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Hot or Not : Police Officers

I haven’t post a “Hot or Not” for a while… and they are my favorite posts because they get lot’s of comments and you know how I love to get your feedback on things I post…

So today I decided to post on Police Officers. The idea came because I met this amazing black Police Officer recently and I have to say that it was one of the best hookup ever! I always liked Police Officers probably because most of them are hot, and also because they represent authority. They usually are athletic, tall and confident and those are three things I look at when I meet a man.

Next time I will see my Police Officer, I think I will ask him to wear his navy outfit! Big turn-on for me!!!

I also wouldn’t mind if he would use his handcuffs and Police stick to play with me! 😛

What about you? Do you think a Police Officer is Hot or Not?


Photo credit : Boundgods

(Follow the jump to see mister the Police Officer play with his prisoner)

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  1. Dean

    Always thought police officers were hot, ever since I was ordered by a State Patrol officer to suck his 10″ cock in a wayside bathroom some 30 years ago!

  2. empty1

    All of my cop buddies are HOT! They all know I’m gay and they really don’t care, have yet to meet one that plays but will be ready and willing when I do!

  3. Darryl

    There are some very hot Police Officers in our town. I remember meeting several in two seperate occasions. First i was bailing out a friend who got into a fight, and i was walking toward him and i passed by an officer who past by me we both made some serious eye contact and when he said hello i nearly got a boner because he was pretty cute. The next time i was at the fireworks with a buddy and i had to take a piss, while i was heading back to the truck i past by two hot officers one was blond, and the other had dark brown hair. Both were equally hot, now that would be a hot fuck session with those two. Now let’s talk about hot Firemen 🙂

  4. gene

    i admit the uniform and all that goes with it is a turnon only if the guy is hot. if not dosen’t do a thing for me. and i will take a hard dick up my ass instead of a night stick anytime. no matter the size.

  5. bigem196

    man, what city do live in? most officers i see are just the opposite of what u describe, but if one is hot, just like any other man, then he’s hot. i think you’re lost in fantasy.

    • blog

      bigem196: I’M in Montreal. Most cops here are hot, fit, athletic. Some older are hot too… We rarely see overweight cops here like in the states.

  6. Josh

    Way hot. I love guys that have that air of confidence and authority it just makes me wanna try that much harder to please them. plus they usually also cum like rain.

  7. Roger

    Well, it depends where you live and the local cops. However, I must say where I live cops are very hot. Tall athletic muscular…a lot of them on steroids in all honesty. Not relationship material but def a great way to release some stress. Woof for uniforms and who doesn’t like a cocky male every now and again? I’m a dom top who a couple of times a year likes to give up my power to a cop, marine or some hyper masculine uniformed male. 🙂

  8. JD

    Been there done that! What makes it better is he was a hot, masculine, beefy, muscular, married cop! Damn it was hot times, he would call after work or when he was at the gym and want to meet up! Most of the time he woulad arive in uniform, and if not in uniform it yould be after the gym atire. This went on for about a year and a half it was hot times!!!!

  9. kevin

    The biggest fantasy for me is, getting it on with a hot policeman, no matter what race, just aslong as he is HOT!!! So I say yea, most po-po’s r HOTT!!!!

  10. Jesse

    I’m gonna say Hot. Lol. Something about a guy in a uniform, tight black uniform and can arrest you if he wants makes it somehow dangerous and deff sexy. I’ve seen plenty of gorgeous cops, the whole “fat cop with donuts” thing is long gone haha. Now its “gorgeous cops who i wanna fuck” Just saying. Great post.

  11. terry

    it all depends i suppose. the cops around here are mostly ‘pigs’: short, fat, hairy, sweaty older bears with an ATTITUDE and overaggressive to the point of being abusive…but not in a good way. but then, that’s rural Florida for you. i did hear from a friend who would probably know that the local cops have to fuck one another when they become cops….sort of a ritualistic initiation to enter the ‘brotherhood’. it’s a big secret that they all keep about one another and the force…makes for strong bonds i suppose. don’t know if it’s true. idk, some might find all that a sexual turn on. my experience with them, which has been very limited because i avoid trouble, is disgust.

  12. NerdyBoy

    Hot! I’ve always had a thing for police officers, and I wouldn’t mind having one do those things to me, not gonna lie.

  13. 2xistbulge

    cops are very hot,if they’re fit.some of the local cops in my neighborhood are smokin!however they seem straight.
    Im sure atleast one of them has been curious or active.
    maybe I should commit a misdemenor.

  14. Jack Miove

    The thing about cops is the illusion of power they project. On a deeper level, there may be a strong fetish attraction for uniform. For queens who have been in jail they may think differently as it’s not something that’s untouchable, it’s in your face every day. On the other hand it’s mighty sexy to feel a big police cock through that policeman pants.

  15. Gentleman562

    I have always loved Police Officers. I would definetley say they are hot. My husband is one so go figure.

