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Hey guys, I found this very nice short film online and I wanted to share it with you because I think it’s quite interesting.  It was made by Black Spark Film.

It’s very simple, nice track, nice guys, nice cocks…

Let me know what you think !


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  1. 2EmoLately

    I think I liked it, but I’m still a little confused by the whole thing. The music totally made me want to cry, but the video made me want to jack off. Very strange. Anyone else feel that way?

  2. Gr8t4t8

    Dude that ain’t nothing but porn. Come on. I know this is a fuck site, but I actually prefer the intellectual shit you been posting better. Hell, I’ll find sex through the ads. Sometimes Same Gender Loving men need to think outside the box.

  3. Heights89

    Honestly, I’m sure there was supposed to be some artistic meaning in all of this, but I couldn’t see it. Not to mention Imogen Heap (AKA Frou Frou) is one of my favorite artists, and I don’t like seeing her work used in such a manner.

  4. David

    I love this video. both guys in it are SEXY. I would love to do this on Sunday but for me Sunday is reserved for the LORD and doing his work as well as spreading his word

  5. Yanuel

    I think this portraits something more than just porn… They way it is filmed is very different. The way it is portrait. I’m all for it. Would prefer it 10x more that porn.

  6. Lou

    Thanks Dave for posting this nice video. I watched it at my lunch break. I love it, and reminded me of my guilty pleasures. If it is porn, it something more than porn like Yanuel mentioned. I really love for the passion.

  7. Rix

    I loved this video. It was so hot but I really hate seeing all of that good cum go to waste when I have a perfectly good mouth waiting to be filled.

  8. JCee

    This was VERY interesting…I think one of the things I liked about it the most is the music…I am a BIG music fan, and the Music was just AWESOME…the videos were great as well :), but the music really got my attention!

  9. DeeJay

    I thought it was erotic yet beautiful and it’s attempting to make the act that so many in this world find degrading and disgusting something just as passionate and full of love as heterosexual sex. I understand how some wouldn’t like it though because I love Lauren Hill and it was a little odd at first hearing her music to a guy jerkin it haha. Grew to like it though, helps that the guy seems really into it.

  10. ratdotl

    I’m with heights89. I just can’t believe they put this song by Frou Frou on this video… Imogen Heap is my favorite artist and I was just kinda shocked to hear The Dumbing Down of Love in porn lol

  11. Black_scorpian

    Very, Very, interesting. I couldn’t stop watching. The music set the tone. I just not porn. I love it!

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