him to really stand out in a more sensual way he’s gonna have to do something very outside the box.

  9. Anchor

    dorky Hogwarts clothes like those would make anyone seem anemic- and could he look any more bored? definitely photoshopped

  10. Mike

    I think Maguire is hot.

    By the way, that pic is a fake. Had seen it years ago and saw the real version that they’re all covered.

  11. dee

    when he was in spiderman he had body down ! -but that video isnt flatterin of him -gimme Eminems sexy white ass in my face anytime

  12. Israel Portman

    Sorry Tobs you didn’t do it for me , could have been anyone up there you just happen to be famous . BUt if they were to offer me alot of money iwould do it too

  13. Will Austin

    Quintessential Boy Next Door! And he sure filled out the Spidey Suit! Clean All American Innocence that is so much fun to seduce! After the Pee Wee Herman fall from Grace seems nothing is imposable!
    With so much bi-sex going on this era, It’s probably cooler to be straight! Fully Surrounded by Homo Tech Crews all day long Tobey most likely has all the opportunity he might need to get some Dick Release on the job! And he has this marvelous way of opening really wide, his big brown eyes, as if he’s taking Big Dick for the first time! Love It! Like as if he put in your face, who would say no? Tobey got something, by this time probably around 30 Million Dollars…..

    I’d love to see what Tom Cruse would do with The Tobey…….

  14. Robert

    An annoying advert. I hope the style where you “cut everyone’s heads off” and “jerk the camera around” doesn’t catch on. Tobey not hot.

  15. AV

    Gotta say–I would do him in his Spidey outfit or not. I like the guy’s work on screen–and I think he is hot as hell.

  16. steve

    I think Tobey is hot in his own way. The shoot was done tastefully.Prada is always edgy and does things to get your attention..I would suck off both Tobey and DiCaprio all night long.

  17. Chris

    While Tobey is NOT the masculine, beefy pecs and perky nips kinda guy that makes me melt, he would certainly not be turned away at the door. He just cute in his own kind of way…The movie “Brothers” showed a whole different side of him!

  18. Ace

    i love the sweaters but McGuire is a NOT…this guy makes harry potter (the character) look hot…he looks like he tried out for gossip girl and got rejected

  19. Sean

    I’d heard from friends in LA who had friends who’d seen him in the gym locker room (before he was an A-lister) that he had a huge package, but I’d never seen anything to verify that. Seems now I have. Yum. I’ve always had a crush on him. Love the hot nerdy guys, especially when they’re packin’.

  20. bigem196

    after looking at the shoot i did’nt care much for anything but the clothes and those good looking azz shoes, but after the jump i saw him in a different light. yes, he’s HOT!!!!

  21. Boo

    He’s a spoiled little Diva bitch.. yeah.. that’s a nice cock.. but damn.. it’s attached to something I’d pass to have forks shoved in my eye.. Unless he came with some duct tape over his mouth and a paper bag over his head… I’ll pass

    same with DiCaprio ugh

  22. G

    He is hot wouldn’t kick him out of bed…lol Nice pic wish it was him. Unfortunately we will never know how “close” they are. There have been rumors about Leo but in todays society who knows if we would ever know!

  23. ChipD

    When Toby was in Kansas City about a decade or so ago shooting Ang Lee’s “Ride With The Devil,” DiCaprio came into town to join him for a day or two, and they had dinner together at a cozy eatery in Westport. The two looked like just a couple of buds having a nice night out on the town, but who knows? Maybe Toby’s trying to glam up his image by doing the Prada ad.

  24. rj

    the picture is photoshopped…there’s easy to see dissimilarities in the portion attributed to being TM and the other two in the picture….just someone wanting to have fun I ‘spose. As to hot or not, methinks more hot than not.

  25. Will Austin

    Nobody here seems to be mentioning: CARISMA! Tobey has that power, upon interring a room, casting his big brown eyes a far, and then sucking in, his desired subject as fast as a dragon fly kill!

    Old time CARISMA like so many of the early movie star’s possessed in buckets!
    And never under estimate the power of GEEK-NURD-ism! I can imagine if an opportunity arose to get close enough to the Tob. You could reach out and twik his nipple, and his enormous eyes would light up open wide , with a reasonable parting of his lips a small gasp would escape! Staring a complex process that all GEEK-NURDey’s know all to well, from 4000 hours of Whacking-off over Sticky Computer Keyboard & Screen : This is what I’ve been waiting for ! And before you knew your pants are down, you are biting the pillow, while THE TOB is hitting the last 10 strokes of his quite boy wallflower pent up passion, injecting GEEK-NURD-Juice in your very special warm happy place !
    “CARISMA !” loaded for bear ready to be unleashed on a close willing subject !

  26. Mike

    Toby is very cute. I love the clean cut look. And he has a very beautiful mouth, and I love to kiss, so enough said?

  27. WBFF

    I was one of the first to comment on this post ( I assume–there were not yet any published comments) and I pointed out that the writer had fallen for a ten year old internet hoax, and provided two links to prove it, for which my post was censured and you refused to publish it? Since when is there a policy of not posting any comments that may disagree with the writer or point out his mistakes, and why is this not made clear to your readers? If this is truly the case then you have lost not only my future participation but also my respect: I was under the impression that this was a forum in which different ideas, opinions, and input were encouraged. I welcome your reply at my e-mail address above.

    • blog

      WBFF: Of course if you comment during the night, we sleep! All comments are posted except the ones that we judge inappropriate!

  28. Brewski_01

    Sadly, he is growing and maturing out of his cuteness. I agree with others that as Spidey he was HOT.
    With great preppy looks comes the great disappointment of growing older.

  29. tentpole30

    Moderately attractive, but not even close to “hot”. If that’s his real equipment in the photo, he gets some extra points, but it takes a lot more than that to be hot.

  30. Chris

    Normally I am really into guys with beefy pecs so the body is not really a turn on but those “doe eyes” and his haircut just makes me wanna cuddle him all night!

  31. Pipelayer84

    No definitely not hot. I found him amusing in the first spider man, and wanted to strangle him and Kirsten Dunst in the subsequent ones.

  32. Constance Leigh Craven Cox

    I fuck him doggie style, watch his dong swing around as I fucked him and have him look back at me and say “I’m Spiderman”.

  33. southernwoode

    Not a fan. Never have been..never got him as Spiderman. The only way is fuck him if he ess in bed with his ass up ready to be fucked and I never have to see his face or hear his voice. The picture came out years ago and is fake.

  34. steve

    Toby is cute in his own way. Sometime the camera does not do you justice and he is probably better looking in person. I have modeled before and its not as easy as looks. But he is gay

  35. RGTlover

    I don’t care for MaGuire. I don’t care if he has a cock down to his ankles, the kid wouldn’t know an emotion if it slapped him in the face.

  36. Peter

    Wouldn’t say he’s hot, but he is adorable. Very much my type, especially that voice that strains NOT to be too high (and fails). Just a doll and a treat as Spiderman, although the new one — Andrew Garfield — IS very hot and boyishly handsome.

  37. skyreader

    Adorable with those big, yearning eyes and little boy voice. Understand he’s not for everyone, but if you like boyish men, you have to love Tobey. Andrew Garfield, the new Spiderman, is also boyish and beautiful. His hair, jawline and lithe body do it for me.

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