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I was about 30 and was managing a grocery store in Washington. I had just bought a 3 bedroom house and moved in by myself but had two empty bedrooms I was looking to rent out. I worked quite often with the night crew guys at the store and one night a new guy showed up and introduced himself as Ben. He was 19, 6’7″ and skinny as a bean pole but a very good looking kid. He asked if I knew of any rooms to rent in the area and quickly told him that I had a couple. Well within a couple weeks he had moved in and we got along great. Ben informed me before he moved in that he was completely straight and because he knew I was gay he asked me to just not touch him. LOL. We lived together for about 6 mos, both of us worked many hours but he always seemed to find time to bring girls back to his room to have sex with, so I knew he was a horny guy!

In passing we both mentioned to each other that we needed to take a day off and hang out together and get drunk, so we both made the arrangements and took a couple days off the following week. This particular summer in Washington was very hot and not having air conditioning we seldom wore many clothes and this night we were hanging out in our boxers, drinking beer in the back yard together. Now when you drink beer it always seems to go right through you so both of us had to keep running to the bathroom to piss.

Finally it got to be about midnight, both of us pretty sloshed by then and Ben stood up and said he had to piss again and I made the comment not thinking he would but I told him to just piss right there because we were sitting in the grass. To my suprise he pulled off his boxers and stood right next to me and started to let out a heavy stream of piss. Now I was still sitting in the lawn chair and he was standing next to me with his cock maybe a foot away from my face and it was really turning me on to watch this hot guy piss and of course I started getting a boner, both because I had to piss and I was horny from watching him. I stood up pulled of my boxers and started to piss as well except for one thing, I was completely boned up! He finished pissing and then started laughing at me because I had a boner, I told him it was his fault because his cock was so close to my face and he had a huge cock (we measured later at 10″) I think he liked that he turned me on and now after we had opened another beer our converstation turned to sex. He loved to talk about the girls he had been with and how he would cum all over their face because he was a big shooter. Dont know how long it was but after a bit he stood up and when I looked at him he was completely hard. I personally had never seen a cock this big in person, it blew me away and I told him too. Told him I had never seen one that big and all he could do is smile! Well he started pissing again, hard, piss spraying straight up in the air but this time he thought he would be funny and turned sideways and shot a stream off piss across my chest. Of course I told him that was gross (just kidding) and I immediately stood up (with a boner) and started pissing too making sure I sprayed his legs with my piss. Well he said that was it and he tackled me and we both went tumbling to the ground, completely naked and hard of course. We wrestled around for a few minutes before I pinned him on his belly with me laying on top of him, teasing him and rubbing my hard cock inbetween his ass cheeks telling him I was going to fuck him! He started freaking out and telling me he would kick my ass if I didnt get off him, so I let him wiggle free and before I knew it he had me pinned to the ground on my belly.

Now something you need to know about Ben is that the guy shoots precum out like it was cum, I have never seen a guy leak as much as he did so as he was laying on top of me with his monster cock sliding inbetween my ass cheeks, he was leaking huge amounts of precum getting my ass so slippery and it was feeling good because he started talking way nasty asking me how I liked that big cock. I told him there was no way he was going to fuck me but I barely got the words out when his cock head slid right into my hole, completely by accident. It hurt like crazy but he flipped out and started moaning, pumping in and out of my hole now with nothing but his precum for lube. He buried the entire thing inside me and being that was the first time this boys cock had ever been in an ass, it didn’t take him long before he started saying he was about to unload in me. I felt his cock swell to what felt like a telephone pole inside my ass and it exploded filling me with the biggest load ever. When he pulled his cock out of me and I stood up, I had cum actually running down my hairy legs so I scooped some up and started stroking my cock until I exploded on the grass in front of Ben. He told me later that was the first time he had ever seen a hard dick and had never seen one shoot a load before. After taking a long piss together we said goodnite to each other, each of us going to our own rooms.

That night was just the beginning though, I didnt know it but I had created a monster! The next morning I was woken up by Ben standing naked next to my bed stroking his cock, all he said was ‘open your mouth” and as I did, he shot his load down my throat….ahh, but thats another story! Happy jacking guys  !


