Health: Better, Safer anal Sex?

Have you heard of the female condom?

Some say anal sex is better for both the top and the bottom when you use a female condom.

Promotional materials say that it is easier to use and helps improve stimulation because it is made of thinner material. The female condom has been around since the early 1990s but has not caught on like regular condoms.

The Female Condom Access Working Group, is trying to learn more about attitudes, access and use of female condoms. Please consider taking this survey to help them.

If you have used the female condom, please comment here and let others know what it was like for you and your partner!


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  1. Benjamin

    Been there done that- and didn’t hate it!
    takes a lil’ practice but it works just fine and yah- definitely better for both as far as sensation goes.
    Finally something to counter the condom blues ;o)

  2. Verstoplq4u

    I have used the female condom and LOVE IT. It doesn’t feel like your cock is in a sausage tube like it does with regular condoms(even the maximum for me). For those of you that like to use a cock ring you can remove the inner ring (which your supposed to do with anal sex) and use it as a cock ring(bonus sex gear) then throw it away when your finished.

  3. Verstoplq4u

    I have used the female condom and love it. For those of us that feel like were squeezing our cock into a sausage tube with regular condoms(even the maximum one for me); this is the best way to go. Plus, when you remove the inner ring (which your supposed to do with anal sex) you have a free disposable cock ring.

  4. mark

    People Female condoms feel better they are not as tight as regular ones just remember to take the ring out for anal sex before inserting. The only reason I feel why men don’t use it because the word ‘female’ On them. They where originally made for anal sex but had to change to female so they could get research money and support in the beginning. I hope these do catch on soon because they are fun and SAFE.

  5. biguybottom4u

    Hi all. I am bi and a bottom. Yes I have used the female condom for anal sex and it was very plesent and easy to use. After a good cleaning, I found it was very easy to insert. It felt like there was nothing there. My partener was very receptive to the idea. He was able to go bare back and he had full sensation. After, it was also very easy to remove, or you can also leave it in if you and your partner want to go again. It’s that comfortable. Oh well, that’s my thoughts. Have a good day and give it a try.

  6. Rodney Berry

    Gained access to questions in FC Survey on this site. Unable to answer questions in survey. Clicked on an answer but the survey will not allow a response to be recorded. Unable to complete FC survey.

  7. Jason

    I remember when the female condom hype came out and figured, hell, why not try it. My boyfriend at the time was pretty thick and could only wear magnums comfortably, so it seemed like an interesting idea. The hard plastic rings and general excess material was really not comfortable. I know they usually recommend that you remove the small ring, but that wasn’t common knowledge at the time. We both tried it in both positions, and our consensus was that it was like fucking with a plastic bag over your cock. The sensation for the bottom wasn’t improved and actually was kind of weird with the folds, and it was perhaps a little better for my BF, but it didn’t make a difference to me. Regular condoms have never bothered me or made me lose my erection, although I DO prefer polyurethane to latex if the budget allows for them. Final note.. I hated the idea of having to stock a “feminine” prophylactic in the bedroom or bathroom. I enjoy being a man, and want my lover to be one too.

  8. JTF

    I’m a bottom and have used it several times, usually with great satisfaction for me and the top. I almost always have to explain what it is to people, though. Awareness of the FC is terribly low among gay guys.

  9. marty

    OMG! I wish bottoms would be all over this. I hate condoms, but won’t have sex without one. The female condom, just remove the inner ring, is a gift to anal sex. Get familiar with this one guys! It is a treat. Next in line is the Trojan Ecstacy condom. Last in line, regular condoms.

  10. jack

    I’ve found that female condoms have a number of advantages. My boyfriend will reach for these first if we have them when he’s going to fuck me. He says he feels a lot more, that he likes that they don’t grip his penis, and that they give him more room to work with. He’s got a really thick dick, so finding a normal condom that he likes is challenging. He can’t cum while wearing a normal condom, but he can with these. And my ass tends to get irritated by normal condoms and that happens a lot less with these if I put it in several minutes before penetration. I really like how the inner ring sits on my prostate, giving it a LOT more stimulation. I usually get to screaming pretty quick with these. This can also be a big drawback, since that amount of stimulation can get to be too much really quick. I tend to need to take more breaks with them, but I don’t have to take it out during the break so it’s not super inconvenient. Probably the biggest advantage with these is that I don’t need to clean out first. Any embarassing mess is completely kept inside. And I like that after he finishes inside me I can go take it out in the bathroom and clean up with what’s left of my dignity intact. It took a while for us to figure out how to get them to work right. It was super awkward using them the first couple times, but it worked better with practice. Even now, if I don’t wait several minutes after putting them before getting penetrated, my ass is likely to clamp down and make it really uncomfortable.

  11. Chris

    I have used the female condom as both top and bottom during sex and I must admit it’s pretty good. Nice feeling of almost nothing there. if you haven’t tried one DO IT.

  12. Dean

    I have used the FC as both a top and bottom and thought they were much more comfortable than using regular condoms. Only drawback is the cost…

  13. WBFF

    They are actually pretty good–you can leave it in for repeat fucks, the top can just slide on in whenever he is ready, and as it isn’t latex there is none of that “I’m allergic to latex” bullshit from all these unsafe sex assholes. On the downside it does look ridiculous hanging out of your butt…

  14. bb4me

    why bother with a condom? haven’t yall heard? poz guys on meds and testing undetectable can’t transmit hiv. just always talk about status and labs and fuck accordingly.

  15. Steve

    Sorry, Bb4me, but that’s complete horseshit and just another excuse invented by guys who like to BB to give themselves permission to do so. “Undetectable” makes it THEORETICALLY MORE DIFFICULT to transmit but that’s it; there is no proof whatsoever that they are not still transmitting the virus.

