Fantasy : 3-Way

Have you ever tried it? Do you like it?

I tried it once only and I was very young, with 2 older guys. I did’nt like it at all but I think that if I would try it again, I would love it. Back then, the young bottomboy in me just wanted to please tops… But both guys were ONLY after me. Sucking me, playing with my ass, kissing me, licking me…They didn’t let me play with them that much. So what I remember from that experience was just average. But now at 28, I “learned” to let go, to enjoy getting head and to play in bed. Not only to be the cocksucking slut I used to be. So I think It could be fun to try again. Any takers ? lolll

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  1. PrinceG

    I’ve had several three ways. Some have been really good, amazing even, some are just so so. It really depends on the chemistry of the triad. My two sense is if you plan on doing it, be sure that everyone is into each other equally… nothing like feeling like a third wheel. Happy Sexing 🙂

  2. darrell

    I had my first 3 way a year ago I’m 21 now and it was fun. I’m inexperience and me being a bottom I wasn’t sure what to expect or do and since I didn’t know one of the guys I was nervous I would totally do it again if it were with the right people who were better experienced id do it again 🙂

  3. TK

    Three ways are a lot of fun when everyone is into each other…I am sure anyone would want to do one with you 😉

  4. Charles

    Did a few three ways and some were great and some were not…depends on the other two guys……Did a threesome with a gay couple once and it was a disaster……never again…if I do another 3-way it has to be with two other single guys…..

  5. NMTim

    PrinceG is totally on it! Chemistry is certainly the best way to make sure that the experience is great. But never focus on just one of the three, share your attention. Third wheel is a drag, and worse if only one of your gets off! Serious buzz kill!

  6. M & P

    AWESOME WE LOVE EM………SOem guys are boring and we toss em …but when you get a Hottie and hot in bed Watch out….

  7. Damian

    I’ve 3 somes that were great & some that were awful. The best ones are when everyone involved is totally open and giving to each other. I have to admit my favorite has been when I end up being the middle man. A mind blowing experience for all your senses! Do It Often!?!!

  8. Darryl

    Oh Man i do remember having some really wild 3 ways which really blew not only my mind but my load as well. I won’t go into detail but i will say that each of us enjoyed the others. That’s how it works best. Go for it guys.

  9. rodehard

    Oh yeah! More the merrier. Especially love three and more when I’m the only bottom! I can make more than one top happy and be ready for more , any time. ;-p Something for everyone…..

  10. Eddie

    Goodness, is just my age or is it odd that I find it odd all gay men haven’t had 3-ways – and 4-ways – and 5-ways…….. Have group sex all the time, it’s awesome as long as everyone participates equally – multiple hands, tongues, cocks, mouths, asses….. so many sensations at once you can’t get with just one other person. Fortunately my BF, with whom I have awesome sex xo it isn’t because of that, agrees so it is probably easier for us to have group sex than single guys since we are already a pair. Try it, you’ll love it!

  11. nogamessrq

    I’ve had a few three ways. They weren’t so hot! One was so bad, my friend wouldn’t play….. NOT GOOD! The next time with same friend was AWESOME! I’m ready for more!

  12. Texsguy

    Tried 3ways…at first,I really didn’t like ’em,as I had zero experience doing that. It got easier and easier each time. But,with me and my guy,we don’t do 3way’s…together anyway.

  13. Lee

    3 ways have the potential to be amazing! Since I’m a top I like to 3 way with two bottoms the most…they know how to take care of you.

  14. Romoni Reed

    I’ve been in several 3ways, 4ways & an orgy or three. I’ve enjoyed them all & still have a 3way with two guys at least 5x a year.

  15. Will

    Who wouldn’t like a 3way? 3 cocks + 3 holes + 3 tongues can = esctatic fucking/sucking, etc. by like PrinceG said, everybody should be on even ground with the others. Do it every chance I get…

  16. Hunter Partner

    I agree that 3-ways are great as you get to please and be pleased bi everyone. Have been fortunate enough to be part of a couple of these and they were all fantastic. Shame too little opportunity in my area.

  17. John

    I had one last Saturday night. They are always amazing. I remember my first one and it was awesome – it was on a Sunday afternoon. Then I went out that night and was picked up by a couple and had another 3 way experience in which I was the center of attention for the other 2 guys. It was amazing to have 2 of them on the first day you try something like that.

  18. Jello

    3somes are HOT. I’ve had it before with both TOPS and they both performed great! As I am the only Bottom it was a pleasure for all of us. I wish I could find someone here in Sacramento.

  19. Sunny

    You know the first time that I had a three some I really did not enjoy it too much because one of the guys end up liking me too much so it was kind of weird, since them I have not try it again.

  20. Scott

    I have done them and on a few occasions and I was the only one to be asked by the host to stay and spend the night and go one on one when the three-way was over.Can’t complain I loved every minute.