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  1. rico

    That was hot got my dick all hard. I sucked my buddy untill the came in my mouth and I swallowed it and kept on sucking and asked where did it go I said get a flashlight and look down my throught……

  2. PsQs

    “The next morning I was woken up by Ben standing naked next to my bed stroking his cock, all he said was ‘open your mouth” and as I did, he shot his load down my throat” Now *that* is hot!

  3. Randy

    That was hott I love str8 guys I was just with my ex bf tonight he was str8 before I turned him *EG* and my boyfriend now was str8 before I made him bi we have been together for over 4 years now he is at his girlfriends house for the weekend so I am trying to find someone new to convert while he is not home.

  4. Michael

    Yeah, that was fucking hotter than hell man. Good for you. Nice way to take care of that virgin boi’s rock hard dick. Yay!!!! Another for our team.

  5. PAULO

    I was living and working in Vegas. I was 20y/o and went there to work the casino but you had to be 21 so I took a job in a restuarant till I was old enough. Being 20y/o and had girlfriends all through school but I was always turned on by hot guys and used to fantasize of a man in my bed and I would suck his cock and just make love to a man. But of course I hid this all very well. So at the restuarant there were a few gay guys working there and to my knowledge I was never around one. The one really made no secret of it that he wanted to make it with me. He just did nothing for me so I went on as I was straight but did not act like he was bothering me cause everyone who worked there accepted the gay guys. One night he threw a party at his place and all the employees were invited. The straight ones left early. To my surprise he has some hot gay friends and after drinking and talking playfully I went in the bedroom with 2 of his friends and we loved on each other till we sucked each others cock over and over…all I could smell was fresh cum on my face, lips,etc. I then let the one put it in my ass and the one I worked with walked in and you can imagine the look on his face. So speeding up 5 years. I lost contact with all of them. I was going to school to learn the casino business and was walking home and as I was walking by the Elephant bar(if any of you are familiar with early 80’s vegas) I heard my name called out. It was the guy I worked with but never did anything with him. He was now living in florida and had a lover who had great job working behind the scenes for Joan Rivers. She was playing at Ceasars Palace that night and they invited me to dinner and then took me home to change for the show. Well they had a room at the Hotel there and my friends lover had to go and do some work on the stage leaving us in the room alone. One thing led to another and he took my hard cock out and start sucking it admitting how bad he wanted it years earlier. After about 8 minutes the door flew open–yes the lover! I ended up leaving, missing out on Joan’s show and that was the last time I ever saw him…1984.

  6. clecle29

    that was a good story. i had something similar happen to me when i was younger and it was hot. thanks for the story and the boner!