  16. Shawn

    OMG YES!!!! nothing like a man in uniform mmmmm, lol, and my biggest fantasy is for sure to be puled over by a policeman and taken and be handcuffed and then stripped searched and fucked in the back of his car o man I just got horny hahaha. What you think guys?

  17. Josh

    OMG, I have the same fantasy…even better, not to brag or anything, but I’ve had the pleasure of slobbing on Christian Wilde’s cock at a bound in public shoot. He’s super hot!

  18. geminimage

    in porn? DEFINTELY hot. Most cops in the midwest? Not. Usually overweight and couldn’t pass a fitness test to save their lives. But it’s a hot fantasy

  19. mike99019a

    Love the comments on cops here. I was a cop in los angeles for a long time and always had huge hard ons in my uniform when i was around gay guys on duty. we had to go to a few bath houses and gay bars and it was a huge turn on for me.

  20. Burke


  21. Jason

    Having met nothing but total asshole cops for the most part, I have no attraction to the cop fetish. I can understand other guys getting off on it, but been pulled over and harassed too many times for no reason to even remotely consider the fucking pigs sexy…

  22. Andy

    Cops are NOT hot. Most are bias and assholes/dicks
    And not the type most like. Lol.
    Most of the sheriffs are fat old slobs….
    Oh btw its hardly confidence, id say its more of a power trip!

    But if we are talking about the porn stars that play cops that’s a different story……

  23. enos

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM yea Police Officers are hot because most of them keep thier bodies in shape. Their uniforms fit their hot bodies an always fitting great showing their body. Love a good looking Police Officer in uniform an dream of having a good m2m fun with him.

  24. dweez

    Yes, I also love to look at Police Officers and would love to be mahandled be a couple of them. We have so hotties in my home town who could have me any way they wanted me. dweez

  25. donnie

    i connected with a guy online and we talked awhile, then when i was paiinting a house close to wear he could get away we made a date to meet. he didnt tell me he was a cop untill we talked on the ph when he was cominng to meet me. i was excited and nervous. when he got there he was really handsome, all dressed in black and all that leather and a gun..i was so turned on i was hard before he was..i took him back to a bedroom of the empty house and got on my knees.he started to take the belt off and i stopped him and asked him to leave it on,i started to undo his pants and drop them to the floor. i took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him and the smell of the gun, leather and his maleness was amazing..i sucked his cock and balls till he started to get real hard i knew he was ready to shoot his load, so i held onto the leather round his waist and took his load… i seen him 3 more times wow. it was always a turn on

  26. christoph

    they can be super hot. There are two black officers that i see at work often. amazing men. of course I blush when they talk to me. One seems to aware of my emotions and always makes a point to strut up and talk to me…He is married and just enjoys the attention i know. HOT 4 sure

  27. WB

    Some are very hot and some aren’t. Depends on individual tastes. Seen a few that could have their way with me and I wouldn’t complain about police brutality!

  28. Gymrat

    Some of the cops around here are hot, but straight. Some are way out of shape, and not hot at all. But the idea, the fantasy, of submitting to a strong, dominant, cop is super-uber-HOT!

  29. Bill

    Most police officers are power-obsessed douchebags who only joined the force to abuse people and take their control issues out on innocent guys.

    So, yes. Definitely hot. 🙂

  30. Ihavehandcuffs69

    HOT!!! But I’m biases because I am one and have seen some really hot dudes on the department. But I have to agree that it does matter the city you are in. L.A., Miami and NYC definitely have their share of hot cops. More specifically Hollywood and West Hollywood both have hot officers and deputies. I love the attention I get in my tight uniform even from co-workers who claim to be straight Lol.

  31. Wade Harris.

    I met a Police Officer in a coffee shop and we just talked for awhile. We would see each other there about twice a week. I later bought a small trailor to haul some junk in and I asked him what I needed to do to register it. He said he would do that for me but had to see the trailor to sign off on the papers. He came to my house later that eve. when he was off work. I showed him the papers and invited him in to sit so he could sign. As I watched him, I got really hard and it showed. He noticed and rubbed his crotch. I got closer and he rubbed my throbbing hot cock. Soon we were naked and happy. This went on for 20 years until I moved away. So, fuck yes they’re hot.

  32. Christopher

    Early in my medical career, I was assigned to the San Diego Harbor Police to work: EVERYBODY there was aware that I was gay, and they had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM WITH IT. They were ALL kind and courteous to me. There were 2 lesbians in the force, and they were just as willing and butch as any of the men. I didn’t “bring up my sexuality” even though it was well know that I was gay.

    My take is that when cops are in “cop mode” they’re a different attitude altogether. When they’re in an “office setting” they’re just “regular men”. Hot? Yeah, some were, but they were straight, so I didn’t push my luck ;))

  33. phil

    Definitely hot. I have had a police officer lover. He was unfortunately killed in the line of duty. He was working undercover to infiltrate a drug ring in Texas. So sad.

