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Brit has released a new video this week, I Wanna Go, and after watching the video, I am convinced that there is something wrong with her stylist. While her looks in the last two videos were on the edgier, more modern and urban side, I think that a skull with Mickey Mouse ears t-shirt, studded Doc Martens, schoolgirl pink and black socks and, worst of all, pink extensions in her hair is a bit much. Like someone was telling me, she looks like Avril Lavigne’s older wannabe sister. 

The song itself is kinda good, I actually love her whole new album!! But this video has a bad director and/or a stylist with really bad taste… But still very fun to watch! Pop stars were once trend makers… Not anymore I guess!
I still love my Brit!


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  1. Mark

    It is not supposed to look amazing, or set a trend. This video is basically a parody to the whole celebrity, pop star lifestyle and Britney herself!!.. There are a ton of Pop culture references including references to Britney’s past. (like the Mickey t-shirt and the Crossroads 2: Cross harder sign!).

    This is just bad journalism.. Check or any other site and in fact they are praising Britney’s ability to make fun of herself!

    • blog

      @Mark, i’m not a journalist dude… I’m just have a blog, and I share my opinion that’s all !! “Bad Journalism” lolll u are funny!

  2. row2infinity

    This video is epic. And Avril didn’t invent colored hair extensions, sorry to break it to you. She looks hot as fuck.

  3. Drae

    I actually thought she looked really nice in the video, and I love the edgy look for her. It may not be a trend starter, but it worked for the video I guess. I thought the video was a lot of fun, and it reminded me a lot of how Britney used to be, before she was a mom, and when everything she did was extra sexy, and sorta had this “fuck you” attitude. I loved that about her in the past, and the fact that we get to see that side of her come back to her videos makes me pretty happy. Her dancing may not be as on point as they used to be, but at least she still looks damn good for being 30, and being a mother.

  4. Tyler

    you must not obviously get the point of the music video. its a parody video. all those things are done on purpose. she did a parody of avril, terminator, thriller, cross roads and die hard. its pretty easy to see those things in the video. her styling is amazing in the video though, so much better than the previous two videos. also she is more energetic than those other ones so its pretty much her best video this year.

  5. Electro_Prince

    Personally. I love the song it is one of the best off the album but the video was bad :/. She should of dance since it was a electropop/dancepop song :/.

  6. Anti1

    In my opinion, I think her other songs on the radio are much better than this one. While I didn’t see the previous videos, the style in this one wasn’t bad–I just saw it as her playing the “bad girl” part, while adding in the “girly girl” pink.

    I will admit that I think it’s execution could have been better as well as the video itself.


    I gotta disagree I found the new school girl (PUNK) very new and refreshing…she needed to do that…I was Like , “show the first one agian;show it again!!!” the part where she flashed the guys, well I have to say it doesnt make sense because se didnt flash em…she had on a red country girl bra as you all saw later on…btw who was that HOT ASS GUY she was with at the end??

  8. Clay D

    Dave, Dave, Dave~

    C’mon man! Let’s move gay culture PAST Britney’s tired career, and support artists who actually still have the passion and the insight for artistry!

    Go Gaga! Go Beyonce! Even~ Go Madonna! But Britney? She wore out with a bang in 2007.

    C’mon Dave, c’mon!

    Clay in Northern Cali.

  9. Dustin Scoggin

    I think because the song is so 90’s pop, the stylist was trying to go for a 90’s look. I think the outfit, though not attractive, fit the video nicely!

  10. D

    I have not ever been nor will ever be a fan of Brit’s music, but I have always thought she was gorgeous, yes even when she shaved her hair and even when she was “fat”. I can understand how being shoved into the media with such force that she would have some trying times in her life. But I still think she’s hot and I damn sure wouldn’t kick her out of bed!

  11. reyno_rndm

    the outfit is perfect because its not BRIT!!! music video is hot!!! She is bringing it back to when she ruled the world; if she doesnt want this stylist pass her/him over to me!!

  12. Socal111

    This is when I love Brit Brit the most. When I feel she is as Campy and in on the joke as she should! This is the updated Oops I did it Again. CROSS HARDER! Hilarious.

  13. Broncstons

    yawn….gay culture has been ruined by retarded women wanting money and and an ego boost….that have “your” best interest in mind. lol

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