  7. TallProblem

    Reminds me a lot of the straight guy I worked with. He also was tall, skinny, young (he was 21 and I was 33.) and incredibly hot. I walked in on him in the men’s room getting sucked by his g/f. I was amazed how big his dick was (over 11 inches!). Not wanting to get in troube with th boss, (and after I threw his g/f out) I told him I would keep mouth shut if he stuck his massive meat in it. He got all freaked out and said, “I’m not a faggot!” To which I said, “Yeah, right! I see you checking me out.” I had caught him many tims staring at my ass with a very hungry look on his face. “Yeah, you do have one of the hottest asses I’ve ever seen.” I turned around and put his hand on it. Still partially erect from his g/f’s blowjob, I coul feel his monster dick pressed against my chisles ass. He started groaning and said, “Man that feels good.” “And that’s on the outside….wait ’till you get in there. But first, let me suck you, as part of our agreement.” I turned around and got down on my knees as he pulled out his big floppy dick, just quivering with anticipation. I immediately began sucking him to the tune of his deep manly moans, his rough hands on th back of my head. I told him to turn around. “You’re gonna like this”, I said. I spread those creamy white cheeks of his apart to reveal the tender pink manhole that I instantly began eating. “Fuck” he replied. “Your turn”, he said. He turned me around, and with my hands against the sink, facing the mirror, he ate my ass out as well. I looked through my legs to he his monster throbbing at full force, reasy for what was inevitably next. Looking ahead into the mirror, I saw him stand up and say, “Let’s see how hot that ass really is.” I helped giude his monstrous missle into my tight manhole. I feel every inch probe further and futher up my ass until it reached full penetration. I could not believe this totally hot, STRAIGHT guy actually had his huge dick in my ass! “You ready for the ass fucking of your life?”, he asked “You ready for the hottest ass of your life?”. I replied. “Yeah.” He pulled almost completely out and said, “Prepare to have the shit fucked out of you.” With that, he delivered the most unabridled forward trusts, digging deeper and deeper into my ass, with a force that increased as he continued to plunge forward.I could see the look of excruciating pleasure on his face (and mine) as I looked at his pelvis thrusting into my backside in the mirror, both with our work shirts and ties still on but our pants down around our ankles. “Goddamit, I never knew it could feel this good.”, he said. for the next hour and a half, the ass fucking was relentless. The poor boy just couldn’t get enough of my sweet ass. “Damn, your ass feel so fuckin’ good. “Feels a lot better with your beautiful dick in it.”, I said. “Man, I’ve wanted this for such a long time and so bad. I can’t believe I’m actually fuckin your hot ass.”, he said. “Oh, man, I’ve wanted you and your big dick for an eternity. You’re so fuckin’ hot.”, I replied. “Oh man, so are you. Older guys are so hot, especially when they look like you.” “Yeah?”, I said. “Oh yeah. My dad and I used to fool around. He started fucking me when I was younger. When I got older, I started fucking him. His dick was even bigger than mine.” He said. “I’m glad his big dick got passed down to you.” I said. You like my hole son?” That immediately drove him crazy. “Oh, dad, yes dad, you’re hole is so tight dad” he replied with much excitement. Finally, he could take no more. “OH, SHIT, I”M GONNA FUCKIN’ CUM!!! Hold on it’s a big one. I looked in the mirror and saw the look of excrucuating pleasure as his hole face scrunched up as he pumped his straight boy load in my hole. “God, I’m still cummung.” He said. I could feel his massive dick pump more and more man juice in to my hole for at least 45 seconds! That made me immediately cum, spewing m load all over my pants and on the floor. When he pulled out, a huge glob of his precious fuck fluid splattered on the floor the size of a frisbee! To my shock, he said, “Ready for another?” He quickly rammed his huge tool back in my now overly-dialated ass and fucked me even harder nd blew ANOTHER huge load in my hole, then DID IT 4 MORE TIMES!!! THAT’S RIGHT! 6 DELICIOUS LOADS OF HIS HOT STRAIGHT GUY SLOP IN MY HOLE! My hole, which was now so sore and so opened, the semen from his beautiful dick was squishing between my ass cheeks and running down my legs as we both pulled our pants up. I took one last look at his amazing appendage as he hoisted back into his pants and positioned it thusly. “Do you miss it already?” He said. “Yeah. You mis my ass already?”, I replied. “Oh, you better fuckin’ believe it! Don’t worry, there’ll be more opportunties for this.” He then pulled me in for a hot kiss as I grabbed his huge member on last time, which was still partially erect! “Let’s get back to work.”, he said. I’ll never forget that fuck. The hottest one ever!!!

  8. Tony

    This was probably the best story I’ve read but I haven’t read many dirty ones. I live in Washington and just wish I have an experience like this in my future.

  9. ricky

    had the same kind of thing when my married freind was seperated, he lived w me for 6 mothns , we sucked and fucked alomeost everynight, was wild! lots of uns seeding and swallowing each other,nnver kiss he said it was gay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol, spoeken with my load in his hole lol

  10. Gary

    Funny reading this… Cause this is very similar to how my current bf met. The only thing that’s different is that he was celebrating 420 and I was drunk and there was no golden showers. Lol there is just something hot about a guy who can make his own lube. Lol

  11. Sunny

    It is funny how some guys are always calling themselves straight but love to have sex with gay guys. I had a guy like that we used to meet every Friday night to spend the weekend away at his cabin so he can enjoy his privacy.

