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I was talking with one of my friend recently and he asked me to ask A4A members if they were into spanking. I actually think he is into spanking and wanted to make sure he was not alone… I am personally not into it…I think.  I never really tried. My ex-boyfriend slapped my ass once very gently, just for fun like that but he never slapped me hard when he was fucking me. When I watch porn, I am usually not into spanking scenes, even if I like rough sex: I would prefer watching hardcore fucking scenes or facefucking scenes… the spank thing doesn’t do anything to me.

What about you?  Do you like to spank someone? Do you like getting spanked? Hard or light spanking? With a hand or with a paddle? And what do you like about it? And is the spanking made during sex or is it just spanking? Do you like the spanker to be older or younger or do you spank someone older than you or younger. Let me know, I’m curious!

Spanking : Hot or Not ?


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  1. Vince

    Well Dave, rest assured, he is not alone. Personally I like being spanked during sex. When I’m receiving anal, a good, strong slap on the ass with a hand at just the right time increases the pleasure of the sex (for me anyway). I have also gone as far as having a belt used on me (but not so hard that it would leave any serious bruising) and it just enhances the the whole encounter. So, if this friend likes it, tell him to get the slap on 🙂

  2. Will Austin

    As a Fantasy to get excited over; SPANKING is erotic! But in reality it hurts my hands & my butt cheeks! The fantasy for me is strongest when one partner is a little older & larger and forces the younger-smaller guy to bend over & have his butt bared, and is told to assume the position! –And CRACK you get a fast- hit in a very private place!
    Warning: [Protect your balls] Ball Spanking is NOT FUN!
    And may be the best part of all: Your’ pants are already down, Bear-naked-ass-exposed and you’re laying on Daddy’s Lap! So,..It’s not too much of a leap for one or more parties to wonder over in to EROTIC EXCITED and then somebody springs a Bonner! Party Time!
    If Daddy is a distant uncle maybe who has always craved the dark part in your butt cheeks, anyway soon several fingers will wonder to your warm butt crack and linger slowly in a long slow graze motion! NOW THERE ARE TWO BONERS! And .. Almost bumping into each-other. At this point probably there’s no turning back: Somebody’s going to get Butt-fucked! And most likely, the one with the fingers up his butt– And all it takes is a loose sigh, or a moan And his ASS IS GRASS! It might even lead to OPEN CRACK EXPOSED BUTT HOLE SPANKING. Very,very hot!

    All this is turning me I’m going to have to go do something….

  3. Marty

    Great question! I’ve never understood the spanking thing, but so many talk about it these days that I wonder about it. I wouldn’t know what to do or when and would feel awkward at first. I think I’d be into trying light barehanded slapping on the ass during sex, receiving or giving. I could probably go as far as someone over my knee getting a little token foreplay spanking. Straps and paddles and any serious spanking to cause real pain would just freak me out.

  4. Muzzleloader

    I love barebutt spanking, either with my hand or with a paddle. I always enjoy reddening an ass before fucking, and the bottom guys I play with seem to like it, too. At least they’re always coming back for more! It doesn’t have to be painful, and it’s a great way for an ass man like myself to get off on a man’s beautiful backside.

    My advice is to take it easy when you start out, and make sure that the spankee is enjoying it as well. Spanking’s not for everyone, but you can tell by the bottom’s reaction if he’s enjoying it, especially if he has a hard dick between your legs as you’re spanking him. I love it!

  5. SR

    I am into spanking…giving it that is….I have regular boys who want this weekly from me….they get very hard indeed so theya re made to cum but it is the spanking that excites them. I love seeing a guy’s ass over my knee…to feel the ass cheeks…see them quiver, that alone will make a boy moan….its how I got into S&M play from the start but it is very surprising how many boys like to be spanked and secretly crave it….

  6. Heights89

    Personally, not into the hardcore spanking, paddles, whips, etc. But when I have a nice bottom it’s nice to give a few taps during sex. Haven’t gotten a bad reaction yet. 😉

  7. Lou

    A little slap on the ass here and there, okay .. but spanking is not my thing, if I used to hide from my dad when I was a little to avoid a spanking, definitely don’t want one now as an adult. Lol

  8. Dan

    Hot! But only with bare hands; paddles & whips & such are cheating. Theoretically it could be with anyone, although an older spanker with a younger spankee makes for the most natural dynamic. I don’t find it that stimulating in-and-of itself; it’s more the domination-submission dynamic that makes it hot.

