Would you do him : George Clooney

George just turned 50 few days ago, so I thought about asking you if you would do him ?

My opinion is that his best years were in the late 90’s, especially in ER. I remember fantasizing about him examining my cheeks or crutch or anything…. He looked stunning in his doctor outfit!

And I think he is still one of the hottest surgery-free actor in Hollywood!

So yes, I would let him do me!

What about you, do you think Georgy is still hot at 50? Would you do him ?


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  1. Marvin

    Is this question even necessary? I want to know who wouldn’t want to be with him! This is one hot man…. we should all get a shot of him…. I mean, at him!

  2. Joey Knight

    HELL TO THE YEAH…. I do him, he could do me, what ever it takes. Heck, I do him in the middle of the mall with everyone watching.

  3. idnfmbb

    On the town square in front of a crowd….lol Anytime, anyday. I have always thought he had the sexiest eyes of any man alive.

  4. rico

    Hell yeah I would do him and he can do me and I would eat his ass and drink his cum and if he wants he can cum in my ass.

  5. PierceMN

    George Clooney is an excellent actor whose full ability hasn’t even been tapped yet, not to mention that he gets more and more handsome with age. Of course, I’d do him!

  6. Jack

    GC is one of the hottest and most handsome men in the modern limelight and he just gets better looking and sexier as time passes.

  7. Lorenzo

    For sure I would let him do me and I in return do him…I bet he has a great a– for eating yum yum…I can see it now, George on all fours….yum yum

  8. raroo52

    I’d let him do me any way, any time he wanted. Then I’d lock him in the basement and keep him as my private playtoy, lmfao.

  9. gene

    while he is a handsome man to me he has no sex appeal. a little paset his prime, and no body hair big buzz kill.

  10. Marvin

    Of course, I’d prefer to dress up like Rosemary and have him urinate on me while I sing “Come On To My House.”

  11. Corbie

    Eeewwwwww! NO WAY! — Old as the hills -not in2 dudes old enough to be my dad or grandad- gimme a hot young twink neday!

  12. Barebackstudeight

    Bend over and spread em! Time to play doctor! Bet he has one tasty ass to devour and then pound! Just let me at him! I’d get his legs up in the air!

  13. mel

    Either way. in a New Your minute, for a country hour and an eternal day. on the ground, in a car, in a mall. SURE!!

  14. Darryl

    Yeah he’s alittle older then i’am but not much. I think he looks great for being 50, and i’am sure he can still work that cock of his. It would be a blast. And we both have Bells Palsy in common.

  15. clecle29

    No, he may be good looking but i would not be interested. now i would like to meet him and talk w/ him; maybe go out for lunch and laugh about the movie, “up in the air”!! talk to him about his career and how he came to be who he is today.

  16. kevin

    The younger GC… yes, like when he was on frm dusk to dawn, oh Hell yea, but he really dnt do anything for me now!

  17. RuFuS

    Never been attracted to him at all. Even young. Not saying he’s ugly… I just wouldn’t do anything with him.

  18. chris


  19. Ace

    It is alleged that George said, “I’ve had all the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but what I’d really like to do is take a crack at Matt Damon.” Does that give you any clues? Hell yeah, I’d do him.

  20. David

    I can’t stand George Clooney! He is SUCH a closet case and scared to death to come out.
    There is NOTHING appealing about this guy.
    Although, when he was younger, he was quite a looker.

  21. Tuffy

    I would do anything that George wanted. I can just imagine tewaking his nips, kissing him, sucking his probably huge cock and balls and eating his hot ass. I would top or bottom for him even though my preference is top.

  22. Tuffy

    All of you pathetic old queens saying that you wouldnt do him is a bunch of bull s___!. You are just sorry because you know with an attitude like that he wouldnt give you the time of day.

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