  12. Tim

    I had a straight room mate once that was completely helpless and self destructive. He was an Iraqi freedom veteran and somehow I was always rescuing him from one disaster or another. I would have moved the world for him. I pimped the neighbor girl into giving him head for $10 once! The deal was $20 for the both of us, she did him first and I laughed in her face when it became my turn. All the whores on central would have rioted and murdered her if they found out she was undercutting their prices. He fell in love with that pudgy crack whore and she turned his life upside down. Long story short she drove him crazy, stole every penny he had and all of his stuff and put him into a jail cell and drove me away. Of course she was a sociopath and tried to get every man that tried to reclaim their dignity or stand in her way put in jail. I said fuck it and after staying with an asshole fagot friend of mine for a period of time and being constantly harassed by him for not fucking him, I got my own place. Then my wounded warrior friend came back into my life with a histrionic desperation and he proceeded to kiss me passionately and sucked on my dick. As with that treacherous whore he fell in love with me like a teenage boy with a puppy dog crush. He even asked me to marry him and adopt an asian baby with him! I even fucked him in the ass and he loved it! But then I thought about all the bullshit he put me through like trying to blow his brains out in front of me, or when he was drunk and sobbing on the phone with the police dispatcher trying to get me arrested to please that whore that did him dirty, and after having to take him to the VA emergency room for too many psychiatric emergencies involving alcohol withdrawal syndrome- trying to dress him while his limbs were tensed up and shaking, while he was hallucinating from the D.T.s. Then when he finally went inpatient and that disgusting fagot troll (the one who resentfully let me crash on his couch) conned him into believing all kinds of bullshit about me, I was through with him.

  13. Tim

    I’m just glad he is gone and getting his life in order! That was beyond “Drama”- that was TRAUMA! Especially when firearms got involved! I only wish him the best, he has suffered too much, and I won’t stand for a pretty face that wants to drag me down to hell with him. I never want to see him again. Besides, I know he will relapse and try and drink himself to death if I ever associate with him again. I saved his life enough.

  14. xxMGQxx

    It, was christmas season during 2009, in a very cold weather day, I’m 33 y/o. live in NY work in a restaurant, most of the time I’m at the counter taken costumers orders, then one day a 21 y/o cute kid name Alex, came in looking for job asking me in spanish, (I speak spanish too).. if there was any job available. since I’m the 2nd manager at this place. I asked him if he had any experience in restaurants before, he told me he has worked in couple places,, I said well come tomorrow at and we’ll see how it goes.. next day the Alex show up, saying I’m ready to work. luckily my boss was there at the time.. replying alright. get in and change your clothes, and told me to show him where he can change, and show him the place around, well Alex got alone with everyone, then he start to hang out with some of the others guys that work there,(now everyone knows I’m gay there, they even got a nickname 4 me (flower), anyway I do get alone with everybody there, and they always talk about girls, wich it dont bother me, but Alex always make sure I was around to heard it, (I guess he knew I was checking him out).
    Well new year’s eve, we closed the place early, and I told the guys that I was having a party at home and everyone was welcome to come, we had amazing time it was around 4 am, when i got a call from Alex asking me if was ok to come over, he told me he live alone and no family around, with out thinking it twice I said get over here, at this time everyone was already drunk and passed out, Alex came in, sat at my side, he meet my brothers and few friends we had lots of laughs, somehow I put my hand around his knee as I was talking and laughing I was grabbing his knee tighter. time pass and it was almost 7 am, when I told him I’m going to bed,and I said you can sleep in the couch if you want, I went to my room grab a pillow and an extra blanked for Alex, didn’t even notice he was right behind me, and said can I sleep in your bed i said thats cool then I take the couch, he said no, he goes why don’t we sleep together, I said if he was cool and ok with it then it was fine with me, I clearly mentioned ok, here is one blanked for you and one for me he was like, why?we can used the same blanked, I was completely nervous, I couldnt believe the guy that I was into was telling all this, suddenly we laid he took off his shirt, I took off mine too. then he huge me telling me in my ear look how you have me, he took my hand and put it down his crouch, I can feel his cock was hard as steel, telling me isn’t it what you want??? do you think I haven’t notice the way you look at me. I was speechless, come on go on. suck on that cock, I went down and star sucking his juice cock all the way down to his balls up an down, he was (asi, asi) yeah jut like that he grabbed my head look at me and kiss me, at this point I was fucking hot horny as hell, all want is to feel that cock of you right inside me pounding hard and deep, he asked me you have a rubber and said yeah, he put the rubber in and told me turn around wich I did he had me in fours. i can feel his dick head teasing my hole, telling me you want it I was getting crazy for it saying yeah put in papi please. he slid his cock in my ass real slow I felt so good you like that he goes, yes baby, I replay then he star fucking me like crazy so fucking hard till the point I said no more, but he didnt care he still fucked me for then an hour I’ll say.. when he went like ok baby I’m coming..I’m coming, deep in you I could feel his warm cream right in my ass so hot…we went to sleep for couple hours, we wake up look each other and kissed, he said to me that he had never been with a guy, be4, but it was really hot, now is over more than a year, we live together now I love him so much at home we are a hot crazy lovers, and at work we barely talk. he still like girls, and he talks about them with his friends but just to know that at the end of the night he comes home with me and make sweet love. althoug I’m afraid to losing him for some girl. but Im strong person just living the moment for now. till next time guys,,,xxMGQxx,,,