  34. Will Austin

    The are hot! The uniform make them look so good, and they usually need to be healthy-physically fit to enforce the rules ! All this makes a fun Erotic fuck ! I’m sure everybody thinks about it! And women use it, to get out of tickets and sometimes guys get away with it too! But you never know when it could turn on you?! He may be offended, in stead of charmed, and next you find your self before a Judge trying to explain your way out of an embarrassing situation! But that’s all part of THE RISK; RISK OF BEING CAUGHT MAKES SEX ALL THE HOTTER!

  35. MyMaze=)

    When I lived in Houston Texas, I met up with this policeman, came to my house with his police car, its the end of his shift. We go out of town into the woods. We fucked in the back seat of his police car, lol he really liked to sex talk.. Then as we drive back, he tells me stories about his co-workers having group sex & this one time fucking a minor while his wife went out of town. He was HOT, cocky & raciest, but he was hot so it just seemed natural lol.. boner!!

  36. you4me

    HOT HOT HOT HOT…never been with a cop, but, the whole uniform and and hot mass of ALE just fuckin turns me the fuck ON! There is this movie…cant think of the name or actors, with one white cop and one black cop and the guy they went to see to get the black cops pants/uniform adjusted….big, black guy, thick muscles, big,drippin dick…and both the fitting guy and the white cop when down on it…
    HOT HOT HOT…cops are HOT!!!
    NOW…can we talk about FIREMEN and their big HOSES????? lol

  37. Ryan

    I am in law enforcement. My first three adult encounters with men were with other police officers. Before the advent of cell phones (or even pagers), our radio code of “meet me for coffee at the diner” meant “meet me in THAT parking garage / 4th floor level / time to suck each other off”. Today, I am a TOTAL cum-loving, BB, poz bottom. I’m an “in control” and “don’t fuck” with me” professional while I am on duty. However, when it comes to sex, I want YOU to be in complete control of me and my ass. Are police officers hot? From my perspective – damn sure.

  38. Thom

    No. Uniform fetish isn’t my thing. Uniforms turn me off. Add to that, in my experience, cops have terrible attitudes… no. If I want to talk to someone who think’s they’re the queen of the universe, and will ignore everything I say, I’ll just call my mother.

  39. Dave

    I met a guy the other night. I am a total dom. I had him come in put hands on wall and felt him up amd stripped him. Put a ballgag in him, blindfolded and a buttplug. Spanked the hell out of him and made him get on knees and lick all of me before he swallowed my load. We talkwd before he left and found out he is a cop. Last night hit me up and wants to do it again. He calls me Master and submission. I told him next time i am cuffing him with his own cuffs…he balked but i said shut up and obey…his response? Yes Master. My cop bitchboy

  40. someoneinnorman

    Had a cop in San Antonio a few years back his wife and mine were co workers. We went out to dinner on night and a few days later I saw him while he was on parole I stopped and talked with him noticed his hard and before you know it I was sucking a niner. Wow was that hot did him weekly for a year before we moved. They came and visited a month ago and sucked and was fucked by him three times that weekend HOT

  41. Mike

    Oh my Lord! The idea of being cuffed by a hot cop and taken control of is sooo hot. I can’t even put it into words because now I need go beat-off thinking about it!

  42. slave199

    When I was in college in a small town in Ohio I would go for hikes at the local park. I started seeing two cops start hanging around the park. Both young maybe late 20’s, both blond and you could tell they went to the gym everyday. Every day one would check the rest room and the other would start walking the trails. They looked so much a like they could of passed as twins. I always walked the trails with my shirt off and a pair of white shorts that really didn’t hide much. One day I was walking and seen one of the officers was a ways behind me so I slowed down for him to catch up to me. As he got closer I could see he had unbuttoned his shirt some I guess because of the heat. I stopped at a large rock and was leaning against it when he caught up to where I was. I said hi how you doing today and he could see I was rock hard through my tight white shorts. He cleared his throat and told me my shorts were barely legal and if I wasn’t careful I might get my self in trouble with some of the guys at the park that liked to grab guys rape them. I told him I would be careful and could see a big bulge in his pants. He said he would walk with me for a while to make sure I was safe. I said sure why not. As we were walking I noticed he kept playing with his handcuffs on his hip. We got to an area that was a newer path that had not been used much and still was more trees and over grown weeds than the other parts. I kept walking and he was behind me I ducked hand up over my head to push a tree branch up and heard a click and felt the cuff on my right wrist. He told me to put my other hand over my head and he clicked the cuff on my other wrist and now my hands were locked over the branch. He told me this is what I get for teasing everyone with the way I was dressed. Just then I heard someone step on a branch and looked and the other cop was there. For two hour I was groped, pinched, tickled, stripped, fucked, and sucked both officers. When they were done they said they were going to leave me there to think about what a tease I was while they checked the rest of the park. I think they were telling guys to go the path I was on still cuffed to the tree because about 8 different guys used me for what they wanted. Which is a whole different story. When the cops came back they slapped my ass and ask If I learned my lesson. I said yes Sirs and I would be back the next day to prove it.

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