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Hi Guys!

Once again, I received so many pics, over 200. I selected the 20 best ones for you to vote for. Again, the ones that were original got my attention. I also kept the photos that were not blury and on which we could see an actual ass. Some funny guys sent me random pictures…

Again, everyone that sent me more than 1 pic got disqualified, everyone who sent me their ass pic through different email addresses got disqualified too. Few of you even forgot to write your screen name so obviously, you were disqualified too.

You have 10 hours to vote for the best ass (until 11:59 today, monday) and the winner will be announced tuesday morning! Please vote only ONCE because if you vote more than once, I will see it, and will cancel your vote! So make sure you see all 20 ass before voting!

Click below to see the 20 hottest photos! Ready, set, vote !!!


[nggallery id=3]


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  1. miller_ladarius2

    well ok some of these bitches got some cute bootys ok i c yall loven it bitches ffun lil contest just happy to see my pic

  2. mrcumlics

    they are all hot an sexy.they all desrve a to have anyone of them feed me there sexy ass,as long a there clean,lol,an as long as they like..thanx

  3. MK

    They all look more or less the same?! There could have been a little more variety in poses etc? Also, if you got over 200, but had to disqualify a good number, you could have shown all the rest….?!

  4. mike

    dude! these are ok asses, but none have any “come get me ” quality. they all look fake. I see better asses on line everyday

  5. omni56shi

    hmmmmmmmm . . . I don’t like any of these πŸ™ Are these really the best offered? I know there’s better ass shots out there on a4a.

  6. Tim

    I was disappointed there wasn’t at least one really furry masculine butt! But I still found three noteworthy butts.

  7. Cesar Leon

    It is funny how the latino or black beautiful asses shown here had a high number of dislikes and the lowest amount of likes……we think that socially things are getting better and more progressive for us gays but its pathetic that even among us ‘mos the racial profile and distaste is alive and kicking. Ah two steps forward one step backward.

  8. Josh

    Sorry, but the hottest ass up here was the first one pictured. But it’s ridiculous that some quite mediocre asses got far more likes and less dislikes. I’m white and I know a good ass when I see one. And that nice, round, luscious booty up top was the best, by far. Damn shame that a white ass automatically looks better than a black one simply because of the color. Get it together, men.

    • blog

      Josh, that is your taste…that’s all! You think you own the truth in ass? If the majority voted for that ass that won, I guess he deserves it no?
      And BTW, it’s a funny contest, it’s just for fun and to see hot pics…Don’t take it too personal man !

  9. Durero

    I love it….! I think is a great idea , what can i say….? I love bubblely asses, specially those with a furrrrrrr! πŸ™‚

  10. edgar_truth

    i bet you no black dudes win… gay blacks aren’t sexy to whites which are predominantly on here. no equality amongst the races. evil pale things.

    • blog

      Edgar_truth : Are u mad ? Your hate comments won’t be published on this blog. You say that whites are racist but when I read the comments you leave on our blog, it sounds like you are racist yourself. I personally love black people, I used to only date black guys before !! A4A is not racist at all… We have many people of colour in our team!
      Some people like black only, some like white only, some only date asian guys…It all depends on tastes, nothing to do with racism !!!

  11. ant215

    i didn’t win but im honored that out of more than 200 ass pics mine got to be in the best 20 so im still happy bout that!!!!!!!!!!1 dont you guys think and congrats to all of those who made the 20!!!

  12. Josh

    Terry and Cesar Leon both expressed the same sentiment. It’s just funny how you can be black and have a great ass (same goes for the cock contest) and get so many dislikes. I’m just saying it’s a small example of a real issue the gay community needs to start examining. That would make good, productive discourse. Discrimination in the gay community is awful.

  13. Quiettopman

    Why do so many talk about whites being racist?
    Two friends of mine who are both black tops looked at these with me and we decided to give up to 10 thumbs up and up to 10 thumbs down each, I noticed that while I only gave thumbs down to 3 black guys and 4 white guys,But both my black friends gave thumbs down to 7 of the Black guys and 3 of the white guys with the comment that the black guys you showed mostly looked pretty flabby compared to the mostly firm muscular white asses.
    Could it be that the dislike votes had nothing to do with racism but that some of the fat or flabby black asses you showed just were not that attractive compared to some of the firm shapely white asses you showed?

  14. edgar_truth

    the thing is that racism does exist in the gay community. am i embittered? yes, because i’ve met guys that have told me that i’d be cute if i wasn’t a nigger. and that is verbatim. that being said, a lot of ethnic minorities are disillusioned by how we’re either fetishes (how many porn ads show a tiny white bottom getting pounded by 6 black “thugs” and the ad is misspelled w ebonics?) or undesirables. I really do think that a community of “outcasts” should be all inclusive, but that’s not realistic. However, i do think the gay media out there should show other races as being 3 dimensional as opposed to hot white people, sassy black people and spicy latino lovers. maybe i’m butt hurt over this or maybe i’m just an uppity n-word with a brain. anyways, some food for thought. also as for calling me a bit racist, bingo. i’m not perfect and like i said bitter, fighting fire w fire only makes it worse. but sometimes a little chaos does wonders for the soul.

  15. Darryl

    Thanks for giving an Ass Man like me a real treat. All of the contestants are deserving of the 1 cock stiff award πŸ™‚

  16. chrisbuddy

    Wish I had known about this, I would have entered it myself! Check me out on a4a! Not young but i got back boys! Oh, and i certainly am looking for the one who can satisfy me! Lol

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