Fashion : Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 shows

I’ve spent few hours watching the men’s spring/summer 2012 fashion shows and the only thing that comes to my mind is WOW!

Amazing colours, fun 70’s inspiration, beautiful treatments on fabrics, incredible accessories, croc and snake, pretty loafers and luscious raincoats are just few things we will see in the streets next spring/summer.

Givenchy: Greens, garden/flower prints, whites. For spring/summer 2012, Riccardo Tisci put aside the traditional black and white to counterbalance with the aggressiveness of fall. It is very refreshing to see vivid flower prints and other nature based theme. I am not crazy about the skirts, but I guess they were for the show, probably not gonna be mass produced… at least probably not for the american market.

Burberry Prorsum: 70’s inspiration, jewel tones, red, green, teal, purple: For spring/summer 2012, Christopher Bailey imagined his custumer right in the middle of the 70’s, in east village. Beanies, battik prints, parkas and loafers are must items of the collection. Definitely one of my favorite collections for next spring/summer, very rich and luxe but casual and wearable at the same time.

Neil Barrett
: Black and white (of course), beige and army green. Neil Barrett is another one of my favorite. You can always expect edgy/rock chic and english sophistication from the designer. I love the patterns and plaid (usually associated with fall season) and LOVE this leather/cotton trench coat. Chunky shoes and leather, lot’s of leather are also part of Neil Barrett’s spring/summer.

Louis Vuitton: Luxe, luxe, luxe. LV is the symbol of luxe and the spring/summer 2012 is no exception. Amazingly expensive fabrics, croc coats, leather goods, gold knits and colourful plaid. I’m in love with the short golf coats, the sandals and of course, the leather accessories.

Check out other amazing shows here and let me know which one is your favorite!



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  1. Michael

    Men’s summer fashion. I will make this short and sweet. Bring back the men’s short shorts of the 1980’s. Anything down to my knees is not shorts.

  2. Gymrat

    Parkas in the summertime? With fur collars? I’m with Michael. Bring in cool and casual, the fewer clothes the better!

  3. Broncstons

    The green is nice, The cuts however were a bit typical. I lost respect for Givenchy when they titled Justin Timberlake an icon. Justin is cool, his clothes are generic though and its common knowledge Disney prodigies are product placement, nor do I consider any offshoot from that company as a genius of style without use of paid stylists and teams of advisers contributing to a media and public display, in essence they talent less and model more, but again Justin Timberlake is average, they used his consumer base for cross marketing, in my opinion then, their (Givenchy)creations and line doesnt speak for itself.
    As of late I find “American Apparel” to hold its own, the muted hues, prep and French stripes, and pseudo Ray-Ban plastiques, easy to step in dance shoes and classic attention to pasties makes it the only retailer in the U.S. worth its carnage. Plus not only is American Apparel evolved, the merchandise is made in the U.S.A., which means its not oursourcing jobs to China or India, where slave exists and sweat shops hire preteens and sick familes to work in wretched environments for little pay, no health benefits some suffer abuse. All around its a pro-active choice for any savvy consumer. What really got me is “Madonna” who recently pimped out her daughter to the fashion world via Macy’s with “Material Girl” clothing line, that all of that junk selling for 12-30 bucks was made in fricking China, in sweat shops. Given the recent scandal and failed girls school in Malawi where millions of bucks was lost and sqaundered by her friends and employees, and now the girls there who are poor lose opportunity I’d say the real shocker rocker is approaching negative publicity in a realistic manner these days.
    And on another tip- did you read the news Gaga is being sued for millions with charity bracelets, charging an extra amount and pocketing the money from fans? Surprise surprise, after she ripped off, Grace Jones, Roisin Murphy, MikeAlike, Peaches and used Brandon Hilton, to make big bucks attracting “they gays” now she is siphoning off the top. Wasnt she a fashion designer before wearing everybody elses designs? “American Apparel” is the new wave in mens style, its simple, effective, modern, embracing retro sentiments and a bit kinky.

    • blog

      Broncstons: I guess u work for American Apparel right? lol…
      But fashion weeks are about high-end stuff, not t-shirts and tank tops…
      And if you think they do well, try to understand why they closed almost half of their shops this year?
      Tanks and t-shirts are mostly for teenagers or week-end wear.
      I dont know many fashionistas or professionals wearing American Apparel in a business office ….
      And Givenchy, Neil Barrett, LV and most of the big designers dont produce in China.
      Try to get informed before saying things like you just did…
      Personally, American Apparel, I wear it when I sleep, or when I have to plant flowers in the garden…
      But … like they say, to each his own thing 🙂

  4. Anthony

    I’m sorry but the Givenchy garden print pants are extremely ugly and tacky. My favorite was definitely the Louis Vuitton collection. Simple, yet still fashionable.

    • blog

      Anthony: every collection has his own custumers… I personally love the garden prints. And I would say more edgy not tacky ! I would wear it only once though, because it is very loud, you are right !

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