  15. Desmond

    This was like one of the greatest stories ever lol my dick was soooo hard the whole time lol wow i think because i went through times like that lol

  16. Will Austin

    With Porno Video Sales at a steady 60% and a general tolerant period of alterative sex acceptance is unusually high, it is not so surprising that the St8 guy is in a safe place to stretch out his curiosity kink and sample the warm waters of Bi-Sex! He just has to make sure, he is safe from exposure & and not going to get in to any kind of trouble! And as ever, three or more beers really help grease the wheels of adventure! There was a time when our married brothers would turn to Hooker & Prostates for relief when the sex dried up at home! But now hubby seems to be open to his neighbor or neighbor’s son to enjoy a little safe sexual recreation on the wilder side! So almost everybody now is fair game, if the conditions are right! And the rules are : Won’t get caught, not embarrassed, quick easy get off, and NO STRINGS , and the Straight DICK IS YOURS !

    And more amazing a many St8 guys are willing to try anal play, once thought only for the Gay Club, not anymore! If you can kiss-it, you more than likely will get in! ..YAHOO

  17. goldenloverinmym

    damm so many hot stories here all of them got me strokin story is not so hot but still get me hard when i think about that time many years ago.i was in the navy and shared a 2 bedroom house with a guy in my unit.the nite b 4 we been out 2 the bars in virgina beach drinkin n partyin we both got lucky and brought home being a early riser i was up n had the coffee goin and went 2 take a piss well i walked down the hall he came out of his room headed 2 the john with the biggest hardest white cock i’d ever seen up 2 that time,he had started pissin by the time i got there stood next 2 him n started pissin all the while lookin at his cock thinking how lucky the girl he had been fuckin was.this was many years b 4 i started suckin i regret not reaching over and grabbing his cock,yet 2 this day i’ve never sucked a cock as big as Kevin if u read this look me up.DDDD

  18. dude

    had a roomate was young, mid 20s and straight though he liked that i was bisexual and asked all kinds of questions of me about eating pussy and sucking dick..was funny and always had me thinking when we drank too much and he questioned me about sucking dick.. we were always in boxers only around the house and he knew i looked at his body all the time.. he was hot. one night he came in the house drunk with anguy in tow, he said he was hitchhikibg and i told him he could sleep here tonight with you cause you like pussy and sucking dick.. well. that worried me about going to bed.. the guy was nice, bearded and smaller than me but well built… he asked if i always wear boxers… i said yeah i like them.. he asked if he could get comfortable? i said sure and my roomie, too drunk, said he’ll undress you he likes guys… the hitcher said ok, come get my things off me… i said sure and knelt down and undid his jeans and pulling his jeans down this rather long dick popped out and struck my face.. he said go for it if you want…so i did, forgetting my roomie was still in the room there watching.. i soent some time sucking this guys dick and said lets go to mu riom..thats when i see my roomie with his dick solid hard out of his boxers.. i blushed and said sorry, he was like that’s ok, you turn out to be a good cocksucker… we went in my room and my roomie followed, said maybe a little prison fucking was in order… filling both holes.. needless to say i spent most of that night with dick down my throat and up my ass… my roomie and i got together at least 3-4 times a week, him fucking me as long as i wanted it at night… he’s straight but loves fucking my ass…

  19. Randy

    That was a very hot story.i was getting very horny and hard.i have never had cum in my mouth but I wud really like to have some in there to see wat it’s like.

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