Pornstars : A4A Interview with Cody Cummings and Marcus Mojo

Last night, pornstars Cody Cummings and Marcus Mojo were in Montréal to promote their websites. They made an appearance at a local club with their manager to meet their fans and perform… naked! I took the opportunity to meet them and ask them few questions for you guys. We talked about relationships, gay sex vs straight sex, cocks, ass…. many interesting things … at least for me! I was very surprised by how hot Marcus is in “real” life. The bisexual man is tall, very muscular and very very friendly. Cody seemed a bit shy and cold and he is shorter than I thought (5’9″). I really prefer tall men.(lol)  So anyways, here are the 5 best questions you wanted me to ask them and their answers:

A4A: Are you guys single?
Cody: Yes single, no girlfriend, no kids
Marcus: Same here!

A4A: Cody, fans are asking “when will you fuck a guy?”
Cody: Never.
A4A: Can you explain? lol
Cody: It’s just not my thing, I will never fuck a man. I need boobs, pussy… I’m really straight!

A4A: Who gives the best head? A man or a woman?
Cody: Do I need to give you an answer? I mean, I prefer getting as BJ from a girl because they have the “package” that I like. Nice ass, pussy, boobs, hair…But technically, and if we only make reference to the actual BJ, guys are better! And the best head I got was from Patrick Rouge!
Marcus: Guys give the best BJs, they go deep and they really do the job well. (With a  biiiiiiig smile on his face)

A4A: Do you like when a man touches your ass?
Cody: Ya I like it, but they are not allowed to finger my ass *laugh! They can rim it though, that’s definitely one of my favorite thing.
Marcus: Yes I like when they touch my ass and rimming is also the nicest thing on hearth !!!

A4A: Cody, someone was asking “why don’t you get sucked by black guys?”
Cody: I wouldn’t mind, but we don’t pick our models, we don’t get to choose!


So I have to say that I had a blast with them. They are very sexy and cute guys… And I wish I was not that shy because I would have asked them to let me play with their cocks…I was super horny last night (as usual). Thank god I met someone else in the club to help me get rid of my hardon! Thanks again to Cody and Marcus !!


(follow the jump to see amazing sexy picture from the guys or visit their websites here and here to see videos, pictures and a lot more!)

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  1. Anthony

    Cody lies about being straight. In an intro to one of his video clip where he kisses a guy he clearly states that he never said he was completely straight. I say give him some time and we will see him fuck the shit out of some dude. You can tell its not just buisness when u watch his movies. He is gettin more into male on male action.

  2. Darryl

    We’ll find out if Cody keeps to his word. At some point he will meet a guy who will make them think differently, he may not want it shown on screen, but i bet he has already done it. I can see that Marqus really does enjoy having sex with guys. Kinda tough to fake it when a guy is working over his cock, or his hole. The eyes always gives him away.

  3. joe

    Cody isn’t shy… he seems to generally be disgusted with what he’s doing and only wants gay money. He’s the worst type of gay for pay actor, one who is condescending to his target market. I think he’s handsome and all but i won’t watch his stuff strictly because he isn’t a very good gay for pay porn star or bi-sexual performer. I do respect that he is so (pardon the pun) rigid about not having sex with men and proclaiming he is straight. what i don’t respect is how he expects us to be satisfied with it or to think he’ll survive much longer in this business without change it up a bit. oh well, there will always be someone out there who’ll watch him so… que sera.

  4. Matt

    Well, with those comments, Cody Cummings officially is blacklisted from the guys I’m interested in watching. If he hates sex with guys — and sorry, Cody, there is more to sex with a guy than “the actual BJ” — then he needs to get out of the gay-4-pay business. Or better yet, guys just stop viewing his website. It’s totally insulting.

  5. Michael Stanton

    again i will never understand the appeal of these kind of guys and furthermore i’ll never understand why silly ass queens continue to run up after them, the mythical “straight” man. sure it’s okay if you service him but that’s it, he doesn’t lay a hand on you. i swear there have to be total masochists out here who would let debase themselves like that.

  6. CHRIS

    Cody Cummings = YAWWWWWN. Why would anyone be interested in his I’ll never fuck a guy attitude when there are so many incredible hot gay porn “stars” that will.

  7. RON


  8. Steve

    Interesting that Cody bills himself as “bi” on his site but feels the need to emphasize he’s “straight” when making a personal appearance. Marcus is okay, I guess; smooth guys do nada for me. But that last pic got me Googling Rod Daily: still not my type but curved cocks definitely do it for me!

  9. C J Hogue

    How lame – why would you support someone that is using the gay community to make money. Ban their videos.

  10. Darrell

    I love cody cummings but Damn that Marcus is Soo freeking hott! and the fact that cost is shorter than he looks, Damn disappointment lol

  11. Dave

    Marcus Mojo is really sexy and all of his scenes and movies are really hot, he really seems to enjoy his work! Those eyes, those muscles, that small, that ass!