  21. Larry

    Yeah, the key to a good 3-way is making sure that everybody is equally into everybody else; otherwise, it’s just awkward. Never thought I’d enjoy 3-ways, but I went through an adventurous phase a few years ago and tried it about 4 times…and every one of them was great. (Especially the cop and his boyfriend…yow!) The key was attraction all the way around.

  22. jayhawkjox11

    Omg. Its hot! I had 2 blacks guys tag my white bottom. One was so huge! I had a 4 some super bowl night. Way hot.

  23. Baldr

    I once had 2 bitches start fighting after we got nekkid because they were so insecure about their partnership! They started shrieking at each other on my doorstep accusing the other of falling for me. I went and loaded up my .12 gauge and told the bitches to fight at home because they were disturbing my neighbors. T second time it was with 2 hustlers that gave me a freebe and it would have been hotter if they werent 2 tweaker hustlers. At least I didn’t have to load my shotgun! I’ve had several others and they were all awkward- DEFINITELY NOT HOT!

  24. Steve_R

    3 somes are hot! I love being the submissive bottom for 2 tops. The kinkier the scene the better. Also, in my area of country, I love being topped by all the ethnic men available. White guys around here are not as creative sexually or last as long.

  25. jim

    Threesomes can be a lot of fun but it really depends on the mix. I agree that all three guys really need to be into the other two in the group to make it more fun. Then, its fantastic. Of course, having two guys just get into me — suck me and fuck me — is really hot two.

  26. zaq

    3some are cool but what I hate is when someone is asking if I have any friends. Come on guys, if ur into 3somes then u should have ur own friends, right??? Not to be racial but I hear this question mainly from white dudes who wanna get fukked by 2 black guys….they should be able to put their own 3some together & stop trying (unsuccessfully) to include someone’s friends

  27. YoungBtm

    Omg 3 sum are so much fun I remember my first 3 way with these two older Hung black tops I was busy mouthfll and both holes fill at the same time hot. My best group experience was my foursum with 3 black tops now that was a blast.

  28. Stroker

    I’ve also had several 3-ways both mmm & mmf. I still want to get with 2 chix. I love it when the chemistry is right for raw animal gettin off. The hottest time yet was when my present girlfriend was still married … fucking her while sucking her ex’s big fat cock.

  29. Peter

    I have two partners, so we do 3-ways all the time. We also play 1-on-one with each other, so we get the best of both worlds. It’s also fun to bring a hot guy over to join in with just 2 of us.

  30. Gymrat

    The idea of threesomes or moresomes is hot! The actual situation may not be. Overall, I love them, because of the simultaneous oral and anal action. Like others have said, it depends on the mood, and the chemistry among the guys. Each one has to be at least somewhat into the others, and willing to help the others have fun. I look forward to many more!

  31. Barstowgent

    Came close, but didn’t happen. I would enjoy having two men at once. Sucking two cocks would be a great place to start. The rest would free flow….

  32. lv2fk7473

    ive done 3 way mfm when i i wasnt bi and that was hot. ive done mfm bi 3 way with married couple and that also was hot and I have done a mmm 3 way with a couple gay guys and it was also hot but i felt bad one of the guys cocks was way to big to fuck me. i did suck him until he blew his load on me though and he said he still had great time and invited me back but havent been able to make work out. so yeah they can be very fun for sure. i wonder what a moresome would be like a group of 5 or 6 guys together and everyone playing with everyone. thats my new fantasy

  33. Rufus

    Never done a threesome with all males but have a few male/male/female and female/female/male ones. Those were fun. I enjoy some tits and vagina in my games lol.

  34. Dayton

    Threeways are a great time. I do agree with an earlier post that if you are with a couple sometimes they can be a bit focused on each other OR that can be taken that way because they are so comfortable with each other they just know what to do and how their partner likes it. My fav three way time was with a dude who surprised his partner with me walking in to “find” them fucking in a tent in the woods.

  35. Lou

    My first 3some was with my boyfriend and a guy he met while he was in Florida for vacation. I started it, it was awkward, but I enjoyed it, they did too. What I liked the most about, was watching my boyfriend fucking the other guy, I was pleased to be able to push the dick in and pull it out of the other guy’s ass, play with their nuts when they got touched, and fingered him while the dick was still in him. And I had many more good ones.
    P.S. I love nuts especially if they are big.

  36. baybubba

    I love group play dates! Three can sometimes get dicey if one guy gets left out and feels it. I’ve seen that happen several times. I prefer larger groups four+; always something you can grab onto, suck or stick in, or fill!

    I had always considered myself bi, but its been years since I had a woman – and had no complaints. Recently at a function where I got involved with a mf couple and it was wonderful. Got even better when three other guys joined us.

  37. nick

    I love 3 ways!!! A few years ago I would periodically visit this gay couple. One sucked my dick while the other ate my ass….whew!!! Hard just thinking about it.

  38. Christoffer

    tried it but find it hard to consentrate on to guys at once, Thou I seen porn with double penetration, and want to try it out some day ( when I’m older LOL )

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