  9. Extrasolar

    I like to spank but I don’t really get off on it. It feels silly and mildly naughty. Never really met anyone who was into it.

  10. Dave

    Hell no! No one is going to hit me under ANY circumstance! I grew up being physically abused by my stepfather. You had better think twice before you try to hit me for ANY reason!

  11. Ric

    i am into bdsm so I love spanking. I love the idea of someone controlling and punishing me. I love either the paddle, bare hands or a belt.

  12. bufflover

    Hell yeah spanking is hot. Giving or getting make the day something special. I like hand, best, but hairbrush or paddle is also cool and a good spanking involves hole work during breaks. It’s the warm sting that makes it so hot. You get over it pretty quickly so the extreme sensation in a very sensual place is delicious.

  13. Mike

    Never really tried spanking although have had my ass slapped a couple of time while being a bottom. In that setting I found it sexually stimulating. I prefer a solid spank not a love tap.

  14. gary

    I don’t like to be spanked or do the spanking. To me it takes away from making love to your partner. I am not into pain, so it wont work for me.

  15. Darryl

    Since many guys arn’t into spanking i sort of just add alittle in when the action is getting wild. Sometimes it hightens the pleasure when you’re slamming manhole doggie or face down. Spank that ass and see what kind of responce you get. If he moans then he likes it, if he say ouch then he’s not enjoying that.

  16. Soft & Fluffy

    Well , no .. not for me … I think…

    When I was a kid I got a whole lotta spanks …licks really ..

    And it never turned me on .. lol

  17. KS

    Spanking is very hot. Even if sex doesn’t follow, being bound (or not) and spanked is incredibly arousing. A little pain goes a looong way.

  18. Jose

    I like being spanked hard if its someone real hot and I really like him, just put me over his knee and spank me, I prefer older men or mature men, spank me daddy, then make love to me

  19. Brian O

    i’ve never been into getting or giving spanking. i get into all kinds of scenes and activities but none that involve striking people in any way – nope – i don’t like it. i only hit people who i don’t like or if i need to protect myself from, and i avoid having sex with people in those categories

  20. Thinny Jeans

    Getting spanked is hot. I like it over the knee, tied up, with hand or paddle, young spanker or old. The hard part is finding someone who understands that the endorphin-inducing spanking I want is about pleasure and foreplay, not pain or punishment.

    Here is my scale from 1 to 5 for how men feel about giving me a spanking:

    1. “Ooh, that’s sick.”
    2. “I just don’t feel the need to do that to my boyfriends.”
    3. “I’m willing to try it.”
    4. “I’d love to give you a spanking.”
    5. “I couldn’t have a boyfriend who wouldn’t let me spank him.”

    Recommended reading: The Endorphin Levels in BDSM – a short primer on sending a submissive into hyperspace

  21. Jim

    Definitely hot! I like being on the submissive side and receiving a good spanking. Having my ass slapped while getting fucked is a huge turn-on. When I need to be disciplined during BDSM role-play, a belt or leather strap is my favorite implement. The loud SMACK! it creates when making contact with my ass drives me wild. I loved getting fucked when my ass is cherry red and actually hot to the touch from a recent spanking.

    In answering your other questions I would say medium. Hard enough to sting, but not so hard as to bruise or cut. Favorite implement – leather strap or belt. Age of spanker doesn’t really matter.

  22. YGTOA

    Spanking is hot.. but only during actual intercouse.. My boyfriend sometimes slaps my ass while we are just walking and it makes me want to kill him.. I sometimes have to catch myself before my hood side comes out when he does that.

  23. seamore2

    Spanking really doesn’t do anything for me. Smacking a guys ass in a friendly, playing way is ok. But not as a part of sex. It is actually a turn off for me.

