Stories : My New Sexy Neighbor

Returning home from the grocery store one night I was struggling with the door and the bags when a hand reached out and unlocked the door for me.  I looked back to see a stunning looking young black man with a big smile looking at me.   I sort of stammered out a hello and a thankyou but could feel myself blushing as he caught my eyes scanning that area of his pants below his belt.  He just smiled and followed me in after I got all the bags inside the door.  When the elevator stopped at my floor I thanked him again and he just nodded and said “have a good night”, and that was that.

Several days later it snowed and while the parking lot is plowed they do not shovel between the cars.  Having had a long driveway at my old place I was well equipped with shovels and while I was removing snow from in back of and beside my car I could here tires spinning close by.  I looked up to see the gorgeous young man attempting to get through the foot of snow in front of his car without shoveling.  He wasn’t doing to well.  The car just sort of sat there and the tires spun and I could see the look of frustration on his face through the windshield.  I went over to him and offered to give him a hand and he accepted and very sheepishly explained that he hadn’t thought about shoveling snow when he moved in so didn’t have a shovel.  In about 15 minutes we had both our parking spaces cleared as I had 2 shovels in the back of my mini-van.  As we parted I got up the courage to introduce myself and he did the same.  His name is Jon and he is 6 foot plus an inch or so and well built with a models face and long eyelashes.  We chit chatted for a minute or so and I could feel my cock getting hard just looking at him and listenting to his wonderful Carribean accent.  He invited me for coffee later as a thankyou and once I got my voice to work, (I’m really, really, shy!) I said I’d love to.

After work that day I rushed home, took a shower and such and headed to his apartment with a bag of pastries I picked up.  He answered the door and my jaw dropped as he was wearing sweats and a tight tank top that showed off his chest.  The sweats hung just below the bottom of the tank top so I could see treasure trail heading down into his pants.  He caught me looking again but didn’t show any change of expression and invited me in.  We had coffee in his living room and then he gave me a quick tour and as I was looking into his bedroom at the end of the hall I could sense him close to me.  I turned and he was smiling but his hand was touching himself briefly and I could see a bulge growing out of the front of his sweatpants.  I sort of gasped and inhaled at the same time as the bulge started well down the left leg of his pants.  He again just smiled and then asked I wanted to watch TV on the big screen unit he had in his bedroom.  I was incapable of any but monosyllable replies but managed to squeak out a yes I’d like that.  I took off my loafers and hopped on the bed while he put in a cd.  I almost died when I heard the familiar sound of the Queer as Folk theme song playing.  When I looked at him he was still smiling asked if he had guessed right about me and then leaned forward to kiss me.  I started to get hard instantly but he sort of rested his hand on waist to keep a space between us as we kissed.  Glancing down I could see his cock making a tent in the front of his sweatpants that could hold a family of four.  He stopped kissing me for a minute and asked if I was ok with this.  I replied by leaning down and pulling down the waist of his pants and taking his cock in my mouth.  His cock was about 8″ and well proportioned to his body size and he had a nice big pair of firm balls.  His pubic hair tickled my nose as his hand pushed my head down gently and I sucked him until he reached under my chin and brought my face back up to his and started kissing me again.  Then he reached up into my pull over and squeezed my nipples gently and then worked his hand down between my legs.  I don’t remember taking my clothes off but we were in each others arms and I had his big cock pressed against my stomach as he slowly humped against me.  I moved my mouth back between his legs and really went to town as I love to give head and this man thoroughly enjoyed recieving it.

After about 15 minutes of sucking his cock as deep as I could and licking his balls and rimming him I felt his hand under my chin again to pull me up and he returned the favor for what seemed like forever.  He then lifted my legs up behing the knees and got serious about rimming me.  I just put my head back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed it.  I didn’t notice him sliding a condom on but somehow he managed it and leaned forward and put his head next to mine on the pillow and reached under me and lifted my ass up while his chest pinned me to the bed.  He put his knee between my legs and parted them and then his other leg spread mine open.  I brought my knees up and felt his hands pivot my ass up while he pushed all 8 inches into me.  His cock was now totally hard and fatter than I thought so I gasped a bit while my ass tried to stretch open not quite as quickly as he entered me.  It hurt, a lot!  He pulled out and sort of teased my ass for minute then kissed me again started to push back inside me again, only this time he bit down on my lower lip as he went all the way in and started a slow steady stroke in and out of me.  He stopped several times and let his cock stay in me and when I squeezed his cock with my ass I could feel him swell up for a second or so.  Then he pulled out and rolled me on my side and got inside me from behind while he stroked my cock and rubbed my pre-cum all over the head of it.  I could feel his breath on my neck as he stroked in and out of me and then he started to bite down on my shoulder(not painfully) and started to speed up a bit.  Then  he pushed my onto my stomach and really started to fuck me.  It was like his whole body was just surrounding me.  He put his hands under my arms and reached up held onto my shoulders and pulled me onto his cock as he pushed into me.  I could feel his pubic hair tickling my ass while his balls pushed up against it he was in me so deep.  He did this for about 15 minutes speeding up then slowing down and speeding up again until I couldn’t squeeze his cock anymore and it felt like he could put two of his cocks in me.  I had to ask him to stop as he hit my prostate gland so many times I had to piss.  He pulled out and rolled on his back while I ran to the bathroom and pissed like a race horse.  When I got back he still had the condom on and was still hard but I couldn’t take him inside me any more.  I took the condom off him and cleaned him up with the wipes he had conveniently on the night stand and then started to suck him again.  He thrust up into my mouth and I took a breath and told him to face fuck me.  I went back down on him and grabbing his ass rolled him on top of me again.  I could feel his balls on my chin as he stroked in and out of my mouth.  Suddenly he pulled back a little and rolled on his side while holding the back of my head and fucked my mouth with short thrusts until I felt him tense up and start to moan.  Then I felt his cock swell against my tongue and he shot about 6 loads into my mouth.  I had been stroking myself while he face fucked and when he came it put me over the top and I shot my load all over his thigh and his sheets.  We just laid there panting, no talking, just catching our breath.  Then he got up and took my hand and we took a shower together where he fucked me again but pulled out before he came and shot all over my back.  Finally we rinsed off, drank our coffee, ate the pastries and I went back to my place.


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  1. RON

    Nice very nice… my neighbor came home late one night catching me totaly nude on my patio, he stood there for about two minutes looking then went upstairs to his apartment. the next week I was coming home from grocery shopping and he was waiting for me at the door and ask me to attend his party,the problem is that he never introduce hiself or ask me my name so I didn’t go to his party.

  2. OMG

    wow was that real? like seriously tell me haha. it was perfectly written so thats why i ask cause the details were excceptional…. wow just wow lol

  3. Dave

    I’ve only ever has one black guy fuck me. I’ve never been able to get with another. This is totally frustrating! I LOVE black cock! Hot story, I wish it was me!

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