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Hey guys !

Since we opened A4A few years ago, some of you have been asking us for A4A products with logo, t-shirts, hoodies and more…

So today we are proud to announce that we are finally launching the A4A apparel store!

25 designs have been put on the market this week-end. Most of them are “logo” items but we are also working on more fashion items like the “Chest T-shirt” or the “Versatile Muscle Tee” (Top and Bottom also available…)

The prices are very reasonnable and the quality is very good as well!

New designs will be shown on this blog, on our facebook page and on twitter as soon as they come out!

Please tell us which one is your favorite and happy shopping!

(Click here to access the apparel store)


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  1. Heights89

    I can understand people wanting apparel for their favorite websites, but for a hook-up site? I really can’t see a public occasion/location that wearing a t-shirt that directs everyone who looks at it to a website designed specifically for gay (and let’s face it, not gay) men to have sex as well, appropriate…other than a pride parade, a private party at a residential home or a gay club.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am a member of this site, but I don’t typically use it for the intended purpose. I’d hate to give the public eye another reason to judge me.

    But to each their own.

    • blog

      Heights89: We wanted to offer the tee collection because many members were asking for it. Of course I dont think people will wear it at work in their office… But why not wear it in clubs or in the week-end ?Like I said those are mostly logo t-shirts, but we are in the process of creating other “fashion” styles!
      Maybe the logo ones are not for you but some members are buying them to support our website.

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