  24. Alan

    It can be hot and very erotic if the guy recieving and the guy giving the whipping are both into it. Some guys enjoy giving more then recieving other only like to recieve or give. Both have to understand thats it’s not about control or even discipine it’s about intence passion and eroticism. I enjoy being one recieving for the most part. Having him whipp me until my ass is hot and red, allot of times I will cum while being whipped. and watching him become very aroused and climbing on my ass That’s when you know it’s been for sexually pleasure. It’s not for everyone for sure, but if both guys are having fun with it and enjoying the reaction there’re getting from each other it can create a even stronger sexually experience.

  25. ThickBlack

    I find that when someone is fucking me, when they spank my ass it’s like they’re really into it, and I can feel it, which makes it more enjoyable for me too. Not too hard, yet not too gentle for it NOT to be a spank, but more of a pat. When I watch some hardcore fuck scenes, I’m very interested in dirty talk, ass slapping (even BEFORE the fucking!), etc. But that’s just me.
    I enjoy moderate/mild Spanking. Not too rough though, my ass is gentle. 🙂

  26. gw

    don’t want nobody spankin my fine ass nor do i want to spank anyone else. nothing beats the feel of a nice cock up inside of me and i don’t want anyone ruining that by spanking my ass while he’s fucking me. so keep your hands to yourself.

  27. Joecpu

    I was never into spanking until a ex asked me to spank him as part of foreplay. I never did it quite as hard as he wanted, probably because hurting someone doesn’t turn me on. So I’d say yeah, I like to give a light to average spanking as part of my sexplay now. I prefer younger guys to spank. Not sure if I would like a spanking myself as that hasn’t happened since I was about 9.

  28. gaygypsy

    I am a fan of spankings, all depends on mood and who is doing it..its like could be considered foreplay, as well..

  29. Ronap47

    With the right attitude, spanking can be fun. It needs to be understood by both partners that the spankee is in control. When he reaches his limit, the spanking is ended or eased up, his choice. Spanking has interesting sensations, whether given during sex or as an activity on its’ own. The sting of the ass being slapped is a turn-on for many, but the sound of the slaps can equally be a turn-on. I enjoy spanking a lot, but find few others who are into it. I give or receive; For receiving I prefer hand. It is more fun(and lasts longer) if it starts out fairly gently and gradually increases in intensity. The buildup can last half and hour to an hour. An experienced spanker can keep the spankee near his tolerance level, which increases as the spanking progresses. Now and then, the spanker can stop spanking and massage his partner’s ass; The warm hands give a truly wonderful feeling for a short time, and then the spanking can continue. There comes a time that the body will release endorphins(feel-good chemicals) into the bloodstream. The ass can feel no pain at this point and the spanker does not need to hold back. He can spank as hard as he wants and the spankee will just enjoy it, about as purely as anyone can enjoy anything. I’ve only experienced this a few times, and the description I can write is only vaguely accurate of the experience. It takes quite awhile to reach that point, and an exprienced spankee must be kept near his tolerance level to get to that point; a lot of pain must be experienced to get there, but that can be enjoyed too, more so if the buildup is gradual. Spanking is a lot of fun. When spanking is the main activity, the endorphin release can be attained. During sex, that is not possible, though the ass slaps are still fun.

  30. Sunny

    I have to say that I personally do not like spanking for me is not that much fun having sex and being spanked. More power to the people that like it but I am not into it.

  31. usemyholez

    Yes! i love to be naked, bent over a table, have my legs spread apart & ankles tied to the table legs. hmmm, get a good spanking, then have my balls grabbed and squeezed with his hot hand, spank me some more, then use his fingers to probe and spread my hole open till it’s ready for use. that’s the best foreplay!

  32. cum_luver_k

    It can definitely be hot, if in the right situation. I’ve been smacked on the ass during sex quite a few times. One time, the guy left a hand print! And since he fucked me before work, I had the sweet sting on my ass all day. 🙂

  33. MD Spank

    Hell yeah! My favorite thing in this world is spanking. Love to give and get equally, though I’ll stick with just one or the other if the situation warrants it. Love a naked mab over my lap, bare ass waiting for the next slap. We all do things that deserve a spanking…I like to fill that void. As for implements, I usually stick with hand and hairbrush, but paddles and belts are good too.