  16. Tommy WinBear

    I have used the Reality brand female condoms as both a top and bottom. I liked them well enough as a top, but haven’t been 100% satisfied bottoming with them. Some partners that struggle (to maintain erection, primarily) with regular condoms still struggle with these. When I first used the FC, I was advised to lube the inside (for the top) and not the outside. As the bottom, I found I was rubbed to irritation, but expect it would be better with more or better lube. One nice thing about using polyurethane is that is safe to use oil-based lubricants.

  17. junior

    @bb4me That is why there is poz guyz cuz ignorant people like you have no respect! Its one thing to bb wit someone you trust and talk to, But to just not care about protection is wack! Go figure you have a screen name like that…*shakez head* Be an advocate for safety even if you dont care bout it. You act like your knowledge is solid! I could only imagine if the whole gay community listened to you. Protection is not always the best feeling when it comes to sex but nothing in life is perfect deal with it! I hope fellow gay guyz continue to protect themselves its bad enough people lie about their status to began with!

  18. Alexander

    I have used the female condom with one partner. It was a little noisy, and hard to figure out the first time. It gives pleasure back to the bottom that likes to feel the real thing. They are thin enough you don’t think there is a condom involved. Except the noise. LOL

  19. BlogShag

    @bb4me. People like you make me sick. It’s idiots like you that are out there spreadin’ disease because you don’t give a shit about yourself or other people. You want pleasure at all costs . Well gee, jumping out of plane in flight feels good too, but you better have a parachute that works

  20. tantrikatholiqueer

    Really liked this article, and must say have never thought to really try it before, unfortunately, only kidding with other gay guys, and must say too, the video on youtube was very very clarifying and teaching, so shame has been blocked, it seems the moralists of all ages and places want the gay people get ill or at least lonely, frustrated and sad, and finally the name female codom, could change besides for vaginal, also for anal or recetpive condom

  21. Darryl

    I’ve tried female condoms and thought that this will be a great way to not only play safe, but get to bb at the same time. Once my Bottom got it inserted, it felt ok. It did feel like a plastic bag so i didn’t love it. I’am not really sure he enjoyed it either so we went back to using regular condoms. Today they make very good ones that give you the protection you need, and still feel like you’re not wearing one.

  22. Therapy2010

    @bb4me I cant believe people like you are being so inconsiderate to others about this. Running a HIV youth therapy group is hard enough to have to listen to their stories and see where ignorant people have lied to them about their status. I work day in and day out to try and help these kids with everything possible and with people like you out there, there will be nothing for me to do but deal with these sad stories. Just last week I had a 19 year old man come to me this past week telling me he tested poz. I really don’t think that you should be trying to give advice to anyone when you don’t understand that even being undetectable is still risky enough to have unprotected sex. There is still a transmission of fluids!

  23. BABY BOI


  24. Pac

    Let’s see unprotected sex with undetectable? bb, 2 sides of a coin, Gay Men 10%, Gay Men Undetectable?, Is it 97% safe, (HIV only), according to stats ACTG, 3% Undetectable’s can still transmit HIV (sperm test) also Hep C 1,2,3,4, undetermined if sexually spread, but many coinfected cases. also other STD’s Hep A, B, D, Clamidia, etc…Is it worth a 1-night stand? Oral is Safer Sex. Not Safe Sex!
    Remember, it’s blood to blood contact, not air born!
    Safer Sex with an Undetectable than an Unknown; If your Negative. Doesn’t really matter if your Poz Undetectable.
    Queens are always threatened with a challenge, Pretty & Poz = Watch out!

  25. hung1forfun

    I have always had problems with wearing condoms, I usually can’t stay hard with them and when I do manage to stay hard I just can’t get off. It sucks being poz and wanting to top and be safe about it so going to have to give the FC a try, sounds like fun either way. Also going to have to try it as a bottom as well.

    Being poz for 23 yrs I have seen the recent research information regarding being undetectable and not passing on the virus. This hasn’t been invented by bb type guys but by the CDC (remember they research everything to try to find a cure).

    If anyone wants to use that as an excuse for not telling their partner their status think again! Remember things can change as far as meds working and as far as tests go. Errors in tests do happen.

    I didn’t make it being POZ (and healthy btw – undetectable over 10 yrs t-cells over 500 over 30% ratio) for 23 years by being stupid. I’ve seen what meth and other hard drugs do to a body. Sure it makes for some great and intense sex but you won’t be around for long if you do them regularly i.e. every day! And if your a bottom who is going to want to fuck you when you are nothing but skin and bones.

    Be safe, talk about your status (there’s nothing to be ashamed about with saying you are POZ) there are a lot of guys out there that will still want to have sex with you regardless of your status. Remember the 1’st thing when it comes to sex is being attracted to someone, if they are so turned on by you your status won’t be an issues as long as you use your head on your shoulders and be safe.

    And for you tops that want to BB – sounds like if the bottom you want to get it on with has taken he time to put a FC in for your pleasure, what’s the problem, bet you probably won’t even realize they have put one in until after they tell you.

    Bottoms – take control of your man – don’t tell him you have a FC on – push him down on the bed, take control of the situation get him hard as a rock, straddle his manhood and ride him like a bronking bull (if he gets worried about safety put your hand over his mouth and tell him to shut up that your in charge) when he’s exhausted and well drained then you can tell him – oh btw I’m using a female condom ready for more? your sex life won’t be the same after that – enjoy, be safe and survive this crisis – I know I am.

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