    As for Cody Cummings – just do straight porn if you’re such a finnicky uppity little bitch.

  12. Jorge

    I must say Cody, I’d love to just have 20 mins with you to suck on that nice DICK. You have an fine TORSO and HOT all around!


  13. Seth

    Cody never did anything for me, and with his attitude he does even less. He really doesnt understand the gay for pay thing….does he think we’ll be turned on by the fact that he cant stand being touched by a man? He kinda makes my stomach turn now

  14. Kevin

    Next Door is the most homophobic studio to every shoot gay porn and these guys are such liars. Marcus admitted on his cam show weeks ago that he was dating a woman. Cody is dating a female photographer and he DOES have children. Why would he even throw that in if he was going to then lie about it? You didn’t ask him about kids.

    I stop supporting Next Door when it came out how they treat the gay performers at the shoots. It is a GAY porn studio but they only have one gay exclusive Austin Wilde, who also feels the “ethnic diversity” slot, and one guy that they decided to market as bisexual, Samuel Otoole, who has never dated a guy. Marcus Mojo, Cody Cummings, Rod Daily, Trystan Bull, Tyler Torro,James Jameson, Kevin Crowes, and Johnny Torque are all straight. Next Door treats the gay performers that come to work for them as “throw away bottoms”. If you want to work with Austin or Sammy then you are gonna have to blow Cody or even fuck a girl – See Mason Starr and Anthony Romero- or they won’t hire you.

    You also have to be prepared for the homophobic slurs being hurled at each other on the set. There has been plenty of BTS video of Marcus, Rod, and Tyler calling each other F@G, F@gg0T, C*ck$ucker, and other slurs. It doesn’t matter if they are joking. It isn’t cool for straight performers to spew that kind of language and then try and sell themselves as “gay friendly”.

    I’ve met Cody before and watched him interact with gay men. He is the most arrogant and cold performer. I don’t know about he club there but he would even let the gay guys touch him to hand him money but he was all over this 50 year old woman who made the mistake of sitting close to the stage.

    Thank you for doing this interview and maybe people will start seeing this guy for the douchebag user of gay men that he has been for almost a decade now. Yes, a decade from Kristopher Gates to Tyler to Cody Cummings, his name only changed as his arrogance and disgust for gay men grew.

  15. PurplE

    Thank you for the great interview with Cody and Marcus. I watched the live feed from Montreal the 2 nights they performed on stage, and those of us watching and chatting got the same impressions of each of them that you expressed. Sorry Cody, but we were not impressed with your show, but everyone loved Marcus. You could tell he enjoyed showing off to a live audience. Cody came off as cold. Johnny Castle, known as a straight porn star, has also appeared at same club, and did a wonderful erotic show…and I believe he also did some private dances in the back area of the club….Cody and Marcus did not do private dances, to the best of my knowledge.
    For those of you that have never been to a male strip club, sorry to inform you that 90% of the dancers are straight or bi….very few gay, and the truth be told…I prefer the straight dancers….yes it’s all about money…but they do a great job of satisfying the customer. We are not talking sex, but the next best thing…being able to feel those wonderful muscular bodies and other important body parts!
    Thanks for your interview of these two stars.

  16. Sean

    The interview cinches it for me. I will never go to Cody’s site again. The guy is a fraud to the gay community and is using us to make money. He is beginning to get a little long in the tooth so must likely he will end up taking it up the ass. He sure seemed to enjoy having that butt plug in his hole. It’s not so much that he is using us to make money but the guy is a phony.

  17. Théophile

    Even as an avowed bi (even having sex with guys mostly)i think fucking a guy in the ass is pretty hardcore.
    Far better to do every thing else!

    Sex video is made for fantasy!
    And Cody! you certainly should teach your girls how to suck.
    I like girls, but watching them suck like that with ugly face, not even seemingly interested in the big man’s cock they are sucking,… is a turn off.
    It would put a big smile on my face to tease your cock with my tongue

  18. David

    I can smell the over powering cologne from here on Mr. Cumming’s, he’s one of those good looking guy’s that think’s he’s all that, and then there are still gay guy’s that somehow feel that there is something special about straight guy’s whom hate you but will take your money, now thier called stars, we used to call them mugger’s.

  19. scott reno

    cody straight??? it appears he is sticking his dick in some dudes mouth…thats not straight. Plus, show him the money and he’ll be toping the next hot twink or vise versa..I guarantee it.

  20. steven

    why do people give these guys any gay money? Are we that self-hating.

    I want my fantasies gay as gay gets.

    BTW, Marcus Mojo has an add up on a gay cruising website wanted to hook-up with guys.

  21. Matt

    He is well used, old news, second hand goods and sooo fake. NEXT…..

    Boring and definitely not straight!!! its all marketing wake guys!

  22. LOU

    Yeah old news boring and plastic not straight!

    Hes a hustler whether you like it or not its online legsl prostitution, they get paid only thing is they have sex with hotter guys most times..