  34. Robert

    For me, with the right guy, spanking is hot. I like being spanked before and during sex. It can be either there hand, paddle or whatever they have around. And depending on my mood, hard spanking can be hot. And i’ve always liked my guys to be older then me. For me i guess its the whole dom thing, i like when a guy that can take control over me in the bedroom.

  35. Todd

    I am older and meet with several younger guys who are into daddy/son role playing. They all like a good, hard spanking from daddy before being fucked. while i am an agressive top, when i bottom i am very submissive and like being treated rough including being spanked. Have fun with whatever gets you off.

  36. Frankie

    I’ve been being spanked for years. I’m really into the scenario part. I act out, hide something, steal something, miss an appointment with my “probation officer”, etc. I get caught, lie, and get punished. I control the scene and the spanker controls me. You really have to have safe words and trust your partner. The sting is very erotic!

  37. Will Austin

    No body mentioned ; Spanking an ass red, and then kissing it to cool it down! As In: “Kiss to make it better !”

  38. Marty

    While you’re at it, how about a survey of anonomyous sex.
    Many ads for blindfolded come in and have me sex. Separate section for gloryholes.

  39. lowesgaynkc

    I like to spank/slap my bottoms ass. Got an older btm and a younger one.a Nice ass is a nice ass.I like my ass slapped too.haven’t really spanked just to spank though. But i know my older bottom would let me do it to it – esp with hole play. I love the sound of it most of all. And like turning an ass pink/red.

  40. jaysbby

    i can tell you this my ex spanked my ass so hard i smacked his face and broke his nose this is one bottom thats does not like spanking when he feels like it if i want a spanking i will tell you

  41. Sean

    guess I am a little amazed at how prudish some of you guys are and how limited you are in your sexual experimentation. Next time when your getting dicked down good tell the top to lightly spank you on the cheeky part of your ass next to the crack and see how good it feels. .

  42. MrBill

    I love to spank a willing man! The combination of pain and pleasure can be a great deal of fun. I like to slowly tease a man’s cock with a vibrator and my well-lubed hand until he is at the brink of orgasm, then I stop just a few strokes before he can cum. I repeat the edge & stop cycle several times, until his cock is dripping and his balls are aching for release. That’s when I flip him over and spank his bare ass until he forgets all about his cock. After several rounds of edge/stop/spank, I’ll finally make him cum. Then he can return the favor.

  43. Christopher

    Spanking is a form of “corporal punishment”. Remember being spanked as a “naughty child”? Well, we’re adults now. Not at ALL my thing, but if you like it? Knock yourself silly with it!

  44. Andre'

    Not into spanking scenes. Does nothing for me, but during sex I’ll oblige my partner if he asks, and every so often I’ll give a moderate smack to see the butt jiggle. THAT turns me on.

  45. davis raker

    all my live i have been the man in control and never thought of anything gay or bi . meeting a guy who was openly gay and my couriosity at a high level i agreed to go to his place . thinking i was going to get my cock sucked by a guy i was exited. always being the manly man i was unexpectedly surprised when i pulled out my cock and he pulled his out… three times the size of mine. i started to stroke it when he pushed me to my knees grabbed my head and pushed his monster in my mouth telling me how to suck it and where to lck him. i started to stand up thinking i had enough when he held me down and forced it down my throat. soon i was no longer struggeling to escape but struggling to get more. after removing my pants laying me across his bed he slapped my ass making a loud pop. at the same time he pushed his thumb in my ass ,i never felt it enter. he continued massageing my opening and slapping my ass till it was hot like fire when i asked if that was his finger he said no…. four. he was a talented spanker and knew how to contol the sensations i now like spankings and enjoy being his bitch.

  46. knotryder

    I agree with Jesse I to find it odd but to each his own as they say but obviously the guys who love it were never spanked as a kid. It’s akin to guys finding guys in drag hot or fun or what ever.

  47. Its the truth

    NOT HOT. Unless you are white. Then you love spanking, slapping, ball torture and puncturing, sounding, electrocuting, etc.

  48. His1bro

    I totally LOVE a good spanking. Before, during, and/or after having my ass used. Whatever the guy wants to use to spank me is totally up to him. Make my ass red and sting, just dont leave bruises.

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