Stories : The Pool Guy


After spending years in New England freezing and buried in snow, I was thrilled when my company opened an office in Central Florida. I moved to Ocala in November two years ago and loved even minute of that first winter for the very first time in my life.

What I did not really grasp at the time was just how brutal the summers in Ocala were going to be.

I had found a great little house near a lake surrounded by orange trees and horse pasture. My house and the two acres are just the kind of place I have always wanted. But, after the record heat of last year I realized what I needed was a place to get away from the heat and that a pool would be a great addition. So, last fall I hired a contractor to install a pool in the back of my house.

We signed all the paperwork and scheduled the construction to start in three weeks. On October 12th a crew showed up to start digging. There was a crew of five guys, with the hottest foreman I had ever seen. His name was Mark and he was a brick wall of a man with short sandy blond hair that always looked dusty, and the deepest sky blue eyes I had ever seen. His arms were huge and his chest amazing. He did not have the shape of body builder; he had the shape of a construction worker.

Just under that barrel chest, was a small belly, just big enough to push his t-shirt out, slightly.

Mark and his crew would start work long before I would be out of bed, and I cannot tell you the number of times I would wake up with a hard on, sneak to the bedroom window and jerk off fantasizing about Mark and what he was hiding under those work pants. I was always hoping he would catch me with my cock out, but never had the nerve to be obvious and let him see me jerk off in the window.

I tried everything to get him in my house and nothing worked. Coffee in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, vegetables from my garden, nothing seemed to get his attention.

The pool was done by the spring and I was thrilled. I had landscapers develop a small jungle around the pool so that I could swim naked without worrying about anyone seeing me, after all, this is Ocala!

It was not long before I developed a habit of taking off whatever I was wearing and jumping in the pool for a naked swim before heading in for the night.

About four weeks after the pool and landscaping was done, I was skinny-dipping when I thought I heard someone come through the fence. As I was just stepping out of the pool to see who it could be, Mark was right in front of me. He seemed as shock to see me naked as I was to see him looking at my cock.

I froze, thinking that I should at least reach for the towel to make him think I cared about being naked but I just stood there, looking at him as he looked at my dick. The longer he looked, the harder I got and it looked like he was getting hard too.

After a minute or so, which I know does not sound long, but felt like longest minute of my life, I was as hard as I could be. His workpants showed that his hard dick was pushing to get out!

Rather than reach for the towel, I reached for the bulge in his pants. He started to back off but as he looked around he seemed comforted to realize that there was no one anywhere near by, and rather than step away from me, he grabbed my head and push his covered cock in my face.

His dick felt as a thick as a coke bottle and his balls were like two tight marbles. As I buried my face in his clothed crotch I could smell his dick and balls. His smell was amazing and turned me on so much that I could have jerked off and cum right there, just smelling his musty crotch.

I was half in the pool and half out as my wet face was probing his crotch. He was grinding his dick in my face when all of the sudden he pushed me back in the water. I went flying back and went under water. When I came back up, I saw he was taking off his boots and getting naked.

I watched as he took off his boots, and then removed his socks. His feet were like what I image big foot’s feet would look like, only with less hair. They were flat and wide, with curly blond hair on the toes and in a line on the top of his foot.

He took off his t-shirt to unveil the manliest chest I have ever seen. He was wide and round, with a strip of blond hair between his muscular pecs. His nipples were wide and flat.

As he started to take off his belt, he turned his back to me, all of the sudden he seemed shy. He pulled his belt off in one fast yank and his pants fell down just enough to show off his tighty whities with the familiar ‘Fruit of the Loom’ logo on them.

As his pants came down I could see the sweat from his back covering the top of his underwear. As he lifted his leg to take off his pants, I could see a wet spot from the sweat in his crack.

Once his pants were off, he turned around and showed me his hard, fat cock under those boyish undies.

He looked at me, seeming to want approval; all I could do was stare at his cock in anticipation of what was coming next. He slowly pulled his underwear off and his hard dick popped up, bouncing slightly as it sprung free from the material that bound it.

His cock was not long, but it was very fat, and his balls were perfectly round and rode high and tight, close to his fat cock.

Once he was undressed he quickly jumped in the pool, staying close to the edge, seemingly afraid to move closer to me.

I dove under the water and swam for his dick. I kept my eyes open under water and was increasingly excited as I saw his beautiful body get closer and his cock get harder as I approached.