  23. JackBlack

    The majority of porn “stars” are sexually confused, and have other mental issues. Why do people get bent out of shape over this guy and people like him?

  24. turk22

    When I first saw Cody, years ago I thought he was kinda hot.
    It was the “hairy” part that got me. But after seeing one of his video’s where he does absolutely nothing with the guy he’s with except allowing the guy access to his cock or I guess ass to rim..I’ve never seen that one. I was turned off years ago. I guess you’d say I’m a romantic gay. If they won’t kiss another guy…I say adiós. I know it took a long time before I would even watch Phenix’s video’s because he refused to kiss a guy. Although for the past year or so, i think he’s been getting fucked, that for me at least got me interested enough to keep tabs on him.

    Marcus Mojo is also know as Landon Mycles 7″ cut.
    No infor for Cody..And I don’t care..either.

  25. Hater_1

    I wish people would boycott Cody’s DVDs. He is like the worst nightmare in bed – NO INTERACTION. Plus, he sort of looks like trailer trash. Put him out of biz. Marcus is such a queen.

  26. gavin

    fantasy fulfilled on his website shows him kissing and having anal sex with brandon lewis he needs to change that cheap ass silver watch he always wears with all the money he gets from the gay community straight my ass

  27. Salvador

    I met cody long time ago and i always like him .i even got a pic w/him but im sorry a guy tnat let another play w/his dick for me is not staight im sorry but he kills the good tough the i got for him

  28. Harry Poofer

    A true blue genuine st8 guy will NEVER ever have anything gay done to him nor will do it for money. So Cody is a hypocrite. Perhaps he thinks by playing this absolute st8 card, he can prove he’s a real man. Zzz. Look at Jeff Stryker. He’s actually st8 but man, the way he uses a manhole is beyond cool. That’s why he’s the icon. Pretty hot hunks into m2m anal action are a dime a dozen, so take your time Cody, u are getting younger by the minute. 🙂 Next !

  29. thomas

    I love how outdate this interview is. I have watched cody both fuck and suck a guy since then….and….get fucked by a guy, more than once. Hmmmmm… thinks he did protest too much. lol.

  30. sloppytoppy

    You old people need to get real. How the fuck can u get upset with someone because they don’t want to fuck a dude.. GOsh.. so fucking self-righteous… Gtfoh..

  31. Richard

    Gay for pay shouldn’t exist. Only real gay or bi actors should be paid to act in gay porn, there’s naturally a lot more passion and chemistry and its a turn on when the guys are enjoying fucking eachother. Whereas, straight guys are most likely disgusted by what they’re doing, and it’s a turn off as you notice they’re not into it by their bad acting. Gay porn companies should know not to hire straight guys by now.

  32. John...

    “A true blue genuine st8 guy will NEVER ever have anything gay done to him nor will do it for money. So Cody is a hypocrite.”

    That’s just bullshit. Guys in prison do it all the time and then go back to their straight lives when they get out. Also; these days a lot of straight guys who just want their cock sucked do it too, because their girlfriends or wives aren’t very good at it or won’t do it. It’s not the sex that makes a person gay; it’s what sex they would be able to fall in love with.

  33. Max

    I don’t understand you guys, you are acting like kids
    Thomas says “I love how outdate this interview is. I have watched cody both fuck and suck a guy since then….and….get fucked by a guy, more than once. Hmmmmm… thinks he did protest too much.” First, look a bit closer, cody’s videos are soft porn, there’s actually no penetration (you should watch “date my porn star”). But even if there, so what? Last time I checked every guys had prostate which can be stimulate, not only gay guys. And I find it easy to say “he must be gay, he has sex with guys in front of the camera” with hat logic Neil patrick Harris is straight, he must be, no gay guy could kiss so many girls on how I met you mother wihout loving pussies, right? Both are actors, they are paid to make things believable. I don’t like Cody, but I don’ think his life outside the porn industry is any of our business.
    Richard says: “Gay for pay shouldn’t exist. Only real gay or bi actors should be paid to act in gay porn, there’s naturally a lot more passion and chemistry…” Gay actors fake too. In “Everything You Wanted to Know About a Gay Porn Star But Were Afraid to Ask” Kris anthony talks about his first porn experience and says “I was turned on by the process, I was not turned on by the co star, so that’s when the acting really comes into a fact”, yes you read right, he says ACTING, cause he’s an ACTOR. Gay for pay or real gay guys, they all ACTOR who are paid to fake it, to create a good fantasie for you. So what is the point of talking about the sexuality of someone you will actually probably never meet? Just turn the video on, cum as much as you want, then go back to your lives cause outside of porn, porn stars have one on their own and I don’t see the point of debating on it.

  34. Chad

    Truth is that there is no such thing as straight men in gay porn, anyone who says different is fooling themselves. So since both these guys have had sex with both, the only correct answer they can give is bisexual. At least Marcus, or Landon, seems more comfortable with acknowledging it.

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