Without coming up for air I opened my mouth and started sucking his cock. The second I put my lips on his cock he jumped, squirmed and immediate shot his load in my mouth.

I was surprised, disappointed, and unsure of what to do next. I hardly had time to open my eyes and get a breath when he grabbed my head and pushed my back down on his cock.

To my surprise he was still rock hard, so I started sucking again. I could taste his salty cum leaking from the head of his cock as I sucked and I swear he was harder and bigger than before he came.

When I had to come up for air, he looked at me, turned around and said, ‘eat my ass’. That was not a problem at all. He raised his legs under the water and I dove for his ass. I buried my face between his ass cheeks. His hole was hairy and his ass cheeks firm and round.

As my face dug deeper in his hole, he pushed his ass back harder and harder, squirming with pleasure, and reaching back to open his hole further.

It was an amazing feeling as I licked his hole and the water flowed between my face and his ass.

After coming up for air a few times he turned around and held me up from going under water again, turned me around and then dove under the water. I was not sure what was going on, but in no time he had his tongue buried deep in my shaved hole.

He ate my ass like it was a pussy, using his finger to vibrate my hole while he licked the outside. I raised my legs as high as I could, welcoming his hand, a finger at a time.

When he came up for air, he reached under my arms, raised me up, and set me down on his hard cock.

His cock as so thick that I was just sitting on top of it, perched, like a ballerina on her toes! He slowly pushed up as I gripped him pulling my hole over his massive meat.

The warm water, the feeling of his cock in my ass, his huge arms around me, and my legs over his hips, made me feel amazing, protected, and yet violated at the same time. It was a feeling I will never forget.

He was reluctant to start fucking me, I am not sure why, so I started to ride up and down on his cock in the water. It was not long before we had a great rhythm going, a rhythm with each other and the water.

I tried to kiss him but he turned his head, shocked that I even tried. When he did this I thrust my ass over his cock as hard as I could and he got the message, “fuck me hard”. At first I regretted being so aggressive because I forgot just how big and strong he was, but once I was fully opened, I was welcoming his fat cock with my entire being. I felt like a rag doll being thrust around in space.

As he came close to shooting his hot load in my ass, he got wild. Moaning, rolling his eyes back in his head, and squeezing me so tight I could hardly breathe.

I could feel his fat cock pulsate in my ass, once, twice, three times…, it seemed to go on and on. I swear that I could even feel his hot cum shoot up my ass as he was pumping, squeezing, and shouting.

I hardly touched my cock and my hot cum shot in the water. I looked down and watched as a line of my cum floated towards his chest and attached itself to his chest hair.

After he came, we just stayed still, locked in each other’s arms in the warm water.

I have not seen him since, and whatever he had come to my house for that day is still a mystery.

We did not say a word as he pulled out of my ass, dried himself off (unknowingly wiping my cum all over his chest) , dressed, and walked out as quietly as he walked in.

Needless to say, I still swim naked at the same time each evening, always jerking off in ‘our spot’ thinking of Mark and our hot fuck session.

Mark, if you are out there, I am ready for more! You know how to find me….





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  1. David

    This is one hell of a sexy, hot, steamy story. I got turned just reading it. I would love to do you and Mark. Mark sounds like a hunk

  2. JJ

    Very Hot! I’m not Mark your pool guy but just down the road from Ocala in Lady Lake! Might hafta start looking for backyard pools!

  3. PsQs

    OMG that was the best story ever written by anyone about anything! Are you a professional writer? If not, you should be!

  4. Richard Lawson

    …and not a condom in sight. And we wonder why we are still battling an HIV/AIDS epidemic in this community? (slaps my palm to my forehead!)

  5. barryst

    Great story, got my dick hard. And I always hated going to Ocala. If I could go to that pool I would change my mind! Invite me over, I love to skinny dip.

  6. Will Austin

    Maybe I’m a Wussy, but with that much meat and un familiar partners, I think some kind of lube is a lot more comfortable and especially the next day….But I understand it sounds great , And I’m glad they didn’t add the political correct rubber stuff to spoil the moment!
    First times are always erotic special! The strong part of the story is to actually have the desired fantasy object.. So fine! I read that when such strong attraction occurs, Both know it, but choose how to deal with it, more often it passes unfulfilled, but not this time!

  7. goldenloverinmym

    I never got lucky while I was Ocala of course was still married to a woman then the area.spent a lot of time around silver springs

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